Saturday, September 1, 2012

Blog comment carnival: August 2012

It's 1st September, kids! And that means three things:
1. Doctor Who starts back tonight!! (Well, in the UK, US and Canada, at any rate)
2. It's the first day of spring!!
3. It's time to link up with Jessica for the blog comment carnival!!

On last month's blog comment carnival:
I made it twice! Huzzah!

Would it be too ridiculous to admit to the fact that I occasionally sort of plan my comments and try to make them funny/witty/interesting so that I'll get into the Blog Comment Carnival...wait? That's ridiculous, you say? Oh, well, Of course. I don't do that. That would just be sad. >.>

On Ancient History, Volume XXII:
I always feel intellectually superior when I can tell people that penguins do not always live in Antarctica. It's a Small World at DisneyWorld actually brought this up and caused quite the rift between JD and I...

Thank you for posting pictures of non-icy penguins! Whee!

Thus ends the most pointless comment ever. I blame the penguins.

On Stuff. And things:
"Don't blink"???? WTF? Were you meant to just cry moisturising tears of frustration?
i had a social faux today that was just awkward for everyone...You know when you just assume everyone believes in climate change and thinks Tony Abbott is a douche...le sigh.

And I also talked with a basic stranger about my sex drive. True - and yet UNCOMFORTABLY awkward.
"Do you ever get the feeling that the universe is conspiring on you to make you seem much more awkward than you really are?"

I don't know, I'm pretty damn awkward. I think the universe would have its work cut out for it.

On Movie Monday: The King's Speech:
Emily Hornburg
I love this movie! I've only seen it once, but it's completely brilliant. I definitely have to watch it again. It's so funny, but then you also want to cry.

Is that last bit a trick question? OF COURSE I PINE FOR THE SIDE BURNS.
Pretzel Thief
Oh God, I really want (nay, NEED) to see this movie. I can be scheisse when it comes to going to the movies...I know, right? I'm a freakazoid. Colin Firth is a god. Can't wait to see this movie. Self, get yo' ass into gear! Also, I totally wish I could use "Kinging" as a response...freakin' brilliant. xo

On Ancient History, Volume XXIII:
Kerri Carrie
No, I figured it out - if a teletubbie and a snuggie had a one night stand, that sleeping bag would be their love child.

On Shuffle time:
Ally Gregory-Moore
Pabst Blue Ribbon is a cheap hipster beer. I'm amused that there is a song about it.

My Ipod is a mess. I have everything from Garth Brooks, to Cher, to Tupac, to Billy Idol and back again.
Fire Fairy
I love that you have 'Pop Goes My Heart' on your iPod. Definitely better than any Wham song ;)
I was this close to judging you and then I saw Pop Goes my Heart, which, fine. Yes. Then I was back to judging you before you had a Dr. Horrible song, which RESPECT. (Have you seen the news about part 2?? SQUEE.)

And then Call Me Maybe happened and I have to go now.

On Hey Grandma Top Gun, will you shut the hell up? (aka The X-Files season 6):
Pink Gingham Girl
GOD, I love this. Like come on, scully, couldn't you tell it's not mulder when he wanted to sleep in a weird water bed and not on the couch next to his fish tank? Also, I'm getting so sad thinking about the seasons when mulder is gone. Actual explanation from scully: "he's gone. He's just gone."

On Movie Monday: Monty Python and the Holy Grail:
Pink Floyd + Monty Python = quite possibly the greatest collaboration of absurdist brains ever in the history of ever.
And I thought the best thing about this week would be 24/7 shark shows on National Geographic Wild. You've proven me wrong. Also? I might have just acted out the elderberries/unladen swallow/witch/Dennis scenes with the people in my office...all in all, a good start to my week. So thank you!

Also: "help! I'm being oppressed!" used to be what I would shout any time I was in trouble with an adult. For years, my mother didn't understand the reference and I refused to acknowledge our familial relationship.

On Community:

That is all.
I say bagel that way, too! And also "bag." People make fun of me for it! It's just how I talk, OK???

Glad to know there is a TV show that understands my problems.
Teh Megan
Troy and Abed never fail to make me laugh.
Also, Annie the Hoarder Monkey.

I love when a show starts something and then randomly continues that plot line throughout the season. It's like I'm privy to special information that people that haven't watched the whole show wouldn't get.

On Technology hates me:
I think I broke Wordpress too. Since yesterday, I can't see anything when I log in on my Macbook but it works fine with my PC.

Also? The Baby Jesus would make sure the founder of IE would burn in Hell if he had to use it. Recently I'm getting these spam comments, telling me that IE is still the market leader and I just can't take them seriously. I mean, PLEASE!!!!

Hopefully your technology karma will be back on track today!
I have heard the theory that Skynet is real... but instead of taking over the world, it finds it more fun just to screw with us.

On Movie Monday: Dead Poets Society:
Anyone who does not cry during this film clearly has no soul.

At boarding school we had about 6 TAPES (an extinct word, I know) that were played over and over again including Dead Poets, My Girl, Stand by Me, Dirty Dancing...and some others I can't think of at the yeah, we watched this A LOT!
Eep, after reading Celeste's comment, I did not cry - but I am not really a cryer in movies...No I save that for no tortillas at the supermarket or a pair of scones gone awry. You know, the important shit.
After finally getting around to reading this, I discover that even JUST A GIF of Robin Williams reading that bloody book brings the big ugly tears.

I think I'm in need of a good cry. Where is my Dead Poets DVD *looks around in a panic*

On Challenge recipe 20: flourless chocolate cake:
Cointreau and Grand Marnier are *pretty much* the same thing, so I think you're safe. Also, I definitely need to try this.

On Ancient History, Volume XXV:
LAVA IS SCARY, YO. Your fear of death was totally legit.
I've climbed lots of dead volcanoes, but only one live one. It didn't so much have LAVA as boiling sulphur pools, so I wasn't too worried.

In hindsight, I suspect boiling sulphur is equally as deadly... so I'm not less scared than you, I'm just more of an idiot!

On 30 Days of Photography - Day 20:
I had to google what bokeh meant, after a confusing second where I thought you meant Hookah and thought that was REALLY specific.

It's that kind of day.

On Movie Monday: Clueless:
Emily Hornburg
OMG I was like 10 when this movie first came out and I loved it - even though I didn't understand 1/2 of it. I also thought that this was really what high school was like so I took good notes. "Whatever" was also basically our class motto. lol. Then when I was older and actually UNDERSTOOD the lines - I loved it even more. This movie is 100% AMAZING. I quote it often and I love that with every single line and every single point I knew EXACTLY what you were talking about. My favorite line... UGH I CAN'T PICK ONE THEY ARE ALL SO BRILLIANT. WHATEVER I'M OUTIE!
I always wanted to be able to pull off the short skirt with knee highs and pumps - it was the dream. (and the shirt tied around my middriff - CLEARLY.)

On Decisions, decisions:
Kerri Carrie
I have my super jealous face on right now. I'm coming to the next blogger lunch. Looks like the food was amazing!
Take me here when I visit Melbourne, mmaky, thanks, goodbye.

On It's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!! (aka my favourite episodes of Doctor Who. Including one epic thread because it's amazing):
Stuart Martin
1. Blink - ALWAYS scary, no matter how many times I see it (and an interesting exception to your "favourite episodes not Moffat" rule)

2. HELL NO! The introduction of a couple as companions was brilliant and let them examine all sorts of new areas. Rory as the centurion was heartbreaking, and of course Karen Gillam is quite insanely hot. So no, not at all relieved they're leaving.

3. With a premiere titled "Asylum of the Daleks" kermit flail is at the BOTTOM end of how excited I am.

4. Why the hell not indeed?!
I seriously can't choose fave eps, so let's go for stories instead... okay. It's a tie (yeah yeah, what a cop out, I know) between The End of Time and The Stolen Earth/Journeys End. Mainly because of all the enormous ugly cries and feels and Barrowman awesomeness and the Ten Duplicate and all the crossover and continuity awesomeness. There, does that answer number one?

As for two and three... I am ambivalent about all of this. When I actually WATCH the first ep, I'm sure I'll be all OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG MUST WOTCH MOAR NOOOOOWWWWWW but until then... meh.

On a completely different note, can we start a BRING BACK BARROWMAN campaign? I feel like the show is missing a fifty-first century omnisexual former time agent, and eleven is the first doctor from the modern series not to have a good flirt with Captain Sexy McSexypants.


  1. BRING BACK BARROWMAN. I shall made a placard now.
    Campaign started. We need a song. Somebody come up with a song.
    JOURNEY'S END = OMFG SO MUCH CRYING. I think after season 6, I'm just sick of Amy and River (I will never be sick of Rory, but that's because he's a total BAMF). Plus, Amy and Rory's last episode includes Weeping Angels??? ZOMG.
    BRING BACK BARROWMAN!!!! I feel like we could work with "Hero of Canton" from Firefly for the song - "The hero of Torchwood, the man they call...Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack". Yes?
Last of the Time Lords, if only for the last scene with Jack, The Doctor, and Martha. I still maintain that it is in the top five most genius moments category. There was definite flailing and omfging and epic fangirling.

On Ancient History, Volume XXVI:
American guys named Kevin are almost always weird, in my experience.
I have swam in the Caribbean several times and have yet to meet a decent pirate.

So, what were your favourite comments for August? Go write your own post and link up with Jessica!!

K xx


  1. Did I read that correctly? Four appearances? *holds back barely contained glee*

    1. You delivered in fine form during August!! <3

  2. My favourite comment on my blog this week was from The Zadge something along the lines of "Is being a little bit Jewish like being a little bit pregnant"

    Of course the answer to that is...Yes. And also like being "a little bit allergic to gluten"

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