Friday, September 21, 2012

Ancient History, Volume XXIX

Previously, there was a Mayan skeleton in a cave in Belize and it was awesome. Also, I saw a manatee while snorkelling.

The day after the Snorkelling of Sunburn-y-ness (which is not, as it would appear, a place in Wales), we caught a boat from Caye Caulker back to Belize City. That was a completely miserable experience, because it was INCREDIBLY windy, and every time the boat hit a wave, the spray would fly into the boat and hit us all. By the time we arrived in Belize City, I was a) cranky, b) sitting in a puddle, and c) drenched, in addition to looking like I'd wet my pants.

Of course, what you want to do when you're soaking wet and look like you've peed your pants is spend three hours on a bus heading for the Mexican border. Interestingly, you clear Belizean emigration about a 20 minute drive from the actual border. Which seemed weird to me. BUT I DIGRESS. We once again walked across the border, except that it was more like a dog leg into Mexico:

Please marvel once again at my wicked MS Paint skills...

The trip through the immigration building was...interesting, because Arizona Boy (our tour leader, in case you've forgotten) managed to piss off one of the border guards who then decided that Arizona Boy was dodgy. So it took an extra long time to get across the border. Eventually though, we were back on a bus and heading for Bacalar. Upon arrival, we were greeted with the tackiest hotel room of EVER. Our reactions went a little like this:

The bedside lights were conch shells, the bedspreads had ENORMOUS tigers printed on them, and the bathroom fixtures were made of shells and dead seahorses in resin. And the bathroom had a giant sign on the sink warning you not to put hot things on the resin because "YT MELTS". I was sure I had a photo of that sign, but apparently not. And I'm too lazy to search through all of Sara's photos on Facebook to see if she took one!!

Still, the view of the lake was totally worth it:

And we spent the afternoon sitting in the pool with guacamole and cocktails. Which would have been a slightly more pleasant experience if the pool hadn't been right next to where they were sanding down a couple of benches, meaning that there was a film of paint flakes on the surface of the water..........

The following day, we were bound for Cancun. But we were given the option of detouring via Tulum, a Mayan site right on the beach, so obviously most of us chose to break up the bus trip. The site itself wasn't particularly exciting from an archaeological perspective, but RUINS! ON THE BEACH!!

After several hours there, it was back on a bus and into Cancun. We were staying in the old part of town, rather than in the really touristy hotel sector, so it wasn't quite what any of us expected. That night, we went out for a farewell dinner (most of the group were leaving us in Cancun, and we were getting some new additions the next day). And after dinner, Arizona Boy decided to take us to this cool little bar he knew. Except that he couldn't remember exactly where it was, so we spent 20 minute wandering around the backstreets of Cancun, only to find that the bar had closed down several months earlier.

And so it came to pass that we ended up at the karaoke bar opposite our hotel. Did you know that Mexico takes its karaoke very seriously?? Neither did I. And there seemed to be some kind of obsession with slow, tacky ballads. So it didn't go down very well when one of our group decided to sing AC/DC later in the night... On the plus side, we got to cackle hysterically at the video clips, which were all batshit crazy. In one, a giant monkey was running around attacking people. Because, you know, that's totally what the song lyrics of the sappy ballad being sung were about...

Next up, Sara and I spent FAR too much money in Cancun's hotel zone, and then leave town for Chichen Itza!

K xx


  1. Tackiness just adds to the fun :-)

    What beautiful water to swim in!

    1. The water really was pretty! I didn't swim though, because I didn't really want to sit on a bus for several hours with a wet bum two days running, you know?? And yes - tackiness does add to the fun!

  2. You are a queen -- that MS Paint image made my day. Brilliant, I tells ya!

    Three hours on a bus in WET CLOTHES?! Holy shit. I'm glad you didn't get pneumonia, eeeeek!

    The Mayan ruins in Tulum look beautiful, offset perfectly by that crazy-awesome turquoise sea...ahhhhhh! Tell me y'all swam!

    Also, Attacking Karaoke Monkey should totally be a band name. (Or a name for SOMETHING...)

    In other news, MISSED YOUUUUUU!


    1. Haha, thank you! And there was very little chance of pneumonia - it was like 30 degrees and humid, and the buses didn't have very good air conditioning! Attacking Karaoke Monkey should DEFINITELY be a band name. I would buy the crap out of their albums.

      Missed you more!

  3. It's so gorgeous! The colour of the water is amazing. Plus, once you add ruins to any given situation, you automatically end up with exponential levels of awesomeness.

    1. Cancun is suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper tacky, but MY GOD does the colour of the water make up for it! And yes - ruins really do add a millionty more levels of awesome to the equation!!


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