Friday, August 17, 2012

Technology hates me

Do you ever have one of those days where every single thing you try and do using a piece of technology goes horribly, horribly wrong?? Yesterday was one of those for me.

Things that went wrong with technology yesterday:
1. My iPod decided that it was going to skip through a hundred songs without playing any of them.
2. My laptop kept losing the internet signal at home, even though it was sitting directly over the router.
3. I got an email from Lor telling me that our next Buffy recap post was ready for my snark.
Me: Lor, I think I broke Wordpress.
Me: Lor, it won't let me add pictures.
Me: Lor, it's doing weird things.
Me: Lor, why won't it wooooooooooooooork?????? :(
Me: Lor, seriously, I think I broke Wordpress.
4. When I caught the tram to uni, I had to hold my Myki in front of the scanner for approximately a millionty years (okay, maybe more like 30 seconds) before it finally registered.
5. I had to push the button in the lift about four times before it stooped to taking me to the floor I wanted to go to.
6. The wifi at uni was broken.
7. My phone doesn't get 3G reception in the lecture theatre on the 9th floor.
8. There was a fire drill about 5 minutes into the lecture, and we had to evacuate. (Okay, that one isn't really technology related, it was just frustrating...)
9. My computer decided to shut down its wifi receiver altogether for no apparent reason.
10. Google Docs stopped working, meaning I was able to contribute absolutely nothing to our group project. And yet, when someone else looked at it, I was listed as currently viewing the document about five times.
11. I finally made Google Docs work by using Internet Explorer (*shudder*), and when I was having an "Eeeeeuw, Internet Explorer" moment to one of my friends on the way to the tram stop, I got glared at by an old man who apparently didn't approve of my language. I maintain that the baby Jesus WOULD cry if he had to use Internet Explorer, and that he would probably swear about it too.

Basically? I was on the verge of this yesterday:
Oh, and Google Docs is STILL playing silly buggers. It's awesome. Except that NOT.

Does technology hate you too? Please say it does.

K xx


  1. I think I broke Wordpress too. Since yesterday, I can't see anything when I log in on my Macbook but it works fine with my PC.

    Also? The Baby Jesus would make sure the founder of IE would burn in Hell if he had to use it. Recently I'm getting these spam comments, telling me that IE is still the market leader and I just can't take them seriously. I mean, PLEASE!!!!

    Hopefully your technology karma will be back on track today!

    1. I think that would be Bill Gates.

    2. Google Docs is still not working in Chrome (!!). I think I'm going to have to talk to the uni IT department during the week, because this is ridiculous.

      And IE *is* still the market leader. With people over 50 ;)

  2. I'm not sure if this counts, but my friend's phone has become obsessed with calling me without asking her first. It's happened three times so far. Otherwise, technology is behaving as it normally does: driving me crazy on a regular basis and only behaving after I threaten it with a combination of a blunt object and bludgeoning.

    1. That's incredibly weird!! My phone keeps telling me that I need to accept the terms and conditions to use voice commands. But I never said that I want to use voice commands, so I have no idea why it keeps asking me! Bizarre...

      I'm glad I'm not the only one who threatens it. Although I tend to alternate between threatening to throw the offending item out the window and pleading with it.

  3. My work laptop decided to not want to work two days ago. I'm currently battling it to get my files off before taking to tech support :/

    1. Oh nooooooooooooooooooooo!!! How incredibly helpful of it... O.o Hopefully tech support can sort it out for you.

  4. I have heard the theory that Skynet is real... but instead of taking over the world, it finds it more fun just to screw with us.

    1. That would actually make an awful lot of sense...

  5. UGH I switched phones and phone plans this weekend - it's been a nightmare. At least as of this morning I'm down to ONE phone and ONE cell number. Now if only I could get the data plan, WiFi, and contacts to work on the new phone - that would be awesome.

    1. Changing phones is always a nightmare. You get so caught up in the "Yaaaaaay, a handset that actually FUNCTIONS!!!" that you forget about the whole having to wait for things to activate thing, not to mention the part where you have to reenter all your contacts because even though you kept your old SIM card, it's a different brand of phone, so the numbers are there but you can't get to them and ARGH.


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