Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shuffle time

So I was going to do a recap of The X-Files season 6 tonight. But it's late, and I'm tired, and I don't really have the energy to type up a millionty pages of #secretsexytimes.

Instead, I'm going to show you just how terrible my taste in music is by hitting shuffle on my iPod, and telling you the first 20 songs that it plays. I'm kind of scared, because my taste in music is pretty terrible... Right. On with the show!

1. Pabst Blue Ribbon - Ceann. These guys classify themselves as Irish American drinking music. This song is particularly hilarious: Pabst Blue Ribbon is apparently the beer that you taste twice.

2. Go Your Own Way - Fleetwood Mac. How can you not love this song?!

3. Bust a Move - Glee cast. Yes, I have the Glee soundtracks. Shut up and quit judging.

4. I Want to Break Free - Queen. If I could go back in time to see any band in history, it would be Queen. Because no one can command a stage like Freddie Mercury could. And this video clip? Is spectacular.

5. Blue as Your Eyes - Scouting for Girls. I love this song. That's pretty much all there is to it. 

6. Run - Stephen Fretwell. If you've haven't seen Gavin & Stacey, you need to go watch it. And then you can go ahead and download this song. 

7. It's Not My Time - 3 Doors Down. Pretty sure this is a chest track from Body Pump.............. Eh, it's still pretty good.

8. I Am The Doctor - Murray Gold and the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. If you can think of a more epic way to start the morning than by using this as your alarm sound, please let me know. (And yes, it's from Doctor Who)

9. Pop! Goes My Heart - Hugh Grant. From the soundtrack of Music and Lyrics, which is AMAZING and you should all watch it. It's kind of like a song by Wham, except better because it's not by Wham. 

10. You Give Love a Bad Name - Bon Jovi. All this song reminds me of is the New Year's episode of How I Met Your Mother where this is the start of Barney's 'Get Psyched' mix. 

11. Waterline - Jedward. Yes, this is from Eurovision. It's still amazing. Nikki and I have decided that Jedwarding is the new Rick Rolling. #justsaying

12. Angel of Music - Phantom of the Opera, original London cast. We had this on cassette when I was a kid. And when I was about six, me and my best friend decided that we needed to write out all the lyrics on butcher's paper by listening to it over and over again. Apparently we were smart enough to work out the lyrics from a cassette, but not smart enough to realise that the lyrics were written in the liner...

13. I'm a Believer - Smashmouth. I suspect this came from a random mix CD that one of my little brother's friends brought round at some point... At least it's not the Monkees version?

14. Pain Lies on the Riverside - Live. So my little brother loved the CRAP out of Live, as did one of the guys who lived downstairs from me in halls of residence in England. Which made me homesick. So I ripped all of Downstairs Guy's Live CDs. At least this wasn't from their fifth or sixth albums??

15. Home - Michael Buble. I honestly have no idea where this came from. Possibly when I set up the home sharing network thing?? It's not a bad song. A little depressing though. Probably don't listen to it if you're homesick...

16. Sloop John B - Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. I love the crap out of Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. Did you know they're listed on the Wikipedia page for supergroups?? AWESOMENESS. This isn't one of my favourite songs, but hey. It's a punk rock version of the Beach Boys.

17. Feels Like Today - Rascal Flatts. I think this one came courtesy of Megan, as did almost all the country music on my iPod. I kind of love Rascal Flatts though. 

18. Everything You Ever - Neil Patrick Harris. This is from Dr Horrible's Sing-along Blog. If you haven't seen it, WHY THE HELL NOT?!?! This song is kind of heartbreaking.

19. Don't Fear the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult. Supernatural is to blame for this one. It featured in an episode from season 1, and it's a pretty awesome song.

20. Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jensen. Yeah................................. I have this song on my iPod. It's catchy, quit judging.

So, what's on YOUR iPod? Is it as bizarre a mix of random as this was??

K xx


  1. FUUUUUUUUU NOW I HAVE CALL ME MAYBE STUCK IN MY HEAD AGAIN. *Blasts Blue Oyster Cult to get it out*

    1. I'M SORRY, KIM. At least a little bit of BOC can be pretty much guaranteed to get rid of any earworm with its sheer awesome?

      (Random segue that I know you'll appreciate? The bicep track at Body Pump this morning was Eye of the Tiger, and the whole way through, I wanted to play air guitar on my leg while sitting on the roof of an Impala...)

    2. OMGGGGGGGG *dies* best outtake ever.

  2. POP, goes my heart...this is awesome. I love all the songs from the movie.
    Go your own way is fabulous and don't feel sorry for owning Glee Soundtracks, you're not alone.

    I quickly scanned through my first 20 shuffle songs on iTunes and came up with this (have fun judging):

    Jumping Jack Flash (LIVE) - Tina Turner
    Private Dancer (LIVE) - Tina Turner
    The Math - Hilary Duff
    Popular - Wicked Soundtrack OBC
    Crawl - Kings of Leon
    Out of Limits - The Marketts
    Into the Night - Santana feat. Chad Kroeger
    Adue Sweet Love - Tobias Hume
    Shiver - Maroon 5
    Greatest Love of All - Whitney Houston
    The Winner Takes it All - ABBA
    I want You - Kings of Leon
    Hole in your Soul - ABBA
    Thistle&Weeds - Mumford & Sons
    James Bond Theme (from Tomorrow Never Dies) - Moby
    Picture - Sheryl Crow feat. Kid Rock
    Strawberry Swing - Coldplay
    You and the clouds will still be beautiful - XTC
    If My Sister's in Trouble - Sister Act
    Can't Stop Now - Keane

    1. The OBC Wicked soundtrack is in a fight with the OLC soundtrack to Les Miserables for my favourite musical soundtrack ever. I still don't know who's winning... And I LOVE Can't Stop Now! (And I have a secret soft spot for The Winner Takes It All, solely for Bjorn's sneakiness in making Agnetha sing a song about divorce while they were divorcing...)

    2. I never listened to Les Mis but Wicked is AMAZING! I had it on repeat nearly all 5 months of my semester abroad.
      The Winner Takes It All is really good but I'm biased as an ABBA lover. And yes, it adds a touch when you know they were going through their divorce.

    3. Wait. You've never listened to Les Mis???? This makes me sad for you...

  3. Pabst Blue Ribbon is a cheap hipster beer. I'm amused that there is a song about it.

    My Ipod is a mess. I have everything from Garth Brooks, to Cher, to Tupac, to Billy Idol and back again.

    1. About the only thing I don't have on mine is Led Zeppelin, because for some bizarre and inexplicable reason, I can't stand them.

      I'm mostly amused by the semi-chorus at the end of the PBR song. Because LOL FOREVER.

  4. I super approve of the Bon Jovi (and the HIMYM reference) and Don't Fear the Reaper (more cowbell!) but as for the rest of it, I am certainly no one to judge when it comes to eclectic music tastes. I'm actually stuck in the '90s and all my music is on CDs (I know!) so I can't really do a shuffle mix, but I'm sure if I could it would be just as mixed.

    (And just to clarify, I don't dislike all the other songs on your list, those were just the two that really jumped out at me.)

    1. Oh, wow. I'm actually really impressed that all your music is on CDs. Because I no longer have the means of PLAYING a CD since my old computer died - my new one is an ultrabook, and so doesn't have a CD drive in it. I guess I could play CDs through the DVD player though!

  5. I love that you have 'Pop Goes My Heart' on your iPod. Definitely better than any Wham song ;)

    1. Isn't it just??? I love that movie so much. SO MUCH.

  6. Ooh that reaper episode of supernatural is a good one! :)

    1. I seriously love that episode of Supernatural. So creepy... It's definitely one of my favourites from season 1!

  7. I was this close to judging you and then I saw Pop Goes my Heart, which, fine. Yes. Then I was back to judging you before you had a Dr. Horrible song, which RESPECT. (Have you seen the news about part 2?? SQUEE.)

    And then Call Me Maybe happened and I have to go now.

    1. I'm going to go right ahead and blame Little Miss A for me having Call Me Maybe. She played it on her iPad NON-STOP a couple of weeks ago, and it got firmly lodged in my head. And I have this theory that the best way to get a song out of your head is to listen to it all the way through. It hasn't worked in this case... *SIGH*

      Also? A seven year old singing "Call Me Maybe" is really effing creepy, yo.


  8. I forgot ALL about freakin' Jedward and now...WELL. Bahahah. Dammit!

    My iPod has loooooots and lots of random are a few examples:

    Your protector FLEET FOXES
    Already gone KELLY CLARKSON
    Devil knows you're dead DELTA SPIRIT
    Don't worry baby THE BEACH BOYS (your reference to Sloop John B made me think of them, too)
    Smalltown boy BRONSKI BEAT
    If you leave OMD (looooove those 80s)
    Woman in love BARBRA STREISAND
    Riverside AGNES OBEL
    Bye bye bye NSYNC
    I'm a slave 4 U BRITNEY
    World, hold on BOB SINCLAIR
    Original of the species U2
    Video games LANA DEL REY
    Shelter from the storm BOB DYLAN
    All the man that I need WHITNEY
    It will rain BRUNO MARS
    Love is found SADE
    In my pocket MANDY MOORE
    '03 Bonnie & Clyde JAY-Z AND BEYONCE
    I want you SAVAGE GARDEN
    White wedding BILLY IDOL
    Bloodbuzz Ohio THE NATIONAL
    Carry me Ohio SUN KIL MOON
    Ring of fire JOHNNY CASH
    Spice up your life SPICE GIRLS
    Beautiful SNOOP DOGG feat. PHARRELL
    Give me the simple life STEVE TYRELL
    Runaround Sue DION


    Okay, that's enough of that. I mean, REALLY. ;-)


    1. There is so much amazing on this list. Especially OMD. I love that song so hard.

  9. I'll give you my list, because I guarantee it will be more embarrassing and then if people judge you, you can just sit back and judge me lol

    1. Purpose - Avenue Q
    2. Defying Gravity - Glee Cast
    3. The World is Mine - Alex Day
    4. Mockingjay - The Tributes
    5. Sing - My Chemical Romance
    6. Jump on my Shoulders - Awolnation
    7. Deatheater Tango - The Butterbeer Experience
    8. House of Awesome Theme Song - The Whomping Willows
    9. American Idiot - Green Day
    10. The Wayfarers - Skyway Flyer

  10. 11. Arena - The Tributes
    12. Billionaire - Glee Cast
    13. Marauder's Map - Ministry of Magic
    14. Silence and the End of All Things - Chameleon Circuit
    15. Gives You Hell - The All-American Rejects
    16. Mrs. Nerimon - All Caps
    17. Kill Your Heroes - Awolnation
    18. Hot N Cold - Katy Perry
    19. Bow Ties Are Cool - Alex Carpenter
    20. House Song - Ministry of Magic


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