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Blog comment carnival: July 2012

It's the first of the month again, and y'all know what that means:

If you want to join in, you can link up over at Jessica's blog!

On last month's blog comment carnival:
I made it on here twice? Sweet! (Am I the only one who still says that anymore? Whatever, I don't even care.)

As a side note, we FOR SERIOUS need to have another Doctor Who Live Tweet.
[Yes. Yes, we do. And, once I procure a DVD copy of my very own, a Decoy Bride live tweet.]

Although I may prefer havarti over gouda, I still love this movie. The Chef is completely in love with Amanda Bynes, so there was never any "if" about seeing this movie. It is one of those surprisingly enjoyable movies, though. If it's wrong to like it, then I don't care!

I must see this movie now, if only because of the hilarious tarantula freak out dance. I mean, sure, I've seen snippets of the movie while channel surfing but never thought it was worth it. But now I've seen the light! YOU'VE shown me the light! I am blinded by the--

Okay, shuttie-uppeth time.


But first I must rewatch "Robin Hood: Men in Tights"!


Naw, *I* want a fire to lie in front of! (I'll bring the marshmallows)

Oh, I've always wondered about secretsexytimes. Exactly how long were they doing it before Scully got pregnant? We may never know.

Ryan Reynolds and Michael Buble! I had no idea. You're making me want to re-watch this show from the beginning!

Now I know why every date with someone I've met online HAS GONE VERY BADLY (or relationship with). What jerks, trying to turn me into jell-o or ooze or whatever. *super-frown*

Everyone knows their #secretsexytimes were definitely more than #secretsexytimes.

Haha, love the LOTR graph. Bilbo wanting the ring back was without a doubt the scariest part of the entire trilogy. I almost hit the cinema ceiling, it made me jump so much!

On Yeah, no... (aka Kirsti goes to the Spanish Film Festival):
I don't think I've ever seen, or even HEARD of, a movie quite as horrifically, hilariously wrong as that one. The closest I've come would be playing Absolute Balderdash - some of the actual movie plots in the game are just unbelievable, to the point where you consider writing them down so you can find out if they're as bad as they sound.

Have you seen the Pakistani movie Hitler? It's about Hitlers illegitimate Pakistani son who slays his enemies with an army of tamed bears. He also has long monologues with pictures of his father and there are some groovy disco nazi songs.

It's what I imagine drinking a pangalaticgargleblaster would feel like.

I have not read the books - but after our macaron class, I insisted that IC and I watch the movie...I do love it! I love the guitar scene and I want to play that song at the wedding but I can't find it!

Running late is the worst thing ever and makes me extremely anxious also. I would rather jump off a bridge than be late to something. Super frustrating when dealing with Biz and the in laws as they tend to faff about all the time and I'm all 'Guys... guys... no you DON'T need to bring the kitchen sink can we just GO already'. Story of my life.

Also, that hat? AMAZE.


And on that note, I should really get around to arranging my travel insurance for my cruise. I like that tip about listing my travel companions - I can't remember if I did that last time. Luckily, one of said travelling companions is a doctor, which is handy.

What an adventure you two had here, though. I just love Ness's reaction to her escort, too.


That is one sucker punch of a story.

Poor Ness! I mean...shit. I can only imagine how terrified you both were. But can I just say, I laughed my ass off at the three crying GIFs, they are hilaaaaarious.

Also hilarious?

"Habla Espanol? No. Crap. Shit. That's not right. Habla... Oh fuck it, do you speak English?"


Thank you for that. :D
And thank you, also, for the timely reminder that Yogi and I need to get travel insurance before we leave.

Finally, every time I hear of a heart murmur I just think "heart stripe". Now, I KNOW you know where that's from. :D


Hahaha, the second picture looks delightfully mischievous. "You're letting me do this? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, big mistake."

She might be the most adorable thing ever. And if she has an Australian accent (which I'm assuming she does since she's, you know, from Australia), she gets her cute points multiplied by 80 billion.

I'm pretty sure us Americans got jipped a little on the cuteness factor due to the lack of awesome accent. ((sigh))

No my high school did not have cheerleaders - but my college did. And if you know me you know I went to all women's university...what the hell were they cheering? This remains one of my biggest questions about that institution.

What I love about this movie, besides everything, is that it is not Stick It. Stick It tried so hard to be Bring It On. and it failed. Badly.

I now I have to go to the gym with " Awesome, oh wow! Like, totally freak me out! I mean, right on! The Toros sure are number one!" stuck in my head...*groan*

I honestly cannot comprehend a world without cheerleaders. I wasn't one or anything, but they're kind of omnipresent in American culture, so trying to explain them is like trying to explain cheeseburgers.

They just are.


This is one of my favorite movies of ever. However, I think the biggest disappointment of my entire life was that they did not cheer/dance to a punk song at the end. What was the point of Torrence listening to the mix tape Cliff gave her? It should have provided the soundtrack for their final routine, making them more awesome than ever.

I quite like this movie!

What I didn't know, until TV3 enlightened me recently, is that there are approximately 642 sequels. Each worse than the last.

I feel like I watched the movie without actually watching it. Wonderful.

I won't admit to singing the cheer in my office though. Or than two men joined in with me.

The red and yellow pictures are my favorite. So beautiful.

Also, I'm a little jealous because my travel photography would probably consist of "this is my front yard! This is my back yard! Oh, and look, mac and bonfire. The end."

Must. Travel. More.

:( Hahah oh dear. If it weren't for this post I still probably wouldn't have made the Ecuador/Equator connection. Awkward.

I'm sorry--

Travelling with bed linen?! (...AND travelling for a month on their just-married-daughter's honeymoon?)

This makes me stabby.

Also, the lady showering in her clothes? Bahahahahah...maaaaaan! I mean, I GET it but...that would be a weird sensation, plus all that squeezing of the water out afterwards...and what, would it dry ON her? That doesn't seem very healthy.

"Little Bitch from Hell" = bwah! Love it.


I have a couple of things to say about Gene Kelly,

1. Men don't wear pants like they used to. I mean seriously - Gene Kelly looks smart in those pants. I love it.

2. I love all the little throw backs to singing in the rain.

I remember the kids with the bees!!!

aaaaand... now I'm back to thinking about Manny eating all Bernard's bees.

God, Melbs... You had me at mulder and Dawson cryface. Loveeee.

Yes, I've heard that Ronald Reagan anecdote before. And I love the Van Halen tape. "Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the Earth's gravitational pull?" Yes. Pretty much everything you mentioned. And more. It's all awesome.

My husband recently discovered someone that he works with who had never heard of this movie. Granted, this person is on the younger side (fresh out of college, so probably was born in the late '80s, maybe even in '90) but still... never even HEARD of it?! He must have had terrible parents.

As a producer, Steven Spielberg can do ALL KINDS OF WRONG. I started to lost all the bad movies he's produced, then checked his imdb pag and realized at about half of the stuff he's involved in is crap. As a director, he's perfect. As a producer, he's pretty iffy. 
Donovan calls this an "exciting movie"
And it is one of my all time favorites, too.


  1. It's true. As a director? GREAT. As a producer? Not so much. Although I wonder how many things he gets listed as a producer on without having any actual impact on them... Like, someone pitched the idea to him, and he went "I'll put in a good word with the studio for you", and so they list him in the credits. You know?

    It reminds me of this:
    "What's a producer do? I don't knooooow". Ha.

  2. You are right. But, if he gets credit for stuff he didn't really touch, then he gets blamed for stuff he didn't really touch, too.

    Because I am mean and judgmental and nobody can stop me.
I told Office Boy you wrote this post and he insisted that I read it to him aloud, because Back to the Future is probably his second favorite movie ever. (It's one of the three prestigious movies to be represented by a poster in his living room).

We were all fine and dandy until I got to the favorite quotes part. I tried to read the "you made a time machine...out of a DeLorean??" quote and he immediately stopped me because I was apparently doing it "sooooo wrong." After that I just gave up because I knew I wouldn't be able to get through a single quote without him correcting my delivery.

Aww, Esio Trot! :-)))

The giant tortoises are rather...giant, huh? Hee! Loooooooove the baby sea lions, too freakin' cute!

I can only imagine the heart attack moment of the cabin door falling open of its own accord... ::shudder:: Did your heart lurch up into your throat? 'Cause mind did just READING it, eeeek.

Can't believe the marine iguanas drink the seawater and then snort out the salt through their noses, bahahahah...I'd actually kinda love to see that. Ah, nature!


You look gorge in that new one sweets! In my 18+ I look like a prison warden. No smiles for me = OMG SHE LOOKS TERRIFYING. DO NOT RUN INTO HER IN A DARK ALLEY OR YOU WILL DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH.

In my old passport photo I was making an expression as though I had just stubbed my toe - I thought I was smiling, but apparently not. In my current one, which was taken after the 'No Smiling' rule was introduced, I look really, really angry. I'm not sure that it's any better than the 'stubbed toe' face - a face I had to make once to a bouncer at a nightclub, just to prove that it was indeed me.

You look great in your new one, which isn't fair, because no one is supposed to look good in their passport photo!

I remember when my passport expired..I had to send it off to get a new one...but I put a note inside saying "Please send me back my old one, it has stamps in there that I really want to keep" and then I drew a smiley face on my note. I hope they saw the humour in it. I just wanted to keep my passport because it was filled with stamps from all over Europe.

They did send it back. With a corner cut off so I can't use it again, but I was happy to get it back!

One of the tutors I have this semester told us very sternly that if we wanted to get our PhD just to call ourselves a Doctor then we should seriously reconsider, because it's not worth it. She's in the middle of writing her thesis or whatever, she wasn't being stern or anything...she just sounded like she was stressed out of her brain and was trying to sound funny but came across as suffering herself haha.

I saw this for Tennant and then four more times because it's just adorable. I'm very vocal about being mostly anti-romantic comedy, but this one was just too cute to pass up.

It sounds like a lot of fun, plus it has David Tennant in it. In short, there's no possible way I could avoid watching this movie.

I keep reading this as The Decoy Betty...

On Maybe if it starts raining sleeping bags, you might get lucky (aka The X-Files season 5):

I love you guys so hard. Don't ever change <3

Don't forget to write your own comment carnival post and then head over to Jessica's and link up!!

K xx


  1. :) I love this I do. My blog is too serious for this type of hilarious commenting, yo. too serious and too boring at the moment (not that my blog has ALWAYS been too serious...just recently.)

    1. I feel I should point out that the Blog Comment Carnival isn't just for funny comments -- my blog is super-serious and I started the carnival to share the awesome points people make in response to my posts. All it has to be is your favorite comments anyone left during the month :)

    2. Seriously, what Jessica said. Every month when I read her post and all the deep and profound things her commenters had to say, I feel kind of bad that mine aren't serious. (Course, then I crack up laughing about 20 times writing the post, so it's all okay again)

      But don't think your comments aren't worth highlighting just because they're not hilarious :)

  2. Mwah! Mwah!



    As always, I'm humbled by your inclusion of my comments in the blog comment carnival. You are fabulous and I'm thrilled to have you as a kindred spirit bloggy BFF!

    You rock! YEAH you do...!


    1. I do a happy dance every time I get a comment from you. Because they're always amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!!

  3. I made it twice! Huzzah!

    Would it be too ridiculous to admit to the fact that I occasionally sort of plan my comments and try to make them funny/witty/interesting so that I'll get into the Blog Comment Carnival...wait? That's ridiculous, you say? Oh, well, Of course. I don't do that. That would just be sad. >.>

    1. Awwww. That's not sad. That's really cute...


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