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Blog comment carnival: June 2012

Yaaaaay, it's time for another installment of "Awesome comment appreciation time"!! 

If you want to join in, you can link up over at Jessica's blog. 

On last month's blog comment carnival:
Between your Comment Carnival and Jessica's, I look like a crazy stalker person.

Ok, so. awkward moment.

Just now.

those comments relating to your post about Robert Downey Jr - ie sex pot...well, this was my train of thought: "oh hey there's my name on the comment carnvial! YAY oh wait, I'm writing about the time I went into labor at the movie theatre...What time was that? I've never been in labor at the movie theater. I'VE NEVER BEEN IN LABOR. Oh. Wait. Mine's the one below that. Hah. Got it. God RDJ on Ally McBeal...Niiiice."

On Movie Monday: Gladiator:
Seriously, this is one of my most favorite movies in the history of forever. The only serious critique of it is that I wish there was more exploration of Lucialla and Maximus' past. Phoenix does an amazing job as Commodus. He is so incredibly creepy and disturbing. Everything from the insestual undercurrents with his sister and nephew to his taunting of Maximus is flawless.


oh, sorry, different movie.

On *tap tap* Is this thing on?:
Hi, I'm Kerri
I was looking at your photos and got to the sideways one...and I thought to myself "Ok..I see what they are...pretty need to tilt my head"


as I read what you wrote underneath the photo, I found myself tilting my head against my will.

Apparently I'm obedient.


And wow - technology just doesn't like you right now does it?

On Things I Like Thursday, Volume 8:
That story about that kid is probably the greatest celebrity encounter story in the history of ever.

Also, I would watch a video of you trolling people's Leaning Tower of Pisa pictures.

On Ancient History, Volume XV (aka Day 1 of the Inca Trail):
Pretzel Thief
EEEEEK, tarantula! As for the outhouse-toilet? Ewwwwwwww!! (That's putting it lightly. I, too, would dry-retch like you.) Mr and Mrs Watermelon can suck it. Reading about the altitude increase made my chest hurt. (...even though I'm sitting on my arse wrapped in a warm, warm blankie. Go figure.) XOXO

On Movie Monday: Independence Day:
YES. Yes to everything you said. I ALWAYS cry at the President's speech at the end, pretty much without fail. Because I'm an emotional slob.

And also the line, "We got to work on our communication skills." or something to that effect. Or did I make that up?

I have seen this many times, and still love it (in fact, I'm kinda contemplating watching it now). I do have a confession though - I once bought this on DVD to give to someone for their bday and then I just kept it for myself... oops.

On Ancient history, Volume XVI (aka Day 2 of the Inca Trail):
Hi, I'm Kerri
"But there was porridge and pancakes calling to us (not literally, because that would be creepy...)" <----LOL

I did the Pyg Track at Mt Snowdon in the UK last year. Granted it didn't take 2 days, but it put me on my ass and I'm fairly fit. One of the girls I was with was in charge of figuring out which track we were doing..she "selected" one of the easier tracks, but then tricked us into doing one of the hardest tracks (for more professional hikers) I got about 90% of the way up...I had been on the verge of tears from about the half way point...and gave up. I sat down and said "Im not going any further..I'm done!".

It was only when I was sitting there and I saw a...slightly large gentleman trudge on past me that I thought "F*** this...if he's going to make it to the top then so am I" and I did.

I like hiking because it makes you realize that somethings in life are hard and things get put in your way to make it more difficult and challenging. But at the end of the day, when you put your mind to it - it's not so hard and there's always a way to achieve our goals. Even if it does take an obese person walking past to trigger that motivation.

On Nobody down here but the FBI's most unwanted (aka The X-Files, season 1):
This. Is the best post EVER. 1. My ringtone is currently the xfiles theme song. 2. THANK you for noticing the shoulder pads! 3. Have you noticed how SHORT scully is? An 4. I am currently watching The Lone Gunmen spinoff on Netflix.

Not so long ago I watched ALL the Xfiles again. ABSOLUTE classic entertainment... that was until I cam across Mrs Peacock. I don't remember what series she is in... but holy cow she is the scariest thing in all the land. GOOGLE. I had to get the BF to check under the bed every night for like MONTHS! Love Elle xo

On Movie Monday: Ferris Bueller's Day Off:
Justin Barlow
YES. Every word of this post.

I've seen this movie to the point of having most of it memorized, and never get bored with it. It's one of my favorite movies, and a local theatre played it on the big screen last month.

Also, you forgot one of the awesome parts! When Rooney goes up to the girl at the pizza place!

They all think he's a righteous dude.

Also... The clarinet playing ("never had one lesson") scene kills me. Every. Single. Time. I literally die from laughing. And then I rise from the dead, because I can't miss the rest of this movie.

Also also... I have totally stood on the observation deck of the Sears Tower and leaned my head against the glass like they did in this movie. It is one of my proudest achievements.

God I love this movie.

So, I have this thing where "I am very cute, I am very alone" is one of those things that I like to randomly quote in my life. Like if everyone is leaving the house. If I'm walking in a dark parking lot. Even if I'm surrounded by people who don't find it nearly as amusing as I do.


Quoting Ferris 'til I die!

On Dessert Day, supersized, fancy-pants edition:
When I showed my mom the macarons she said "oh, so you're going to make those for your wedding right..." Labour of love indeed!

We need to supersize MORE dessert days :)

I would fail at waiting twenty-four hours before eating those macarons. How were you able to resist them for so long? Even with fancy pants ice-cream on hand? Because, surely the thought would occur that the ice-cream could only be improved by the addition of macarons, and it would all come undone.

On We're here to exhume your...potato (aka The X-Files, season 2):
Psych Babbler™
Krycek was weird though...turned good towards the end. Sort of. I had mixed feelings about him. Now the CSM...him I hated. And somehow he could never die! Despite all that smoking. Those opposing plain packaging for cigarettes should use him as their model! :D

The spooky kids episodes creeped me out big time. There are some more in seasons to come.

Lol at the reception underground...maybe bigger the mobile phone, better the reception? :P

On Ancient History, Volume XVII (aka Day 3 of the Inca Trail):
Hi, I'm Kerri
I'm fit, but I would be Mrs Watermelon. I went canyoning in New Zealand a few years ago and it involved about 4 hours of hard hiking. It was nearly the death of me...and then at the end, after throwing yourself down waterfalls and shiz, you have to hike back to the car, up a millionty stairs. I hugged the van when I got back. Oh did I mention that was hours of hiking in crocs. We had to hike in crocs, WHO DOES ANYTHING IN CROCS?

And I can't go 24 hours without a shower. It's for the greater good of society. My hair produces so much oil that it could fill the deep frier at KFC. Enjoy that picture.



It's fine to laugh since she's a bitchschnozzle. Yes, I just randomly made that word up. No, I don't know why. Because of (Monday) reasons?

Dude, every time you describe the hiking I feel freakin' phantom/sympathy pain in my limbs, as if I had been on the crazy hike...!

The flipping off rock is a pisser, hahah!

Looooooove the last picture and can't wait to read about (and see pics of) Machu Picchu!


On Challenge recipe 19: curried vegetables:
These recipes right here are the reason I first started reading your blog :)

My go to curry recipe - if you believe it - is even simpler than this.

Chop up pumpkin. take a tablespoon or 2 of of olive oil and mix in a tablespoon of curry powder. pour over pumpkin so it's coated. Then, place in a single layer on a baking tray. Add a few pieces of butter. Bake at 200 until the pumpkin is soft and roasted. consume.

Lovely. It's only 10am and now my tummy is rumbling. Then again, breakfast was 5 1/2 hours ago.

On the plus side, there's a Subway across the road where I can get a ham & egg flatbread sammich plus a coffee for $3. Hooray for breakfast deals!

The downer? A ham & egg flatbread sammich is not a curry, even if it is loaded with veggies and jalapenos.

Your curry looks insanely easy to make. The only thing I'd add would be some pieces of chicken. Yeah, I know it's not a vegan curry anymore, but then I'm an omnivore, not a vegan ;)

My Mum used to make curried sausages when I was growing up which if I rack my brains consisted of little more than carrots, parsnips, potatoes, raisins (yes, raisins), and grilled, sliced sausages. I think Mum made the sauce out of curry powder & water.

And now I seriously need to get over to the Subway ;)

On Movie Monday: Robin Hood: Men in Tights (holy crap, that was a lot of colons):
Emily Hornburg
YAY!!!!!! When I was in high school I was in the madrigal ensemble and my senior year the guys surprised the girls by singing the Men in Tights song. It was one of the greatest moments of my high school life.

On In which people are weird (aka I vlog about Google searches)
Ally Gregory-Moore
lol. Oh my stars. You certainly have some strange people stumbling across your blog.

"Hermaphrodite parts" has to be my favorite search term so far.

Hehehehehehehehehehe. I'mma say it.



On Ancient History, Volume XVIII (aka Day 4 of the Inca Trail):
vanessalillian [Ness@theteensytinyinsignificantdetails]
Ooh, I'm on the edge of my seat. I wonder what will happen next... ;)
[You guys will see why this is funny very soon]
Yeah, that sound you just heard?

That was my jaw dropping to the floor in a most spectacular fashion once I feasted my eyes on your Machu Picchu photos. I mean, come on, could it BE more breathtaking?!


Love the title of your hypothetical autobiography. It almost beats that of the deliciously evil Monty Burns: "Will There Ever Be a Rainbow?"


Mrs Watermelon sucks donkey's balls. I mean, what in the hellity hell?! Whatev.

Also, Zombie Blogger, cool band name much? ;-)


On Things I Like Thursday, Volume 10:

On 30 Days of Photography - Day 18:
Eleventh doctor? You are such a nerd. Like a really cute lovable one. :)


Y'all need to stop being so hilarious. Because I just about bust an organ laughing as I read through all your comments every month when I compile these posts! I love you guys like whoa <3

Don't forget to head over to Jessica's blog and link up!

K xx


  1. Yay for hilarious comments. My blog has taken a turn towards the serious of late.

    I think that's because I'm not out there you know living the life - I'm out there working...which is not nearly as fun - and makes it harder to get harassed by strangers (which mostly is a good thing, but means the blog is less funny).

    1. I dunno, that post about pass the parcel was pretty freaking hilarious. Although it was possible that it was inadvertently hilarious...

      Boo to real life getting in the way of fun :(

  2. Aw, thanks for featuring me again, dearie. ::hug::
    Hope you're enjoying the weekend and, OMG, can you believe it only reached a max of NINE DEGREES today?! Brrrrrrr! When we were outside around 1:30pm it was seven and a cartoonish shell of ice promptly formed all around me. XOXO

    1. SO. FREAKING. COLD. I've had to resort to Canberra-esque tactics of wearing suuuuuuuuuuuper attractive polar fleece at all times...

      And you're welcome, as always!!

  3. I made it on here twice? Sweet! (Am I the only one who still says that anymore? Whatever, I don't even care.)

    As a side note, we FOR SERIOUS need to have another Doctor Who Live Tweet.

    1. It's totally cool, because I still say sweet too. We can be behind the times together! ;)

      And YES. We SO need to have another live tweet. Because it was AMAAAAAAAAAAZING.


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