Tuesday, July 3, 2012

30 Days of Photography - Day 19

So before we get to the photography side of things, you guys probably already know that I'm a huge Buffy fan. Like, "watched every episode at least 10 times" kind of huge. Like, "knows that there are 144 episodes, not including the original unaired pilot in which half the cast are different" kind of huge. Like, "collects the season 8 comic books" kind of huge.

Oh, hi. I'm a giant nerd. I'm sure you guys were already aware of this fact.


The point of this Buffy themed segue is that you'll now be able to find me writing Buffy recaps with Lor over on Snark Squad on a weekly basis. It's super exciting (especially because Lor's never seen it before), and we're HILARIOUS (even if I do say so myself), and y'all should go check out our first post.

</self promotion>

The theme for Day 19 is 'something orange'. So when we made use of our fireplace recently, I figured it was a prime opportunity to grab a few shots!
Fire + slower exposure = purdy patterns

Perfect for toasting marshmallows! Sadly, we had none...

There's a distinct possibility that after I took these photos, I put the fire screen back in place and then spent the rest of the night reading my book on the floor by the fireplace. It was awesome.

Seriously, though. Go check out that Buffy recap.

K xx


  1. Naw, *I* want a fire to lie in front of! (I'll bring the marshmallows)

    1. I'll be waiting with the redback filled log pile when you get here!!

    2. You get Huntsman in the log pile. They're much more scarier than little ol' redbacks.

    3. I've not seen any huntsmen in our wood pile. Just redbacks and ENORMOUS cockroaches! O.o

  2. I am enjoying this series. I went through a crazy Buffy stage. Love Elle xo

    1. Aww, thanks lovely! Hopefully I can remember to take photos for the remaining days fairly soon, rather than neglecting it for six months, like I have so far this year...

  3. Ooh, niiiiice photos! Kudos! I espesh like the second one, mmmmm.

    And...wait: you have a FIREPLACE?! Me wantey!!

    Also, I, too, love Buffy. Maybe not the love YOU have for the show (which is amazeballs) but still a good love. Hee! I have season 3 on DVD and will eventually get around to buying 1 and 2...and maybe 4. But not right now, 'cause right now I'm brokeass saving for Europe. Fiddle-dee-dee!

    In short, Buffy is the shiz. And I try to employ as much slayer speakage as I can. Ha! See what I did there? ;-)

    1. Yup, we have a fireplace. And I nearly managed to fill the room with smoke when I lit the fire because I forgot to open the flue. WHOOPS!!!

      Season 3 is my favourite. Season 4 is probably my least favourite. Despite containing several episodes that are truly spectacular, the overall plot sucks. (Same goes for season 5, really...)


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