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Blog comment carnival: May 2012

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, it's time for reading through another month's worth of your spectacular comments and giving you some love! And HOLY CRAP did you guys deliver some solid gold awesome this month.

If you want to join in, you can link up over at Jessica's blog.

On last month's blog comment carnival:
Pretzel Thief
Aaaaiiiiiieeee, OMG!

You copied my WHOLE cray-cray comment, bahahahah! My most heartfelt and huuuuuge thanks, newfound bloggy BFF! gleeful and so thankful! :-)))

The only way I can think to repay you is to send you a Pacey Witter hologram. Or, you know, somehow send the real thing to your door. Hmmmm...or else I'll just pimp you out on my blog, yeeeees.

(Seriously, how's that Pacey hologram coming along???)

On my post about the Ballestas Islands and Nazca:
I want cake for breakfast.

Also, I'm glad your pilot didn't look like Goose. Things didn't turn out so well for him :-(
Alien. Dude, an alien TOTALLY made that. Pirates are too distracted with rum and booty to make things in the sand, obvi, so the only other explanation is ALIENS.

On Things I Like Thursday, Volume 3:
RICE BUBBLE. LOL. Your English is funny man.

Also, living in the future wins again, of course. Lame.

On Movie Monday: Top Gun:
Pretzel Thief
I forgot to add, Kilmer's hair in that picture reminds me of the "eeeeeeviiiiiiil" wooden Soviet dude from Rocky V (?) (Ivan Drago!); he sports the same 'do. Must be an 80s thing.

(Duh, of COURSE it's an 80s thing!)

And now I wanna walk zombie-like through the office saying in a booming, robotic voice, "I must break you!"


Also, I neglected to add that although Danger Zone is the epitome of cheese (and then some), I do very much love it and would happily blast it while driving up OR down the Hume! Just so you don't think I'm a Kenny Loggins snob. Trust.

(FYI: Yogi can't stand Footloose. I can't understand that! He says a form of torture for him would be for someone to put him into solitary confinement with nothing but Footloose playing on a loop. BWAH!)

On Oh, hai:
I was watching a movie with Josh Duhamel in it over the weekend. I described him to Chris as 'that guy who's married to the woman with a three-head', and that description made perfect sense to me.

The only baby shower I've been to was awkward. Women aged 18-80+, who mostly didn't know each other. We sniffed nappies full of melted chocolate bars, and guessed the size of the belly with a length of string. Thankfully, we all got drunk on champagne (except for the pregnant lady).

On Things I Like Thursday, Volume 4:
I finally watched the Woman in Black video, and it's hilarious. But then I checked and the Total Eclipse of the Heart video is not available anymore because of copyright reasons :( :( It is (was) also my favorite thing on YouTube. It says it's not available in my country, so if it is still available in yours I am very jealous!
(Jessica - there's a version available here with a cat watching TV frame thing to avoid automatic detection.)

On Movie Monday: Sherlock Holmes:
Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia
I loved this movie. The fight in the boat yard was probably my favorite scene. And Jude Law made an awesome Watson, when I read the books again, I still retained my image of Sherlock Holmes but Jude Law was Watson!
All I have to say is BENEDICT, BITCH. BENEDICT. He's infinitely better than RDJ, and his cheek structure is mesmerising.

However, I love the pre-fight fight scenes in Sherlock Holmes. You know, with the explanations.
I love this movie on its own merits, but it will always hold a special place in my heart because I went into labor while watching this in the theater. On New Year's Eve.
Robert Downey Jr and I have a special relationship that no man could ever mess with...I have adored him since a. Chaplin - RDJ is BRILLLLLLIIANNT

and b. Ally Mcbeal - when he sings with Sting...SWOOOON (although if that were me in that bar being serenaded to, it would be the most awkward moment ever. Serenaded is NEVER romantic in the real world, and when men realise this, there will be less awkwardness...Yeah, I said it).

On my post about Arequipa and Colca Canyon:
I like the head-eagle, personally. I'd wear one like a hat.

Incidentally, in New Zealand you don't need to suffer altitude sickness or awkward 2km walks to visit our hot pools ;-)
(I'll be there ASAP, Kat!!)
Hi, I'm Kerri
Travelling Aussies = Gold. The copious amounts of alcohol resulting in the heavy occa accent coming out; the normally quite eloquent Australians start sounding like sheep-shearers from the Aussie outback.

And why is it someone ALWAYS has vegemite. Whether your standing in the middle of the Amazon river or trudging across the Sahara desert, someone always has vegemite.

On Does this mean I'm cool now?:
Pretzel Thief
Okay, you? AHH LUHHV YOU. How can you possibly be this awesome and kind?!

Mind sufficiently blown.

But seriously, thank-you-thank-you-THAAAANK-YOUUUU! You are awesomesauce, and then some. Trust. I feel very privileged that we've become bloggy BFFs (hee!) in such a short timespan. Not surprising, though, since you're fantabulous. YOU!

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for this kickass Liebster Blog award, and for your WAAAAY wonderful description of me and my blog. I'm rapt!!

Oh, and a big fat YES to a future Melbourne blogger meet! I say we make not-at-all-creepy Pacey/Josh face masks and go to town, bwah! I've been meaning to suggest anyway that you and I should catch up for a drink/dinner in the city one evening, when it suits us both! :-)

(I kind of desperately want to do that whole Pacey/Josh face mask thing, just to see how people react...)
No sparrows tried to get into my car at MickeyD's, but birds did keep headbutting our windows this spring because the lady who lived here before us let them nest in her window sills.

On Things I Like Thursday, Volume 5:
Fire Fairy
I will no longer demand that Soft Kitty is sung to me when I'm ill, it will be Soft Dalek - brilliant!
I saw the beginning of that video of Renner singing. I didn't see the end because I had effectively passed the heck out. SO HOT.

And thank you! I'm really enjoying make fun of these books. Like a lot. In an almost evil away. It makes me feel better, less evil, when people say they like them. We can't all be evil, right?

Miss your face,
There's this bit in the video where the band comes back in for the big ending and his voice is all... gaoisdnofnslkdnfsbdf

Sorry, I passed out for a minute there.

On Movie Monday: A Knight's Tale:
Penelope Lolohea
Haha, THIS is my favorite Heath Ledger movie. I know he did others, but it was the first time I saw him in a movie, and wanted to remember who "that handsome knight" was. After watching this movie, I even named an ice cream creation for my 7th grade Foods class after him (The Heath Chiller, complete with Heath candy bar crumbles). :)

And can I just say how much I agree with everything you said? This movie is so perfect. I watched it after my tweet this weekend, and was thinking the exact same thing about Rufus Sewell. I don't think I've ever seen him in a different role. I think he was MADE for these types of roles.
Dark Knight! I love that movie.

A Knight's Tale is made of awesome, though. The Chef and I used to find every opportunity possible to work "It's called a lance. HELLO." into conversation whenever possible. Good times.
I will watch this every time it's on. Every. time. Oh, I'm supposed to be at work in five minutes? Doesn't matter. I'll watch it. Oh, my mom fell down some stairs and is broken? Doesn't matter. I'm gonna watch A Knight's Tale. Momma will understand.

(None of the above things have actually happened.)

So, yeah, I'll say this one is my fave HL movie.

On Reliving my teen years (aka Kirsti rewatches Dawson's Creek. The comments on this were AMAZING. You should really go and read all of them):
The last few episodes of Season 3 are the greatest teen TV ever. I still have a printed out transcript of Pacey's "by the side of the road" speech to Joey before he kisses her. I should be embarrassed but I just cannot be.

Oh and I hated Dawson too. He is foul.
Pretzel Thief

::gets a hold on self::





Thank you. THAAANK YOUUU. This made my (boring-ass) Tuesday, dearie!

But let me get to a-commentin'! (I fear this comment might get out of hand fast, so I shall try to...not let this happen. Eeeek! :D)

Season 1 Joey (or "Old Joey" as she was affectionately termed by TWoP, i.e. Television Without Pity) used to be awesome. Snarky, abrasive, funny, calling Dawson (read: Fivehead) on his shit...and then they started dating and she lost her backbone...but then Old Joey resurfaced in glimpses in season 3...

We hardly knew ye, Awesome Joey!

Re. Jack and Andie, I guess they're...fraternal twins? ::shrug::

Pacey is TEH BEST. Always and forever times infinity.

(I mean, he bought Joey a WALL, for chrissakes! And knew about her mum's bracelet at the prom! And kissed her by the side of the road! And...everything!)

Dawson is a tremendouche.

That is all.

(I, too, wanted to punch him almost always -- there was a whooooole contingent! He was such an entitled and obnoxious prick, thought he owned Joey...ACK!)

Cannot believe Joey passed up a semester in Paris for Fivehead, ZOMG.

That GIF? Never gets old.

"Dawson's cry face is the greatest thing this show ever gave to the world."

::slow clap::
Word, Kirsti. WORD.

Description on TWoP of that particular moment:

"Joey turns, and as soon as she's looking the other way, Dawson's face crumples into the most hideously misguided man-crying scene since Luke Skywalker learned the truth about his father in The Empire Strikes Back: 'Noooooooo! That's not true! That's impossible!'"



That singing mugger episode was hands-down one of the worst episodes of television EVER.

So, Jessica from Go Fug Yourself used to be a writer/recapper for TWoP; specifically, she covered seasons 5 and 6 of Dawson's (and she was as hilarious then as she is now).

Here's Jessica's blurb for the locked-in-a-Kmart "Castaways" eppie:

"Joey and Pacey are locked in a K-Mart. No Dawson. No Audrey. No boring tertiary characters yapping about their stupid lives. Katie Holmes and Josh Jackson look alive for the second episode in a row as their characters actually talk about the fact that, you know, they used to go out. Eventually, Pacey admits that he's been having schmoopy feelings for Joey. She kisses him a couple of times, but asks to think about the possibility of them getting back together for a bit before giving him a definitive answer. Bonus: Pacey loses the goatee! Praise the sweet Lord!"


Ooh, even better, here is Jessica's blurb for the season 6 opener, i.e. when Dawson and Joey sleep together:

"Dawson and Joey finally have sex. Across North America, hospitals report sharp increases of eye-related injuries, including bleeding from the eyes, bleach thrown into the eyes and eyes being gouged out by the patient. Authorities are mystified."


Okay, I really, really, REALLY need to end this comment, like, yesterday.


Thank you again, o great one! ;-)

(Quite possibly the longest and most spectacular comment I've ever received. Thank you, Pretzel. Thank you)
Emily Hornburg
I actually didn't watch the show when it was on the air. I started to watch it like one or two years after when TBS played re-runs. My older sister made fun of me a lot.

Dawson is dumb. Just... UGH. Douche. And yeah, FRANCE ALWAYS TRUMPS DAWSON JOEY COME ON NOW!


Just all of this - yes yes yes. I love it so much. I'm totally going to re-watch this show now. ... Once I'm done with The Doctor.

On my post about Puno and Peruvian homestays:
Home stays freak me out for JUST THAT REASON. - When I was Germany I stayed with a German family that conveniently spoke English - but I did watch the Nanny in German a few times. As it turns out, the jokes didn't translate as much as I had hoped.

On Things I Like Thursday, Volume 6:
Whoa, that video.

The knicker things worn by the ladies make my crotch hurt and my belly button cry :-(
I started watching Doctor Who from the "beginning" (whereas before I started with season 5... someone told me to...?) and I now understand your fascination with David Tennant. You should have talked me into watching it months ago.
(YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, another conversion!!! I'm like a door-to-door "Have you accepted the Lord?" type, only with Doctor Who...)

On The most wonderful time of the year (aka Kirsti watches Eurovision):

On The most wonderful time of the year, part 3 (aka Kirsti watches the Eurovision finale)
Pretzel Thief
Serbia 3rd place, YAAAAY!

Hey, I have to take my victories where I can. ;-)

I really like Serbia's song, Zeljko has a great voice and the music was pretty and whatnot, but what irks me is that Zeljko has a tendency to end a lot of his songs, like, fortissimo to the max...I mean, enough already, dude. I think it'd be more effective if they changed the dynamic towards the end and made it quiet, ending with a tinkling piano and maybe a bit of violin.



I went unspoiled yesterday ahead of Eurovision Night with Yogi's sister and hubs...but once Sweden started getting ahead in the votes it was clear they wouldn't be beat.

Cyprus was and still is my fave song and imma buy it, dammit! :D

Thank you for your snarkilicious coverage of the past three days, you rocketh! :-)


On Movie Monday: The Fifth Element:
Honestly - every time I use the Oyster card in London I have to stop myself from actually saying 'Multi-pass!' (mool-tea-pass!) out loud...
Random facts about Eileen - I've been wanting the tattoo on her wrist in henna brown since the movie came out. I still haven't done it, but if i ever did get a tattoo, that is the one.

Love the quirkiness of this movie - Aziz, light! used to be my favorite thing to say when it was too dark to see. Until lumos came along :)

On my post about Cusco, ancient Incan stuff, and the most annoying woman on earth:
Why must the baby animals and bundle o' guinea pigs be so cute? They're distracting me from the awesomeness of the Incan ruins.

And finally, on Things I Like Thursday, Volume 7:

I love you so hard for putting that in my life. I am so beyond ridiculously insanely stupidly excited.

I swear, these posts get longer and longer every month. STOP BEING SO FUNNY, Y'ALL!! (But also, please don't ever stop, because I love you all and it would make the baby Jesus cry if you did.)

Don't forget to head over to Jessica's and link up!

K xx


  1. Between your Comment Carnival and Jessica's, I look like a crazy stalker person.

    1. Hey, at least your comments make sense! Unlike the ones I leave for you................ ;)

  2. Ok, so. awkward moment.

    Just now.

    those comments relating to your post about Robert Downey Jr - ie sex pot...well, this was my train of thought: "oh hey there's my name on the comment carnvial! YAY oh wait, I'm writing about the time I went into labor at the movie theatre...What time was that? I've never been in labor at the movie theater. I'VE NEVER BEEN IN LABOR. Oh. Wait. Mine's the one below that. Hah. Got it. God RDJ on Ally McBeal...Niiiice."

    1. Ahahahahahahahaha, oh God. I feel terrible about laughing, but I just can't help myself. Sorry... *hugs*

  3. Ah, thank you for the Total Eclipse of the Heart link!! In the video description I discovered that it's also available on Funny or Die, where you can watch it in all its original glory here. I watched it again and it's just as hilarious as the first time (or ten times...) I saw it.

    1. OMG I AM ABOUT TO GO AND WATCH THAT A HUNDRED TIMES IN A ROW. And yes, that totally warranted all caps ;)

  4. Five mentions?! Good Lord, woman! Heheheh. Thank you, THAAAANK YOUUUUUU! And I'm not sure about "most spectacular" but I'm grateful for the love and I'm glad that hideously-long comment entertained you, hee! XOXO

    1. Pretty much ALL your comments entertain me to no end. So I'm just impressed that I was able to limit myself to five!! <3

  5. Somewhere between your own Comment Carnival and also Jessica's, I appear like a crazy stalker individual.


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