Friday, June 29, 2012

30 Days of Photography - Day 18

Oh, hai. I bet you thought I'd forgotten about THIS challenge, along with my cookbook challenge! I didn't - I just got horribly sidetracked, what with my camera getting stolen, and then uni, and then...just being a slacker.

But hopefully this will get me back on track, and through the last 12 days!

The theme for Day 18 is shoes. Here's a pair I picked up today. I actually had an identical pair that I bought back in April. But within 6 weeks, the soles had started to come off them. Thankfully, the store where I bought them was kind enough to give me a replacement pair. HURRAH! (I really hope the same thing doesn't happen with this pair, or I'll be super cranky...)

I love them, though. They're a little bit Eleventh Doctor, and a little bit badass!

K xx


  1. Eleventh doctor? You are such a nerd. Like a really cute lovable one. :)


    1. Did you miss the bit in my vlog where I fangirled about Firefly? Because that happened... ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Right??? They're kind of like biker boots, but still adorable and not clunky.

  3. I'm glad they replaced the boots!

    1. I'm glad they did too! I would have been SUPER cranky pants if they hadn't...


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