Thursday, May 31, 2012

Things I Like Thursday, Volume 7

Seen random stuff on the internet that you find hilarious or just want to share? Head over to Gina's to link up!

Between covering Eurovision over the weekend, and getting a shiny new phone to play with on Monday, I didn't get to do my usual aimlessly gallivanting about the internet in search of random nonsense stuff. So you'll only get a couple of offerings this week. But I'm okay with that! 

First up, if you were/are a fan of Dawson's Creek and/or Joshua Jackson, you HAVE to go and check out my bloggy BFF Pretzel Thief's post on her massive fangirl crush on Josh. Because it. Is. HI-larious. (Also because she called Dawson "a tremendouche", and that is officially the best word of ever. Even better than my go-to ("douchecanoe"), which I stole from The Bloggess.)

ANYWAY. Check it out. Because of reasons. 

And then we have this, which I saw yesterday and am still cuh-razy excited about. Is it December yet????? (If you don't love Les Mis, I *may* have to disown you. Sorry... Except that I'm not.)

Found something online this week that you desperately need to share? Head over to Gina's and link up! Equally excited about Les Mis? Let me know so we can fangirl about it together!! 

K xx


  1. I think I've watched that trailer like...18 times in the last 24 hours. Or something ridiculous like that. And I've shared it with like...everyone. Everyone I see I'm like, "Hey...did you know the new Les Mis trailer is out!?" I cannot wait.

    I was talking to a theatre friend of mine and he was like, "I think I saw Hugh Jackman in that trailer...aka Wolverine." And I was like, "Umm...DUH. He's Jean Valjean!! And Russel Crowe is Javert and this and this and this..." and proceeded to list off all the actors -- well known and not -- who will be in this movie. Can you tell I'm excited...? >.>

    1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who's crazy excited about this, and thinks their friends are kind of idiots for not knowing all the details of it already. Like, seriously.

      I may just be off to watch that trailer again. BECAUSE I CAN. ;)

  2. Have I toooooold
    You lately
    That I looooove you...?


    You're the best, lovely! THE BEST. Kapeesh? (Or "capisci" in proper italiano, heh.) Thank you so, sooooo much. Oodles of heartfelt thanks!!



    Suffice to say, I'm deliciously thrilled and humbled by this most generous of shoutouts! WHEEEEE! Bloggy BFFs 4eva!


    I'll shut the hell up with my giddiness...nnnnnnow.

    Also, I wish I had come up with "tremendouche" -- 'twas made up a year ago by the fab Sarah D. Bunting @ Tomato Nation. It's definitely become part of my personal lexicon and I try to use the word as much as humanly possible.

    (So, you know, on a daily basis, seeing as tremendouches abound.)

    XOXO ❤

    1. Tremendouches DO abound. So very rude of them...

      And that post totally required a shoutout. I mean...there were Pacey pictures. Even if it wasn't for the hilariously awesome content of the post, I still would have pimped it out based solely on the Pacey pictures... ;)


    I love you so hard for putting that in my life. I am so beyond ridiculously insanely stupidly excited.

    1. How did you miss seeing that trailer the instant it came out??? I was watching it wishing I had your phone number so I could text you and be all "OH MA GAH GINA ARE YOU WATCHING THIS YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!". In hindsight, it's probably a good thing I don't have your phone number, because you would have been horribly confused...

  4. I never got that into Les Miserables - not because i didn't like it, but because I suppose I just never had the opportunity...:)

    1. This makes me sad for you. Don't try and rectify it by watching the 1998 non-musical version or by reading the book. As awesome as the book is, there are hundreds and hundreds of pages of mostly pointless description (a 109 page blow-by-blow of the Battle of Waterloo? NO THANK YOU). Wait for the movie to come out, and then become a fan girl like the rest of us!!


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