Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blog comment carnival: April 2012

Yes, kids. It's that time again! The time when I get to read through all your comments and marvel at how hilariously brilliant you all are! :D

If you want to join in, you can link up over at Jessica's blog.

On Movie Monday: Pirates of the Caribbean:

I love how they incorporated the song from the ride, totally brilliant. I also really, really loved the love story in this one. I know it got annoying and stupid in the sequels, but here it was quite adorable.


And yes, Jack Sparrow FTW. Best original character in a long, long time.

Quotes to add to the list:

"I can't bring this ship into Tortuga all by my onesie, savvy?"

"This is either madness, or brilliance."..."It's remarkable how often those two traits coincide."

The only good thing about the series after this one was that it gave me my derby name.



On Ancient History, Volume VII:

I'm gonna say I wouldn't take the dog, but then again I'm not an animal person.

...was I not supposed to actually answer that question?

On Sculptures:

Corrugated iron cows! These are roughly seven million times better than poetry.

On Movie Monday: Life of Brian:

hahahahahahahahaha (gasp for breath) ahhahahaahhaaahhahaahahahhahahaha.
love it.

On Ancient History, Volume VIII:

Frog-giggin! Sounds like something they'd do out here where I live. And I'm up in the NORTH. (Yep, banjos here, too.) And as for your tire situation, I'm glad you got it all figured out. But it does remind me of a certain roadtrip that Dawson and Gretchen went on...

On Things that are awesome:

ALL THE DALEKS. Also, you forgot the most important thing that is awesome... You. Not that I'm insinuating you're a thing or anything.

On On internet friendships:

Aaaaahhhhm... how did I miss this post? I feel like such a douche. Also WIBBLY WOBBLY TIMEY WIMEY DAVID TENNANT AWESOME HAIR AND STUFF. Yeah, that.

You are so awesomesauce.

OMG I LOVE YOUR FACE. This was such a great way to start my Monday morning. I love my internet friends, and sometimes I do have to explain to people how you all are *actually* my friends. Thankfully people have been pretty accepting of it thus far. :) I LOVE YOU! And thank you for introducing me to The Doctor.

Clearly you're watching the wrong show, Lipsti... Because over here in Sydney, we watch Spoolp.

But I love you, too. <3
Melbs! I'm so honored to be mentioned. I feel the same way about you, and I love reading your posts. I think you're right that sometimes our internet friendz know us better than some in real life. You just made my whole day. #TeamPacey4Eva

"Whitney Houston."... "It's for my girlfriend."

"Somebody like you needs to diminish their criminal impulses, not magnify them. Perhaps if you tried some nice jazz... or classical."


"I talked to God, she says, Yo Whassup."

"the fat man walks alone"

"Hey... you forgot your thingy" (holding shiny red bra)

"It makes the customers all crazy-like."..."But that's the whole point!"

"You're a superb manager, Joe."

"Jane. Have you compared the incidence of homosexuality among teenage males to the number male teenaged Rex Manning fans?"

"I don't have to explain my art to you, Warren."

The song that plays while Warren's picture is being taken.

"You make me feel like a bath? Ugh."

"I wish I could be like Gina."

I just eat drumsticks with my hands. I'm a Neanderthal.

So, okay, I found your blog via Deidre's (our mutual internet matey!) and OMG YOU LOVE PACEY WITTER LIKE ME WE ARE SOOOO LONG-LOST BFFs SQUEEEE!



I, too, am a Melbourne girl. Born in a country that no longer exists (Yugoslavia). War started in 1991. Went through war. Yay. War = shitty, shitty, terrifying times. Migrated to Oz July 1994. As part of initial assimilation (::cough::) taken to the cinemas by relatives to watch the lame-ass Ted Danson/Macaulay Culkin vehicle "Getting Even With Dad" (...good God).

Fell in love with Joshua Jackson when I became obsessed with The Mighty Ducks movies circa 1995 (I even entertained the idea of playing ice hockey, much to my mother's horror)...back then nobody knew who the hell Josh was, so in '96 and '97, while most girls obsessed over JTT (kill me) or "Leo", I proudly shouted my Josh love from the rooftops.

...by which I mean the following type of exchange would happen:

Girl: Pretzel, which actor boy do YOU love?
Me: Oh, Joshua Jackson.
Girl: [silence] ...um, who?
Me: [exasperated sigh] YOU KNOW...! He's Chaaaarlie in the Mighty Ducks movies!! The Ducks' captain? GOD!
Girl: Ohhh, of course, HIM! Yeah, he's cute.
Me: Schyeah.

Then 1998 rolled around and Dawson's Creek blew up, and suddenly EVERYONE loved Pacey (no-brainer) and knew who Josh was. Meanwhile, I was all kinds of sanctimonious because I LOVED HIM WHEN NO ONE KNEW WHO HE WAS, TAKE THAT BIZZOTCHES!

Oy vey.

All this to say, I like your blog and think you're pretty cool and fab! I obvs wouldn't have written this lengthy comment if I didn't, DUH. Heh heh. And so I think we should be bloggy friends because, hell, apparently people think I'M pretty cool too. Bwah!

Also, I've had something of a fascination with Peru ever since doing a country project on it in sixth or seventh grade...after that project I pretty much knew everything about Peru. Then again, I was always a geography buff so learning more about yet another country was a welcome thing.

Anyway, I do believe I've bugged you enough with this comment. (No kiddin'!) Glad I've discovered this here blog of yours...!

Bicep appreciation. For sure.

I love you guys like whoa <3 Don't forget to head over to Jessica's and link up!

K xx


  1. I'm horrified to find that I'm not in this blog carnival which means one of the two things.
    1. I'm no longer funny
    2. I haven't been commenting.

    Honestly, I'm not sure which option is worse....

    1. I think we used up our quota of funny on Dessert Day! I'm honestly not sure if that makes it better or not...

  2. Aaaaiiiiiieeee, OMG!

    You copied my WHOLE cray-cray comment, bahahahah! My most heartfelt and huuuuuge thanks, newfound bloggy BFF!

    I...am gleeful and so thankful! :-)))

    The only way I can think to repay you is to send you a Pacey Witter hologram. Or, you know, somehow send the real thing to your door. Hmmmm...or else I'll just pimp you out on my blog, yeeeees.


    1. A Pacey Witter hologram would be amazing. And your comment was one of the most brilliant comments I've ever had - it needed to be shared with the world!! <3

  3. Watching the Doctor really has been one of the best decisions I've made...


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