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Blog comment carnival: March 2012

Yes, it's that time again! (I almost wrote "that time of the month again", but realised that it has a completely different connotation that's filled with oversharing. MOVING ON...)

If you want to join in the carnival, go and link up on Jessica's blog!

On last month's Blog Comment Carnival post:

OMG I made the list. TWICE. Thank you for making my Thursday morning. :D And we WILL re-enact the scene from the Mummy someday. Maybe that's what the memorial torpedo will be for. To remember that epic moment.

THIS WAS ON TV THE OTHER NIGHT. Like, the one night that I just so happened to have been watching it because the guy I'm living with (read: boyfriend of the girl I'm also living with) turned it on.

Also, I may be horrible, but I loved watching her fall into the pit trying to grab for the goblet. I was cheering for it. *bad person*
Raiders of the Lost Ark, with Last Crusade as a close second. Last Crusade loses points for Marcus, who seemed like a perfectly normal human up until he got captured then when Indy and his father drop into the tank he starts doing that ridiculous "homeboy" song & dance with Dr. Jones Sr. Every time I watch that scene I can't help thinking, "When did Marcus incur brain damage?" (or something along those lines ;)

How is it that you meet the most idiotic Americans?? Thankfully you know (I think) that we're not all like that... But yikes.
I was reading this account of my country going, "WTF." Seriously, with the rodeo and the gun waving and the stuff? Totally foreign.

Also, your plastic money is much cause for LOL's.

Naaw, kitty in a suitcase! I love how cats always look so serious about being in suitcases, as though it's a perfectly respectable place to be.

Clearly you need to keep yourself in this one's good graces.
I was just stopping by to point and laugh at your version having pounds. LOL.

What amazes me about this movie- and scores of others that are similar made at the same time- is the "uncut take."

Today, dance sequences are done over and over and over and over again, with varying degrees of success and with various camera angles. Then, the director cobbles together a scene with a conglomeration of feet shots, face shots, body angles, wide shots, close ups and such. The performers only have to be on top of their game for a few seconds at a time.

But this movie? (And every other one of this era) They hold a wide angle shot, and the dancers perform the entire routine, nearly flawlessly. Once in awhile, they'll cut to their feet or a different angle, but it's solid sequences for sixty or ninety seconds at a time or MORE. Today? I'm impressed if the hold the same shot for three seconds.

Once you notice it, it's shocking and awe-inspiring.

Clearly you saw it wrong. In America, cricket is a bug. It's a stupid, loud, obnoxious bug that hides in my dad's basement ceiling. We don't play cricket! That's un-American. Ergo, you must have totally imagined it.

(PS: If someone's missed that I'm kidding, I will cry severely and drown myself in a break up cup developed through pocket science on Spoolp.)

Also, I'm glad to see our wait staff hasn't improved! I actually really like the clueless waiters that have no idea what they're selling; they give me something amusing to laugh about while I'm waiting for the food they might forget to bring me.

Despite your insistence that the shamrocks weren't great, I highly disagree. Perfect cupcakes. Perfect icing. Now I want one.

Very impressive! This sounds like something that would totally happen to me "all surely the fireworks will be this way...wait..I can hear them but not see them. Awkward"

The first time I saw this in the theater I laughed so hard, that I think a tiny bit of pee came out.

Hope you get to feeling better soon. I get quite dramatic when I am sick too. I usually wail about how I have scarlet fever or the bubonic plague.
I'm still sad that I missed seeing the tie, or having the opportunity to PURCHASE a shirTie.

Also hope you do not die of the plague. Your mum might put you in a shoebox somewhere :-S
Yesssssss, BONUS PACEY! Love. I feel like we are secret Dawson's soulmates. You'll have to let me know where you are in the series--I just got to season 6! XOXO
LET'S NOT FORGET THAT MY PHONE IS HOMICIDAL. And it's trying to, you know, commission my boyfriend to off me at the railway! *cries*

I went as the Paperbag Princess to my first school dress up day. I think we were separated at birth.

The stuff they put in your mouth to make these things really does taste like Satan's butthole.

Also, A+ for both Jorah and Nikki for coming up with winning suggestions and proving for the milliontieth time that the blogosphere is made of awesome.


Sorry, I have a literature review due today, sleep and I are recently estranged...
Am I the only one who can't help but wonder how Kirsti and Nicole know what Satan's butthole tastes like? I'm just saying, there's probably a post or two of story there... :P

It's been a while since I've had to have dental/orthodontic work done -- soon as I got my braces off over a decade ago, my teeth stayed pretty decent -- I do remember the stuff tasting horrible. Can't quite say that I know it tastes like Satan's butthole, though.
I'd make/alter a teddy bear and give it some new teeth :-)

I have a few things to say that I didn't text you (WHY????).

1. This is entirely ironic (ala Alanis) considering nearly every text I sent you prior to you being burgled was "STEAL IT" or "MUG SOMEONE." After I noticed that today, I actually found it slightly more amusing than the Stupid Elitist Hipster Thieves (SEHT!).

2. This bit:
I do like (stealing) shiny new toys; it's my guilty pleasure. :3
I also think your dad should've mentioned that you needed our SLR because you rely on it for your job: Dessert Day Picture Taker.

just sayin'


I LOVED Effie.

Jennifer was brilliant!

And he's 19 (going to be 20) soon. So it's not like he's 15 or something...

Rue - you broke my heart.

I really enjoyed the other points of view too. It helped to explain what was happening more, and I enjoyed being able to get to know the head gamemaker more. I think he has a really interesting character and seeing the choices he has to make and his interactions with President Snow.

I loved how Lenny Kravitz played Cinna. They could have done more, but he'll probably play a bigger role in the next one. (Although as she was leaving for the games ALL I COULD THINK ABOUT was what was going to happen in Catching Fire. OMG.)

And yes with the star-crossed lovers thing. I think they handled that very well..


When I went to Philadelphia all I did was eat 2 philly cheesesteaks. Now I feel like I should have done more. lol.

Hahahahaha! You said "jaunt."

For reals, though, this bugs my husband IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. He's always like, "Ugh, I hate when I can TELL that somebody's British by the way they sing!!!" You know, unless it's Freddie Mercury or Angus Young or somebody. Then they get a free pass.

Also, this is funny, because the 10th anniversary concert is the one that I've listened to fifteen millionty times, and the guy distinctly says "Frahnce" in that line. :)

And I love when you vlog. And complain about people at the gym.

Awesome! Thanks for posting - I wish that all of my random desires could be so easily satisfied! I'm actually never saying France like an American again, because now it sounds crass to me. However, I will continue to say crass with a hard A, since you want that word to sound seven levels of horrible. You rock!
Clearly I have been saying "France" incorrectly my entire existence. Thanks for bringing my attention to this error. :P

Thanks to all of you for making me laugh on a daily basis, and to everyone for their support over the whole house-being-broken-into thing <3

K xx


  1. What great comments, I loved Ally's comment about the philly cheesesteaks! I often feel like that after my trips to Fiji are all about eating and just eating! Hope you're having a great weekend :)

    1. Yeah, I used to feel like that about my trips to Melbourne when I was living in Canberra. Fly in, see family, eat a lot, and fly back again! :)

  2. Dude- I made it on the list twice - AGAIN. I feel so cool.

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