Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ancient History, Volume VII

The day after Megan and I arrived in New York, way back in June of 2006, we headed to the New York Public Library, because Megan had some more thesis research to do. I sat there going "OMG IT LOOKS JUST LIKE WHEN JAKE GYLLENHAAL WAS TRAPPED HERE IN THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW!!!", and Megan did a ton of readings about Irish history. I'm pretty sure at some point I helped her out with photocopying or something, but considering my brain was in a Jake Gyllenhaal place, I honestly can't remember.
Well, HELLO, future husband! Also, source.

The following day, we were up bright and early to stand outside the Spamalot theatre trying to get standing room tickets. By some miracle, we were successful, and paid a whopping $21 each to see a Broadway show. WIN. The best part about the show (besides the fact that it cost $21) was that Harry Groener played King Arthur. Of course, this meant that both Megan and I spent half of the show expecting him to turn into a giant snake at any moment, but it was still totally and utterly awesome. Also, John Cleese is the Voice of God. GENIUS.

The next day was a Sunday, so we went to Mass at St Patrick's Cathedral, and then figured we'd grab breakfast from somewhere on 5th Avenue. Except that we made it the entire 30 blocks from St Patrick's to the Met without coming across a single food place. So we figured we'd eat at the Met's cafe. Only to get there and discover that it didn't open for another 45 minutes. At least we were in one of the greatest museums in the world to take our minds off the fact that we were starving to death!
Anyone else notice that this slightly blurry beastie has five legs? It's so that it has
the right number whether you're looking at it from the front OR from the side!

Eventually, we tired of museuming, and walked the 40-odd blocks back to the hotel. It wasn't the best decision of all time, because a) FORTY BLOCKS, and b) it was about a millionty 95 degrees that day. But if we hadn't walked, we would have missed out on the following pieces of genius:

Group of English guys walking through Central Park: If you kidnapped a family, would you take the dog?? [Six years later, I'm still trying to determine what my answer would be, and why they were debating it!]

[girl with giant boobs runs across the street as the lights change]
Random guy to his friend: Damn! She could have killed me with those things!

Our last full day in New York was spent doing touristy things, namely the Statue of Liberty:

Ellis Island:

Ground Zero:

And a view of the Brooklyn Bridge.

We briefly contemplated walking over to it, but UGH EFFORT. (Much the same thing happened on my trip to New York last year, which is how I've been to New York a bunch of times, but have never seen the Brooklyn Bridge up close. FAIL...)

The following day, we were flying out of Newark. We were far too cheap to take a taxi, so walked all over Midtown trying to work out where the buses left from. Clearly, this was a sign that we should have just paid the money and taken a taxi, because somewhere along the New Jersey Turnpike, the driver pulled over to the side of the road. We were momentarily confused, and then this happened:

Driver: Could everyone get off? The bus is on fire.
Not our bus, obviously. Source

Um. Whut. Everyone sat there for a few seconds processing the information, and then it was a free for all getting to the door. The bus driver was unloading luggage like a maniac, and we had to grab ours and head a little further down the road. Then some guy driving past yelled out of his window that we should all move because the gas tank was on fire, and the whole bus was going to explode. So we all went and hid at the front of a truck that had stopped to help. It turned out to be the battery and not the gas tank, so it wasn't QUITE as dramatic as it could have been.

Of course, the flaming bus story had an unexpected side effect. We must have looked a little shocked when we finally got to the check in counter, because the little woman on the desk asked if we were okay. And when we told her about the bus catching fire, she put us on an earlier flight which got us back to Tennessee about two hours earlier than scheduled. WIN.

And so ended our east coast jaunt. (Yes, Gina. I said "jaunt" again. Apparently I use it more than I thought I did!) But the adventure wasn't over. Next up: rednecks, Graceland, and I accidentally convince my mother that I'm starring in Deliverance. (HI MUM)

K xx


  1. If it hadn't, yet again, been close to 40°C when we were in NY, I might have also felt like walking over the Brooklyn Bridge. I like bridges.

    Next time?!

    1. Definitely next time! Although I think next time should be in spring for cooler weather.

  2. I love your travel recaps. :) I am going to have to write about my NYC adventure. I have only been once... but now that I live closer I need to remedy this and go again!

    1. I'm glad you like them, because I was increasingly thinking that I was boring everyone to death with these stories!! And you definitely need to remedy that :)

  3. I'm gonna say I wouldn't take the dog, but then again I'm not an animal person.

    ...was I not supposed to actually answer that question?

    1. Actually, Lor, I'm thrilled that you answered that question. Because it gives me the chance to tell you about their logic. One guy argued that he wouldn't take the dog. Because you'd have to feed it and clean up after it, and it might get bitey when you tied its owners to chairs.

      The other guy said that you should definitely take the dog, because that way it would seem like the family had just gone on holiday, and no one would report them missing.

      I can see both sides of it, which is why I still don't know what my answer would be six years later!

  4. I've never been to ny but would love to go!! Great post xx

    1. You should definitely go - it's so amazingly awesome!


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