Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ancient History, Volume IX

When I last left off, it had taken Megan and I SEVEN HOURS to make the drive from Nashville to Memphis. Upon arrival in Memphis, we decided to make the most of what was left of the afternoon, and headed to the National Civil Rights Museum. According to my travel diary, 23 year old Kirsti was greatly upset by the fact that she couldn't take photos inside, and thought there should have been less reading involved. It also made her want to watch Elizabethtown. 28 year old Kirsti recognises the fact that objects can be sensitive to light, and that it's difficult to convey certain concepts through an object on a plinth, thus requiring additional explanation through text. It still makes her want to watch Elizabethtown.

Anyway, the National Civil Rights Museum is an amazingly moving place, and you should all go there.

After the museum, we decided that we'd drive over to Graceland and find a hotel nearby so that we could get there as soon as it opened and still be able to sleep in. We managed to turn the wrong way half a dozen times, because I'm awesome at reading maps. But we eventually got there and found a hotel right across the road from Graceland. The pool was shaped like a guitar and there were two channels on the TV that showed nothing but Elvis movies. Sadly, I neglected to take pictures of either of these things, because I'm an idiot and have no idea what will make hilarious blog fodder six years down the track.

The next morning, we were up bright and early to visit Graceland. Because we were epic cheapskates poor starving students/unemployed bums, we elected to only see the house, because all the other stuff was hella expensive. Eventually, our tour started. I'm going to quote directly from my travel diary, because LOL: "It was fun, if horrifically tacky. I mean, Elvis could sing and all but my God, the man had no taste! Although I guess in the 70s no one had any taste..." You have to admit, 23 year old Kirsti kind of has a valid point.

To prove my point:
So he could watch all the stations at once.

The Jungle Room. It has shag pile carpet ON THE CEILING.

Because carpet in the kitchen is always a great idea.

Because you need to feel like you're in a giant fabric tent while playing pool. Or something.

And that was pretty much all we did in Memphis. We drove through the centre of town to take a photo of the Beale Street sign, and then headed for the interstate. Thankfully, the drive BACK from Memphis was incident free. Oh, also? Have you guys seen the Memphis Convention Centre?? It's SHAPED LIKE A PYRAMID:

The remaining few days of my trip were a bit of a blur. We went to the museum in Nashville to see an exhibition of Egyptian New Kingdom stuff. The audio tour was narrated by Jeremy Irons, and he reminded you of that CONSTANTLY. Like every single bit you listened to would start with "Hello. I'm Jeremy Irons." (Did you just read that in his voice? Because I TYPED THAT WITH HIS VOICE IN MY HEAD. It was a bit creepy, to be honest)

We also hung out with some of the girls Megan worked with. One in particular came out with some truly astonishing (and memorable!) quotes.
On inbreeding in the South: "They don't have a family tree. They have a family WREATH!"
On Jedi as a religion: "Do you think instead of "Go to Hell!", they say "Damn you to the Death Star!"??"

And that concludes my trip to the US. Next up, South and Central America and everything that happened!
K xx


  1. Seriously- how do you do all of this traveling? I live like 2 hours away from Tenessee and I've never been there. Something is wrong with this picture. I'm jealous.

    1. Weeeeeeell, it's a combination of quitting my job a lot (and then getting hired back when I get home - WEIRD), getting four weeks of paid annual leave every year (I think you guys only get two??), and having friends who live all over the place. It helps when you don't have to pay for accommodation once you're there!!

  2. Confession - I actually *love* Elvis's house. Though I do agree that carpet in the kitchen would be a bad idea.

    1. I left out the pictures of the living room and dining room, because I secretly loved the stained glass windows of peacocks in there. So yeah, I kind of loved it too. But the pool room made my head hurt.


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