Monday, March 19, 2012

Movie Mondays: Rat Race

A millionty years ago (okay, it was 2001. Whatever), we went on a family holiday to Sydney. On one particular day, it did nothing but pour with rain. So we escaped to the (tiny) local cinema for something to do, and today's offering was the only thing showing. And so it was that we sat in a cinema with about 12 seats, watching a movie on a screen the size of a beach towel and laughing until we cried.
Reasons why Rat Race is awesome:
1. The cast. It's absolutely perfect.
2. The entire premise of insanely rich people betting on stupid stuff, like which flavour of chocolate will come up next in a box.
3. Kathy Bates as the crazy squirrel lady.
4. The bus full of Lucy Ricardo fans (in costume!) on their way to an I Love Lucy convention.
Sadly, this was the best photo I could find. Also, source.
5. Seth Green.
6. It reminds me about the existence of Smash Mouth.
7. Jon Lovitz's character making his daughter poop out the window of the car because they can't afford the time it would take to stop.
8. Rowan Atkinson. The man is a genius.
9. The opening credits.
10. The Barbie Museum and stealing Hitler's touring car.
11. Whoopi Goldberg's hilarious outfit.
12. The scene where the conman brothers try to pull down the airport's radar tower. Using "In the Hall of the Mountain King" as the soundtrack at that point is perfect.
13. John Cleese's ridiculous teeth. Actually, John Cleese full stop.
14. The scene where the kids are jumping on the beds and they collide, knocking themselves out.
15. Dean Cain as Amy Smart's cheating boyfriend.
16. The scene where the bus fills up with foam and all the Lucys are "wah"-ing.
17. Cuba Gooding Jr. stealing the bus driver's clothes by pretending that his wife is having a baby and he needs various items of clothing to catch various things. He needs the bus driver's hat to catch his fictional wife's vagina. Bahahahahahaha. (I'm sorry, but how could I not use that gif??)
18. The dog running off with the transplant heart.
19. The hot air balloon chase.
20. The scene where the Lucys try to change the tyre on the bus and everything goes horribly wrong.
21. Cuba Gooding Jr. breakdancing at the Smash Mouth concert.
22. Siphoning petrol from a police car and telling the cop that the sound is because that Breckin Meyer drank too much coffee...

Plus, the following quotes:
- "I do NOT want to work at HOME DEPOT!!!"
- "Look, a drifter! Let's kill him."
- Regarding the missing transplant heart: "I think I found it!" "No, that's a caramel apple."
- "I think we just killed him!" "You can't kill him, he's like a cockroach."
- "You girls want to buy a squirrel? They make cracker jack pets!"
- "Oh good, a scam! We'll do it!"
- "It's true, you could break your neck. But that's a risk I'm willing to take."
- After his children collide while jumping on the beds: "Oooh, that's gotta hurt. Honey! Kids need you! [runs off]"
- "Is a race, is a race! I'm winning, I'm winning!"
- "I can do anything I like, I'm eccentric!"
- "I'm not giving up. And neither are you. And neither am I!"
- "Where the hell is the airport??????" [plane lands behind them]
- "A SECRET publicity stunt?"
- "We came in a rocket car."
- "So, what's wrong with her?" "Who?" "Your sister. You said it was serious." "Oh, yeah. Shark bite." "Shark bite??" "Yeah..." "And they took her to Silver City [New Mexico]?" "Yeah, they have a really good...shark bite unit there..."
- "Oooh, little cockdoggies!" "They're called cocktail weinies..."

Have you guys seen it? Do you love it as much as I do? Or do you think it's kind of stupid? I'll understand if you do, I promise!
K xx


  1. I don't think I've seen this movie - but I love John Cleese, who doesn't?

    1. It's completely ridiculous but oh so hilarious!

  2. I **think** I'm thinking of the right movie:
    (in muffled voice) "I pierced my own tongue!"
    (in similarly muffled voice) "I'm so proud of you"

    1. From memory, both of those lines are uttered. But I think the former is at the start and the latter right near the end...

  3. hilarious movie!! loved Kathy bates character!

    1. It's pretty much my favourite cameo in anything ever.

  4. I think you and I have similar taste in movies! You pick great ones for your Movie Mondays. This actually isn't usually my type of humor, but it cracked me up--so many unexpected moments.

    1. Thank you :) It's not my usual sort of humour either, but occasionally I find movies of this sort that just make me laugh hysterically and that I end up with an irrational love for.

  5. I saw it ages ago in the cinema but can't remember too much, however I may watch again since John Cleese + Rowen Atkinson sounds like a match made in heaven.

    1. It really is, even though they barely interact on the screen!

  6. The first time I saw this in the theater I laughed so hard, that I think a tiny bit of pee came out.

    1. This is why we're best friends, Gina. One day, we'll be in the same city at the same time. And when that happens, I will kidnap you, take you to a hotel room, and we'll just sit there watching movies for about a hundred years. Deal?


      I never saw this, in case you didn't catch that.


  7. I honestly thought the movie was horribly stupid, but what else am I supposed to expect of films with Rowan Atkinson? (Granted, I still liked it. Well, parts of it. Mostly his. And Seth Green's. And John Cleese's.)

    The bit about Little Cock-Doggies made me choke, though. It always does, and I don't know why. It's one of those things that I always end up thinking now when I see them. Arghhh.

    1. Oh, it's definitely horribly stupid. But I love it just the same. The little cock doggies part will never not make me laugh like a crazy person. And every time I see it, I'm more relieved than ever that I don't eat sausages.


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