Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Favourite photos of 2011: Volume 4

I've decided to combine the last two categories - 'People' and 'Macro' - into one post, because there didn't seem to be enough of either to warrant a post each. So this might get a little long. But it'll be filled with (what I think are) awesome photos, so you won't really mind right? Right??? It's also occurred to me that a lot of the shots I deem 'macro' shots aren't technically macro. They're just close ups. So I'm going to call them 'macro-ish' and be done with it!

Anyway, without further ado, let's press on.


September - Vietnam Nurses' Memorial, Washington DC

September - Oriels vs Red Sox at Fenway Park, Boston
I really wish that wire hadn't been in the way...

September - Megan on her wedding day

December - Little Miss A
She would now be horrified by this photo because she doesn't have
decorative bits of fringe hanging in her face.........


January - A bee on lavender, Canberra

May - Blue food colouring in water makes pretty patterns

September - Starfish at the New England Aquarium, Boston

September - Aspen leaves, Colorado

September - Aspen tree, Colorado

So, which one's your favourite?

K xx


  1. My favourite is the blue food colouring in water - super pretty!

  2. I seriously had no idea that blue food colouring in water was so pretty!


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