Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Favourite photos of 2011: Volume 3

Today's instalment of my favourite photos of 2011 is 'Animals'. It seems like I went to a zoo or aquarium in every city I visited in the US last year. I think Washington DC is the only exception to that rule, and that's simply because we ran out of time. We DID see lots of amusing taxidermied animals though...

Speaking of which, I'm thinking of doing a series of posts about my favourite ridiculous museum objects. Because I have a TON of photos on my hard drive from museums and galleries of things that made me laugh/were really freaking awesome, and very little use for them. So I figured I'd share them with all of you!! (Aren't you lucky??)

Anywho. On with the show!

August - Domino. 
Yes, that's a slipper shaped like a koala.
I miss him every day.

August - Snake at the Shedd Aquarium, Chicago

August - Allosaur at the Field Museum, Chicago
Okay, I'm stretching the definition of animal. Whatever.

August - Major Mitchell cockatoo, Denver Zoo
I still find it amusing that I went half way around the
world to take a picture of something from Australia

September - Moss frog, New England Aquarium, Boston

September - Lion fish, New England Aquarium, Boston
I seem to take photos of lion fish at every aquarium I visit. It's getting ridiculous.

September - Lyndsy's cat likes suitcases, Denver

Does anyone else get home from overseas and find their memory cards filled with pictures of zoo animals and museum objects??

K xx


  1. I always have lots of pictures of animals - but I'm fur lover. As in you know animals - not pelts.

    1. It would be much weirder to come home with lots of photos of fur coats that it would to come home with lots of photos of animals!!

  2. I do like the 'cat in a box'! And Domino is always cute in photos :-)

    1. Jersey is very good at coming up with highly photograph-able positions. Although usually, they're in the way of exactly what you're trying to do!! And thanks :)

  3. Ohhh that snake is Kaa from The Jungle Book!!!! :)

  4. Naaw, kitty in a suitcase! I love how cats always look so serious about being in suitcases, as though it's a perfectly respectable place to be.

    1. She loved the mesh inside the lid of my suitcase. I had to make sure to keep it closed all the time or I'd find her kneading it with her claws and trying to look innocent all at the same time!


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