Thursday, March 1, 2012

Blog comment carnival: February 2012

Once again, I'm linking up with Jessica for her genius monthly event. It highlights all the awesome things you guys have said in the comments during the past month, because blogs would be nothing without an audience!

On last month's Blog Comment Carnival:

I LOVE THAT I FEATURE TWICE. Heh. Although my brain is failing to come up with a genius nugget of higher brain function wisdom, so you will have to be content with my shameless narcissism.

On Thank you. Also, I vlogged:

2. I love you. You are adorable.
3. I *know* that you're from Australia, but for some reason, I never hear the accent in my head when I read your stuff... so... -1 for me and +100 for vlogging.

And this stacked comment that I'm still mortified about:
Congrats again! You are awesome! This was fun to listen to. Well, watch, I guess, but I think the point was listening to how you say things :) Is it just me or did you say "pancakes" instead of "pajamas"? I couldn't tell if it was just the way you said it or if you still had syrup on the brain, haha.
Now that I know what you sound like (I mean, I know I met you in person at the 20SB Summit but it was at that cocktail hour when it was RIDICULOUSLY loud and I couldn't hear anything), I can go back and read your posts from when you were in Chicago and had to tell everyone the correct way to pronounce things ;)
You rock!
OH MY GOD, I TOTALLY SAID PANCAKES. That's embarrassing... I suspect it's because I spell it 'pyjamas', and so    when a word starting with 'pa' followed the word 'syrup', my brain filled in the blanks. FAIL...
I noticed this too!!! I was even going to make a really stupid joke about how your accent REALLY messed that word up. Doh.
Haha, totally understandable with the different spellings! And Gina, glad I'm not the only one who noticed this... I didn't see any other comments about this and thought I was just hallucinating.

Kat's nutella eating technique on this auspicious day:
1. Scoop a small, dainty and restrained amount onto a piece of toast - eat and tell myself that is adequate.
2. Fail at self restraint and take said spoon straight to the jar
3. Eat.

On News. Of the exciting variety:

Best. Librarian. Inspirations. Ever. Someday, we will meet in person when you are a librarian, we will drink, and we can reenact that scene from the Mummy and it will be true. :D

On Dear High School Me:

I'm sorry girl, BUT SOME OF THESE CLOTHES! :)

You are a brave soul for posting high school pictures because I am mortified by mine.


On Ancient History Volume III:

All I can think about after reading this post is how complicated making a pie is anyway, let alone making a pie while plastered.

It's amazing that kid didn't set himself on fire.

On Canberra bound:

I read the title and was all, "SHE'S GOING BACK?" Now that I know it is voluntary and you are not in fact kidnapped, have fun!


On Movie Mondays: Mean Girls:

Here's the reason I went to see Mean Girls in the first place:

You know that scene where Regina George tells that random girl, "Oh my gosh, I love your skirt." and then turns to Cady and is all "That is the ugliest effing skirt I've ever seen in my life." ?

I did that. I remember doing that exact thing to girls at school ALL. THE. TIME.

"Cute shirt? Is it new?"
"Yeah, it is!"
"Super cute."
*walk away*
"What kind of loser wears a sequined top with khakis?"

Or many, many variations on the same theme. So, to sum up, the reason I first wanted to see Mean Girls is also the reason I'm going to hell.

On Canberra shenanigans Part 1:

Oh my gosh I love you and hate you all at once. I am SO SO SO glad that someone else notices the chicken tree. I always point this out to peeps when I am driving into or out of Melbourne. Yay for Chicken Tree!!!


Your blog really should carry a "NSFPWSP" label - "Not Safe for People with Submarine Phobias". I was so excited at this moment we were sharing over chicken tree and then BAM! I go into shock as that nasty piece of Holbrook leaps out at me. Argh! (OK i don't really hate you, just Holbrook. And not really Holbrook, just that piece of Holbrook). The bakery next to the servo makes a cracking pie by the way.

I really want a memorial torpedo now.

On Abandon Ship!:

Hahah the title of this post is definitely appropriate. Very very concerning. Perhaps the author was drunk (and also the publisher)!?

I was expecting the worst... but this is like the publishing apocalypse. Maybe it was a staff ghostwriter who they only had to pay a few hundy to whack out an entire book in a week? This is seriously the only explanation I can think of for an atrocity like this!

Clearly you don't understand archaeologists. They're all Indiana Jones and know everything about everyone, no exception. They not only specialise in Meso-American archaeology and Egyptology, but they do everything else! Duh.

(Note: I hate when people think archaeologists automatically know everything about everyone. Then again, I get that with linguistics. "So you know a lot of languages?" Clearly I know 100 languages and can compare/contrast them perfectly. What the hell, no. I KNOW THREE.)

i love the word juxtaposition and I think I used it in nearly every essay in college

On Movie Mondays: Ocean's Eleven:

This movie has some of the best lines ever. Even as a remake (though, I wouldn't call it that because the only thing that's essentially the same between the old and new one is "Hi, I'm a heist movie"), it's just ridiculously good. I love it so much.

Also, I love Shaobo Qin so much. His role is just amazingly hilarious, especially when he's trying to get the bandaged hand out of the door before it explodes. SO ADORABLE.

On Favourite Photos of 2011: Volume 2:

Oh, aspens - they're so pretty. And you know they're basically one organism because all the roots are connected. It's the second largest organism in the world after the great barrier reef :)

Thanks for making me laugh hysterically in the past month (and Deidre - thanks for that fascinating and nerdy factoid at the end!! <3), you guys. I love you all to death.

If you want to join in, you can link up here.

K xx


  1. Any sister in law used to run horseback riding tours in CO and I'd be like "a second guide" and ride along in the back and basically tell the same fact on every ride :)

    I love the comment carnival :) It's such a great way to give shout outs.

    1. It really is!! And that sounds like it would have gotten incredibly annoying after a while...

  2. OMG I made the list. TWICE. Thank you for making my Thursday morning. :D And we WILL re-enact the scene from the Mummy someday. Maybe that's what the memorial torpedo will be for. To remember that epic moment.

    1. YES. A memorial torpedo is definitely required to commemorate such an epic event!

  3. Oh. My. Gosh.

    I am a blog stalking weirdo.

    1. A blog stalking weirdo who leaves hilarious comments. And that makes everything okay. ;)


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