Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Favourite photos of 2011: Volume 2

Yesterday, I forked out $125 for a single textbook. Thankfully, it's the ONLY textbook for my entire Masters degree, so I guess it could be worse? Anyway, having to put that sizeable a dent in my savings on something so unexciting made me want to look at pretty things that are free.

And so I give you my favourite photos from last year: Natural Environment Edition.

January - Cliffs at Cape Bridgewater, Victoria

July - Nice dead tree on Mount Lofty, near Melbourne
Sometimes, you just need to make things monochrome.
I'm pretty sure I could fill an entire art gallery with just the pictures of dead trees that I have on my hard drive. I'm kind of a little bit obsessed with them... (See also: metal statue of dead tree in Part 1 of this series!!)

August - Sunset from the John Hancock Observatory, Chicago
I elbowed a small child out of the way for this shot.

September - Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs
Complete with insane rock climbers, if you look closely enough!

September - Part way up Pikes Peak, Colorado
It seems kind of Bronte-esque, to me

September - Seven Falls, Colorado

September - Central Park, New York
This is currently my desktop background

September - Guanella Pass, Colorado

September - Aspen trees on the Peak to Peak Highway, Colorado
This was the most amazing sea of trees I've ever seen

Which is your favourite? Does anyone else like dead trees as much as me? And do you know why textbooks are so sodding expensive??

K xx


  1. Dead trees make for fantastic photographs! The one in your photograph is a particularly spectacular example of one, too.

    1. I went on fieldwork with a museum photographer at work a few years back. I was thrilled when he understood the whole dead trees obsession!

  2. Love the photos! Particularly the first one, because I love being near the sea. I went to Garden of the Gods a few years ago, but I missed out on seeing anyone daring to climb the rocks - I think I was more concerned by the "beware of snakes" sign I spotted!

    1. Oh man, I didn't see any signs like that!! Probably a good thing, really... I couldn't believe how high the guys who were rock climbing went. I tend to get about 5m off the ground and have a small freak out.

  3. Oh, aspens - they're so pretty. And you know they're basically one organism because all the roots are connected. It's the second largest organism in the world after the great barrier reef :)

    1. Huh. That's very very cool. And explains a LOT about why there was such a big clump of them together!!

  4. I love the yellow trees!

    I remember one particular textbook that cost greater than $200, and was superseded the next year so I couldn't even sell it :-(

    1. Well that's crap... I hate when they do that!! And thanks :)


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