Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Canberra shenanigans, Part 2

If you missed Part 1, it's here. If you've forgotten what happened, Paulie and I drove to Canberra. We stopped at ridiculous sights along the way. I made a Fruit Tingles cake, which was universally declared to be awesome, and then I made a Firefly reference about a cloud and everyone thought I was crazy.

Oh, and this is what I made Matt for his birthday. I meant to include this picture last time and forgot:
Punny, no?

Anyway, on the Sunday, we pottered about the place doing dishes and generally cleaning up from the party  while Paulie went mountain biking at Mount Stromlo because he's much more of a morning person than the rest of us are.

In the afternoon, we went to the Handwritten exhibition at the National Library. Drop what you're doing this minute, go to Canberra, and SEE THAT EXHIBITION. Because it's awesome. You don't get many chances to see documents written by Einstein, Machiavelli, Galileo, Dickens, Darwin and Florence Nightingale all in the one place. Not to mention handwritten scores by Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and Haydn!  It was pretty crowded, but we still got to see every single object up close and personal. Sample conversations?

Paulie: Who the hell is Schliemann?
Me and Matt: He discovered Troy!

Paulie: Wouldn't it be nice if you could actually READ these things?
Me: [stares at Dickens' letter] "My Dear Mrs Cattermole, I have just received your three notes together. I answer them very briefly for I am only in town to day..."
Paulie: Show off.

Indeed. (In case you're curious, they have full transcriptions available online. I didn't actually memorise the letter from Charles Dickens!)

After the exhibition, we took a wee jaunt up Mount Ainslie, but ran away very quickly before the quite obvious storm decided to break:

And then we went out for Turkish food. I got so excited about the zucchini puffs (kabak mucver) that I did a happy dance in my chair and everyone thought I was crazy. You know, just for a change... But what can I say? I loves me some zucchini puffs!

Monday proved to be quite exciting, starting with inadvertently locking the car keys in the house. Luckily, it turned out that we hadn't locked the door properly, so it was more of a hypothetical panic than a real panic. We headed to the museum, where Paulie looked around and I hung out with some of my ex-work besties and caught up on six months worth of gossip, before doing a quick run around the gallery saying hello to all my objects. And cleaning showcases with my shirt, because apparently I'm incapable of not doing that...

After a bite of lunch, we headed to Parliament House where I neglected to take any photos because I was feeling lazy. It looked much the same as it always does, unsurprisingly! From there, we headed over to the War Memorial. It was slightly rushed because we were trying to cram the whole place into about an hour and a half. But I think we made it through everything that Paulie wanted to see, along with the added bonus of being there for the closing ceremony.

Bugler playing The Last Post at the Memorial closing ceremony

Then came the super exciting part of the day. We headed over to Tongue & Groove to meet up with Vanisha and Louise. And it was so lovely to finally meet them both! I mean, how can you go wrong with bloggy friends, cider and $5 tapas?? ALL AROUND WIN. (And if you go to Tongue & Groove, I highly recommend the southwest chicken tapas! Also, the pizookies are AMAZEBALLS, from past experience)

From there, we headed to the supermarket to get some stuff for dinner. And it wasn't until we were going through the self serve checkout that I remembered that plastic bags are now banned in the ACT. So we got to walk through the Canberra Centre juggling the following because they don't sell the reusable bags at the self serve checkouts:

  • 2 bags of rigatoni
  • A large red capsicum
  • A bag of baby spinach
  • Half a butternut pumpkin
  • A packet of chicken
  • A punnet of cherry tomatoes
  • A jar of basil pesto
  • A bag of romano cheese
  • A tub of Belgian chocolate ice cream
  • A bunch of asparagus
And I was in three inch heels, and had to walk down a non-moving travellator. Fun times all round! O.o 

The next morning, we threw all the stuff back in the car and bid farewell to Canberra. One of the cats decided that my bag looked interesting and tried to come with us:
Oh, hai... I can haz trip to Melbourne?

The drive back wasn't particularly exciting - I mean, we'd seen all the spectacular sights on the way up!! - other than that the bag of jelly snakes we'd brought with us had melted into a giant blob in the back of the car, and I had to rip it into chunks before we could eat them. There was one disgustingly memorable moment in which we got stuck behind a truck carrying some kind of sewage. Paulie thought I'd farted (uh, thanks??) and not said anything. I thought there was a massively stinky dead kangaroo somewhere nearby, and that it was coming through the air conditioning system. But no. Sewage truck of chokingly awful stenches. 

And that about sums things up, really. What more could you want from a long weekend than good friends, good cider, delicious cake, awesome historical documents and entertaining stories to tell?!

K xx


  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Canberra is a pretty great place to visit, I went there recently too and did all that kind of thing, I loved it!

    1. It was a fun trip, but it was weird being back in Canberra after living there for so long. I knew how to get places, but had forgotten all the street names!

  2. That exhibition sounds cool! I've only ever been to Canberra once for a primary school trip, and so Parliament wasn't all that exciting for me. We did go to Questacon though, which seemed pretty fun at the time.

    1. Questacon still seems pretty fun. But the entry fee is rather exorbitant, and we were short on time, hence the not going. Parliament isn't that exciting full stop, unless you're there on a sitting day!

  3. It was so wonderful meeting you. I'm going back to T&G on Monday, loved the Chicken as well. That was sooo good! Hope you visit again soon :)

    1. I'll try to, but funding is likely to be a problem now that I'm back at uni! :(

  4. I've heard good things about the handwritten/writing? exhibition :)

    Sounds like a great trip :)!

    1. It was seriously good - totally worth the trip just for that, regardless of all the other awesome stuff that we crammed into the weekend!

  5. Love the pic of the poppies - it's beautiful.

    Huzzah for awesome weekends away with friends!

    1. Thanks! I was glad I finally had the chance to take photos of the memorial wall with my prime lens rather than my kit 18-55mm!

      And huzzah indeed!! :)


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