Thursday, February 16, 2012

Canberra bound

First thing tomorrow morning, I'll be getting in a car and driving the 652 kilometres (according to Google) from my house to Em and Matt's place in Canberra. Okay, FINE. I won't be doing any of the driving, which isn't surprising considering I don't have a driver's licence. I *will*, however, be keeping Paulie well stocked with candy and chocolate and barbeque shapes while he drives to Canberra. (Also? I'm going back to Canberra voluntarily. I KNOW. I never thought it would happen either!)

So basically? I'll be back from Canberra on Tuesday afternoon, and won't be blogging while I'm there because I'm not taking my laptop with me. But don't fret - I've scheduled Movie Monday to keep you entertained in my absence!! ;)

Hope y'all have great weekends :)

K xx


  1. I read the title and was all, "SHE'S GOING BACK?" Now that I know it is voluntary and you are not in fact kidnapped, have fun!


  2. Enjoy Canberra! I'm sad I couldn't schedule my trip to Canberra when you scheduled yours - imagine the fun we could be having :) le sigh.

  3. You're coming to real Canberran weather! Can't wait for our blogger meet up!

  4. From this post it sounds like you escaped Canberra and now live in Melbourne. This is on my list of things to do- LOL.

    I'm running a giveaway over at my blog, and I'd love you to enter: Jewellery Giveaway!


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