Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blog comment carnival

Jessica over at Faith Permeating Life has come up with a genius idea, highlighting a blogger's favourite comments over the past month. Because blogs are nothing without readers and comments. So here's me, jumping on the band wagon and celebrating all of you and the hilarious/awesome things you said during January!

On my post about New Year's Eve:

Kiwi boys are gross. I grew up with them almost exclusively and can therefore give you a truly valid and accurate opinion. Although if you hadn't seen the gross Kiwi boy's junk then you wouldn't have had this AWESOME NEW YEARS STORY


I spent new years on the plane with a woman who kept shouting down "10 minutes to new years" while I tried to sleep. And also a 3 year old boy needed to get up to pee during taxi-ing for take off and the flight attendent wouldn't let him and so his mom had him pee in a doritos bag.

On my post about a 12 year old boy thinking I was Kim Kardashian:

Well next Halloween gets some spray tanner with a nice orange hue, flat iron the crap out of your hair, find very short dress and BAM Halloween costume!
Once I was told I looked like Lindsay Lohen, and I was like thank you, I'm so glad to know when people see me they say now where have I seen that skanky coke head before..? Lol

On my Movie Monday post about That Thing You Do:

This movie made me want to be a drummer. I have done nothing to accomplish said goal. Parents wouldn't buy me a drum set.

On my post about going to the cricket:
Anonymous [aka my brother, C]
Dear sister,

You forgot the fielding position "silly point".

Also, I can take you to a one dayer next month if you're free so that shomozzle doesn't have to count. Also we can sit in the members n I can drink full strength beer like a big boy.

Ahhh, cricket. I actually kind of get into it now but much like Aussie Rules I sometimes need some help with the more obscure rules or just scream randomly "WHY IS THAT LIKE THAT!"

And then IC says something that he thinks is English but is clearly not and we all go about our business again.

On my post about the first cake I ever made:
A cake mix box that becomes the cake tin? That's...BRILLIANT!!!

My daughter got an Easy Bake Oven for her 7th birthday. For a product called an Easy Bake Oven, designed to be used by young children, it was surprisingly difficult to work out how to use it without reading the Instructions. (Come on! I'm a guy! :P)

We finally got everything set up and used two of the packets to bake two cookies, which took about 30 minutes. 30 minutes!!! To bake TWO cookies!!!

So I taught her how to use the microwave to cook/bake the cookies ;)

On my Movie Monday post about The Mummy:

Oh thank goodness I'm not the only person who thought that The Mummy was awkwardly considerate for an evil man. "I'm leaving now, but I will close your shutter/door/window/whatever!" WHAT?

PS: Rachel Weisz is 90% of why I still haven't watched The Mummy 3. I cannot believe they replaced her; I would've just not made the movie.

On my post about making a filled lemon poppyseed cake:
Clearly the major success of this baking adventure was a BEAUTIFULLY EVEN FILLING LAYER, unlike your previous attempts (or so your doodle leads me to believe.)

On my post about Dessert Day #2:

Hold the phone, there's a World Nutella Day?!?!

(It's this Sunday, if anyone's curious!)

On my Movie Monday post about Priscilla, Queen of the Desert:
Okay, I had no idea that Guy Pearce was in that movie!!! I havent' seen it in like decades (like, literally a decade, seeing as I'm OLD AS SHIT now!!), but I DO know that soundtrack by heart... It birthed my incredible hatred for the song "Take a Letter, Maria", which is the only song I disliked. Yay for us!

On my post about the insane people at my gym:
The Competitor: He gets on the cardio machine next to you, checks to see what setting you're on then sets his machine one higher. His goal is to still be going when you're done although he inevitably stops a minute or so later.

The Machine Hog: Even though the gym is packed and people are lined up waiting to use equipment, even though signs are posted in numerous places throughout the gym, the Machine Hogs ignore the "30-minutes per machine" rule and hog "their" cardio machine for an hour or more. Some will reset the timer at 30-minute intervals, while others take a 5-minute break after half an hour, leaving their towel, water bottle, book, etc. on "their" machine.

The non-Exerciser (a sub-class of the Machine Hog): They're the ones who "work out" for 5-minutes on a machine, then (leaving their gear behind, water bottle, towel, etc.) will go use the bathroom, get a drink from the water fountain, walk around the gym, etc., before returning to their machine for another 5-minute workout, followed by another 5-minute break.

You'll also sometimes see the body builder/weight-lifters doing this, leaving their sweaty towel on a bench or weight machine while they go for a walk. Sometimes they'll even just sit on a machine, staring off into space or talking to a friend. They're usually big, buff guys so they do workout, they're just not doing so right now. To be honest, I've never actually asked if I could use their machine (they're big, and scary) so maybe I'm just stereotyping them. Maybe they'd actually be very courteous, and not only would they let me use the machine but they'd give me pointers and make sure I'm doing the exercises the right way.

And finally, a stacked comment from my post about my awesome new design:
Wibbly wobbly timey wimey bluey greeny mappy dappy. Thanks for the shout out lovely <3 It was so much fun designing for you!

Also, I think I heard the TARDIS last night in the alley by our building. I may have been dreaming.

Melbourne on my mind
I really hope you weren't dreaming. Because that would be awesome. Although I think I hear the TARDIS every time our fridge's motor kicks in. Stupid fridge, crushing my dreams on a daily basis...

I heard it again. Turned out it was a road sweeper having bristle rotation issues. Sadface.
(Don't ask me why the font is formatted weirdly and in a multitude of different ways on the links to people's profiles...)

So thanks for making me laugh and feel relieved that I'm not the only weird one, and for reassuring me that I don't bear any resemblance to Kim Kardashian. Here's to another month of awesomeness from you guys!

Also, if you want to join in, you can link up here!

K xx


  1. HAHAHAHA, I loved this seriously. The variety of comments leads me to believe one of two things. 1. Your readers are just silly or b. you're just silly. or i. We're all silly.

    No matter what, I enjoy it.

    1. Perhaps a combination of all three? I'm now convinced that my blog needs one of those tacky workplace mugs that says "You don't have to be mad to work here. But it helps." ;)

  2. I LOVE the new blog layout! Your background is particularly beautiful. Your New Years Eve post was my favorite, and the comments were hilarious too!

    1. Thanks!! It's all courtesy of the lovely Kim :) And yes, my New Year's adventures were fairly epic!

  3. Thanks for linking up! These all cracked me up!

  4. I LOVE THAT I FEATURE TWICE. Heh. Although my brain is failing to come up with a genius nugget of higher brain function wisdom, so you will have to be content with my shameless narcissism.

  5. It's okay - if you'd seen the guys who were likening you to Kim Kardashian you probably wouldn't have paid any heed at all. For starters, they were wearing tracksuit pants with stripes down the sides. Not that there's anything wrong with that... at the gym, or if you're doing your shopping at 2am with a sleepless infant!

    (plus, regardless of what **we** think of Kim Kardashian, plenty of men seem to find her attractive... so it was probably intended a compliment...?)



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