Thursday, January 5, 2012


Well. Today has been kind of an interesting day filled with unexpected stuff. I got up this morning to find out that the 20SB Bootleg award finalists have been released. This is always a fun time of year, because I love giving some recognition to my favourite fellow 20SBers! But this time? I want to say an ENORMOUS thank you, because I'm nominated for "Blogger I'd most like to get a drink with"!! It's such a huge honour to be nominated, especially when I'm up against such amazing people as Sweeney and Miss Sassy Pants. So thank you to anyone who nominated me. And eternal love and never ending hugs to anyone who votes for me!! (If you're a member of 20SB and you want to vote for me (<3), you can do so here)

Then this afternoon, Ness and I went to the movies. We had lunch beforehand, and while walking through the food court, a 12 year old boy watched me walk past, then turned to his friend and said "Oh my God, I think that was Kim Kardashian!"


In what universe do I look like Kim Kardashian?!

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:
Kim Kardashian. Also, source

Yeah... I got nothing. Well, besides the fact that we both have spectacular racks... (Also? I actually Google Image'd Kim Kardashian for these purposes. THE THINGS I DO FOR YOU GUYS.)

Has anyone else been compared to someone they don't bear even the slightest resemblance to?!

K xx


  1. Oh boys are useless & even more useless pre-puberty. He probably think all brunettes look the same ...
    Congrats on your awesome nomination! I saw the award nomination email tonight & will definately go vote for you 😃

  2. I was once told- very emphatically- that I looked just like Angie Harmon:
    <a href='""> Angie Harmon</a>

    EH? Not so much.

    PS- I deleted my first comment so I could add the link. Sorry for the confusion.

  3. And now the link looks like HTML garbage. Sorry. That's as good as it gets today.

  4. I think you should show your rack off more, though. *cough* Clearly, I say this as the spinster-with-dogs-friend that I am. *nods*

  5. Well next Halloween gets some spray tanner with a nice orange hue, flat iron the crap out of your hair, find very short dress and BAM Halloween costume!
    Once I was told I looked like Lindsay Lohen, and I was like thank you, I'm so glad to know when people see me they say now where have I seen that skanky coke head before..? Lol

  6. I used to get mistaken for Christina Aguilera quite a lot, to the point that a few people asked if they could take a picture with me.. pretty annoying!(I don't think I look anything like her aside from being skinny and blonde.)

    However my step-dad really does look exactly like Rod Stewert.

  7. I totally see the resemblence. You don't? OKay, I lie. Maybe ya'll are (at least) hand twins? (FRIENDS reference)

    And congrats. Hope you win :)

  8. Well, I've been told I look Brazilian (even though I have pale. pale skin and freckles). Didn't really get that one.

    congrats on your bootleg nomination!!! so fun.

  9. Well, this is defs Kiwi specific, but I've been told I'm like the Briscoes Lady AKA Tammy Wells, a woman who has been advertising the same company here for over 20 years.

    Tammy Wells


    You know, because there is such a fine line between wholesome and hot mess.

  10. @Elegantly Academic - excellent point! And thank you :)
    @Gina - oh very dear... And I can deal with the HTML garbage!
    @Nikki - The comparisons between me and her would probably sky rocket if I did... Although perhaps David Tennant would fall madly in love with me. So I should really investigate that! ;)
    @Annie - Hahaha, oh dear...
    @Celeste - oh jeez, that must have been really annoying!
    @Ti - hand twins would certainly explain it! And thank you :)
    @Hannah - that's even weirder than (incredibly pasty) me apparently looking like (Armenian) Kim Kardashian!
    @Kim - seriously??? I hope you punched whoever said that. Because they deserve it. <3

  11. People quite often mistake me for a man... does that count?


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