Wednesday, January 11, 2012

101 in 1001 #70

On Saturday night, I crossed something else off my Day Zero list: I went to a cricket match at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground). It's been a really long time since I went to the MCG for anything - all the football games I've been to in recent years have been at Etihad Stadium, and I can't even remember the last time I went to the cricket! So when my brother asked if I wanted to go to the 20/20 game between the Melbourne Stars and the Melbourne Renegades, I figured it was an excellent opportunity to cross something else off the list.

[Okay, America. Here's your possibly inaccurate crash course in cricket. Watch this ridiculously dated video for starters:

So. The first thing you need to know is that the two innings per team thing only applies in test cricket. A test match lasts up to five days. There are food breaks and tea breaks. Everyone wears white, goes home for a nice sleep at the end of the day, and picks up where they left off the next morning.

Then there's limited overs cricket, which was introduced when it became apparent that people could no longer afford to take days and days off work during the week to go to the cricket. So they created one day cricket, where each team has 50 overs (1 over = six balls) to try and score as many runs as possible. And finally, a few years ago, 20/20 cricket was created, where each team has 20 overs to try and score as many runs as possible.

Basically, 20/20 goes for about 4 hours, one day cricket goes for 8 hours, and test match cricket goes for 5 days. And there are weirdly named fielding positions like 'silly mid-on' and 'square leg' and 'deep cover' and 'third man'. If you have questions, let me know and I'll ask my dad for the answers direct you to Wikipedia try and answer them as best I can1]

ANYINSANELYLONGTANGENT, we went to a 20/20 game at the MCG. As C and most of his friends are MCC members, we were going to get me a guest ticket and we'd sit in the members' reserve. But when we got there, we realised that one of the guys wasn't wearing a collared shirt. So no entry to the members' for us, because they have ever so slightly bonkers strict dress codes. So we ended up in general admission ("with the PLEBS!!", as my brother kept saying in a mock horrified tone). Which was fine by me, because it was $5 cheaper.

We ended up with pretty good seats (they're not allocated), considering we got there about 5 minutes before the game started. The Melbourne Stars (who were the home team - Melbourne Renegades are based at Etihad Stadium) batted first, and got off to a pretty good start. C neglected to mention to me that whenever the home team scored a 4 or a 6, fireworks and fireballs were set off. I don't know why he didn't tell me - that would have been a much more compelling argument than "Shane Warne's playing!".

This has officially gotten way wordier than I was planning. Long story short, the game was rained out, we wound up on the big screen at the MCG, the Melbourne Stars won, and my telephoto lens came along for the ride:
I'm pretty sure it should be a rule that cameramen have to ride Segways now

Luke Wright batting

Luke Wright batting

Me and 40,000 of my closest friends

David Hussey batting

I have no idea who this is. FAIL.

Someone had clearly just scored a 4, resulting in fireballs. WHEEEEEE!!!

David Hussey bowling

Warnie bowling

Who else spent the summers of their childhood being confused by the menfolk spending days at a time crowded around the television??

K xx


  1. I would actually wager that 20/20 doesn't count as real cricket & you're going to have to re-do your 101.
    Can you tell I'm not a fan of this 20/20 rubbish that's clearly created to cater to the less, er, able to appreciate the intricacies of one-day & test cricket?

  2. Yeah, I know... I was actually sitting there going "Does this really count as cricket? Because with the fireworks and the random music and the clapping along, it seems more like baseball..."

    I'll probably go to a day nighter at some point still within the time limit. But in case I don't, this is better than nothing! ;)

  3. Dear sister,

    You forgot the fielding position "silly point".

    Also, I can take you to a one dayer next month if you're free so that shomozzle doesn't have to count. Also we can sit in the members n I can drink full strength beer like a big boy.


  4. Ahhh, cricket. I actually kind of get into it now but much like Aussie Rules I sometimes need some help with the more obscure rules or just scream randomly "WHY IS THAT LIKE THAT!"

    And then IC says something that he thinks is English but is clearly not and we all go about our business again.

  5. I love watching cricket! I've never actually watched 20/20, though I'm inclined to agree with Risha ;-)

    They aren't really into cricket in NZ. I don't even think they screen it on (free-to-air) TV. Sigh.

  6. A ha ha! I loved this post! A non-cricket fa trying to explain cricket, love it!

    Um, although I am not sure what you mean by '...apparent that people could no longer afford to take days and days off work during the week to go to the cricket'..myself and a large group of my friends take large chunks of leave off every year to see the cricket around the country, and then even overseas. I went to Sri Lanka last year, and just booked my West Indies trip for this year!

    Nonetheless, I love that you went to the cricket, even if it was that abomination that is the Big Bash! Looks like your brother still has some work to do! Ha!

  7. C - I can't be expected to remember all the cricketing positions! I had to look up the ones I listed on Wikipedia to make sure they were real and not something I'd absorbed from the Twelfth Man!! One dayer sounds good though.
    Deidre - I've been watching AFL every winter since 1995 (and a few before that, but it was broken up with living overseas), and I STILL don't understand most of the rules. I just yell at the players when they kick to a player on the other team by mistake. Seems to do the trick!
    @Kat - Really? That seems very odd, considering NZ is a Commonwealth country and all... I do enjoy cricket, just in fairly limited doses!
    @Tash - I got that from an article I read recently. It said that the drop in attendance numbers during the 1960s and 1970s led to the popularisation of one day cricket. I imagine they were talking more about the "Yeah, sure. I'll come to the cricket." fans like me, rather than the Barmy Army type fans!! The West Indies sounds awesome, even if it is to watch cricket ;)


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