Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A monumental occasion

Today, I went over to the lovely Deidre's house for a very special event - our first inaugural Dessert Day. The idea of Dessert Day came up in the comments of this post, and we've been trying to work out the logistics since then.

If you follow either of us on Twitter (which you really should do, because we're freaking AWESOME), you're probably aware of all of this, because we've been jumping up and down with excitement about it ALL week.

So this morning, I went to the supermarket for supplies, then headed over to Deidre's. She met me at the train station, and we walked back to her place from there. On the walk, this happened:
UNICEF charity mugger: Hi ladies! How are you today?
Me: *polite non-committal smile*
UNICEF charity mugger: What are your names?
Deidre: No time!! We have important things to do! It's DESSERT DAY!!!!
UNICEF charity mugger: Dessert day? Well, that's a new one...
Me and Deidre: *hysterical laughter*

That pretty much set the tone for the day. There was much laughter and tasty treats and watching Ellen. And quite a bit of mess. Which we neglected to clean up before taking photos, because we were too excited. Also, we didn't take photos during the production process. Sorry...

We made vanilla bean ice cream:

And raspberry macarons with dark chocolate raspberry ganache filling:

It was all delicious, although the macarons were more like meringue than macaron. Very odd. I blame the recipe. Because CLEARLY our amazing baking abilities were not to blame here! But at the end of the day, who really cares? Because they were delicious.

I have a feeling that Dessert Day may turn into a regular event - a time for all those recipes that you've always wanted to make, but have never been able to brave doing alone. The next instalment may well involve crème brûlée. And a screening of While You Were Sleeping.

K xx


  1. If I was going to write a recipe for an awesome day it would read much like this post:

    1 awkward encounter on the street
    macarons masquerading as meringues

    Whisk until giggles occur. Voila!

  2. While You Were Sleeping is totally win. Looking forward to the next lot of dessert food porn. :D

  3. Once every 28 days, I have dessert day for a week.'s unfortunate.

  4. I want Dessert Day! And I want your desserts, too - they look great!

    Shame I have nobody to cook with... I'd have to cook AND eat it all myself ;-)

  5. In awe of your mad skills – macarons and ice-cream! Wow, they both look mouth-wateringly delicious!

  6. Sounds like an amazing day, I might have to steal this idea :)

  7. @Deidre - you left out the cheese.
    @mustbethrifty - it really is. Also, wheeeeeeee food porn!
    @JUST ME - right there with you.
    @Kat - they were nommy. And that would be most unfortunate/awesome!
    @Vanisha - we are, aren't we? ;)
    @Meghan - the macarons really aren't as hard as you'd think to make. At least not if you don't really care what they look like!!
    @Monica - seriously, it was awesome. You should totally steal it!


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