Tuesday, December 13, 2011

30 Days of Photography - Day 12

Contrary to what it might seem, I haven't actually forgotten about the 30 Day Photography Challenge. The theme for day 12 is 'sunset'. So for the past ten days, I've been trying to remind myself to head out with the camera just before sunset. And every single day, I've either forgotten or it's been raining/cloudy/miserable. And tonight we're going out for dinner because it's my dad's birthday.

So just this once, I'm going to cheat and delve into the archives instead.

Taken with my crappy point and shoot in Flores, Guatemala in June 2008. If I remember correctly, I was with my BFF Sara - who I'd known for about 24 hours at that point - and we were on our way to get ice cream. Aww. Good times...

K xx


  1. Great shot :-)
    Hope you enjoy dinner.

  2. Crappy point-and-shoots can still take great photos.

    When people say "Great photo, what camera do you use?" You're supposed to say, "Do you tell a baker what great cookies she made, and then ask what oven she used?" A good photographer can make most anything work for them :)


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