Saturday, December 3, 2011

30 Days of Photography - Day 11

So I spent the first two days of December alternating between "Wheeeeeeee, I don't have to blog today!" and "Wait, what did I *do* before I started NaBloPoMo???" I still don't know the answer to that question.

Anyway. Today's theme was 'something blue'. Obviously, if I had my way, there'd be a photo of me standing outside the TARDIS. Alas...

Instead, I present you with something that might be considered more purple than blue. But it's pretty and it's how you know that it's the start of summer in Melbourne:

The jacaranda trees start blooming. It doesn't last long, but it's one of the things I missed when I lived in Canberra. For some reason, no one has jacarandas up there. SO inconsiderate...

K xx


  1. Well the sky is blue in the pic anyway haha. There's a big jacaranda tree at uni that starts blooming right around exam time, so everyone takes it as a sign to panic. I still think it's pretty though :)

  2. That's gorgeous. I haven't noticed any jacaranda trees here either, that's a shame. I just posted my last lot of photos for this series, the month sure has gone by quickly! (Thanks for putting me onto this challenge!)

  3. As noted above, the sky is blue anyway! It's a very summery photo.

    I love jacaranda - partially because it's purple, and partially because it means CHRISTMAS!

    We don't seem to have them here, but we have pohutukawa instead. Perhaps I should do a post on NZ's version of Christmas trees?

  4. @Lozzz - there's a bunch of trees like that at ANU. But they create some kind of weird fluff that falls all over the campus. So when the fluff starts falling, that's when people panic!
    @Vanisha - Apparently jacaranda trees don't like frost, which would explain why they're aren't any in Canberra!
    @Kat - I just looked up jacarandas on Wikipedia, and apparently the species that's usually cultivated is called the Blue Jacaranda, so I'm calling that acceptable ;) And yes, you should definitely do a post about that!

  5. We've got a jacaranda tree outside our house, it is so beautiful but unfortunately right where we park our car and so our car gets covered in its droppings which is rather messy.

  6. Maybe you can enlighten me, why is TARDIS all caps? Also, I had a roommate (whom I disliked), who's last name is Tardis. I bet she has a lot of Dr. Who fans and she doesn't realize why.

  7. @Marita - well that sucks! Ruins all the pretty when you know that it's going to make a mess of your car...
    @Lauren - it's an acronym. It stands for 'Time and Relative Dimension in Space'. Hence the caps! And that's awesome. I would stalk the hell out of someone who's surname was Tardis!!

  8. Ah makes sense. Yeah, too bad she's a biotch who was the most controlling roommate ever who would try to spend my money by coming home with some household item and telling me how much I owed her.

  9. Beautiful photo. Something blue always reminds me of the TARDIS now too though :)


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