Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Roadtrip to Boston - the "Wheeee, internet strangers!!" edition

Our last morning in New York, we met Sara for breakfast at a nearby café. In honour of New York, I had a bagel with cream cheese. I also had a hot chocolate, which I had to ask for THREE times before I finally received it. Harrumph. After breakfast, we headed back to the hotel to check out and grab our luggage. For some reason, the road our hotel was on had been closed off by the police. I think there was something going on at the UN? At least, the presence of the UN representative for the Solomon Islands in the elevator at the hotel seemed to indicate that! 

Anyway, upon checking out, I asked if it would be possible for us to get a taxi. The bellhop made this face at us: 

We must have looked extra pathetic in response, because he walked us down a couple of blocks to a street that wasn't blocked off and hailed us a cab. The driver was clearly slightly bonkers, because he saw the bellhop at the last minute, swerved over to the side of the road a couple of hundred metres away, and then reversed up the street to us. I believe the bellhop said "Good luck!" when we got in... 

The trip to Penn Station was...interesting. And surprisingly cheap. New York may be insanely expensive, but the taxis are dirt cheap compared to taxis here. I think it was less than $10 to get us half way across Manhattan, including pretty terrible traffic. So sure, there was lots of deranged lane changing and we may nearly have died once or twice. But we got there way quicker than by subway, and for about the same price! 

At Penn Station, we bid a sad farewell to Sara. It was a little like this:
(Hey look - Day TWO of NaBloPoMo, and I've already resorted to David Tennant/Doctor Who GIFS. This does not bode well for the rest of the month. Also, YOU'RE WELCOME.)

Only with slightly more running for the train involved because there turned out to be a massive flight of stairs through the door that we thought led straight to the platform... We made the train with about a minute to spare, and then had to rather awkwardly try and cram ourselves and our suitcases into a seat. And rather pointlessly, as we got off at the first stop - Secaucus Junction, New Jersey. There, we were to meet the lovely Lauren. Hurrah for meeting random strangers that you know through the internet at a train station in New Jersey!! (It's okay, Mum. I'm still alive, remember?) We had about 15 minutes sitting around the station before Lauren texted to say she was almost there. 

Kat: So where are we meeting Lauren?
Me: Downstairs in the pick up point.
Kat: And what does her car look like?
Me: Um. No idea.
Kat: And what does SHE look like?
Me: Oh! That one I can do, because we're friends on Facebook. She's skinny and has long dark hair.
Kat: Well, that's descriptive...
Me: I know, right? I'd make the BEST police witness of ever!

Thankfully, Secaucus Junction had a limited supply of skinny girls with long dark hair waiting around. Especially skinny girls with long dark hair who have Team Coco stickers on their cars. 

And so began our roadtrip to Boston. After a wrong turn or two through Brooklyn small scenic detour that had Lauren and I yelling "DID I MISS 60B???" because we're cool like that (bonus points if you get that reference), we hit the open road. The trip was filled with getting to know each other, and laughing hysterically about absolutely nothing, and quoting random movies and TV shows. Oh, and Lauren telling me that a mutual blog friend thought for a while that my Twitter handle (@melbsonmymind, if you're not following me yet) was "Mel B's on my mind" and that I'm secretly obsessed with the Spice Girls. Awesome!

We had an incredibly nutritious lunch at McDonald's somewhere in Connecticut, before hitting the road again. The trip seemed to take surprisingly little time for a 350km-odd drive. And if you think we didn't drive Kat slightly insane by making a shit ton of Gilmore Girls references all the way through Connecticut, then you'd be wrong. That totally happened. (Sorry Kat!! <3) We arrived in Cambridge without incident, although there was a moment where we nearly drove through a toll gate without paying. Whoops!  Ahem. Getting to our hotel in Cambridge required a little more driving around in circles. Partly because the turns snuck up on us, partly because the GPS had pronunciation issues. Alewife Brook Parkway got turned into Al-uh-Whiffy Br-oooooh-ke Parkway. Which led to a lot of "Um, WHAT?"-ing and being so busy mocking the GPS that we didn't pay attention to where it had told us to go. 

But eventually, we made it to the hotel and checked in and marvelled at the world's tiniest coffee maker for a while:
Courtesy of Lauren who was so enamoured with it that she took multiple photos of it

An hour or so later, Paulie got back to the hotel - he'd left New York for Boston the day before we did - and we set about working out what we were going to do for the evening. We started out with a little trip to Harvard. Which actually turned into more like a little trip driving around and around and around Harvard looking for a parking spot. After much frustration from all of us and much "OH GOD I'M ON THE DRIVER'S SIDE BUT THERE'S NO PEDALS OR STEERING WHEEL AND I'M ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD" from Paulie (HI PAULIE!), who was in the passenger seat, we found a spot. 

It was almost dark, but we still wandered around and took some photos:

Eventually, hunger got the better of us, and we headed back to the car and off to Harvard Square for dinner. We ended up at a Mexican/Cajun restaurant. There was a dancing crawfish wearing a sombrero on the menus. Seriously. I decided that what I desperately needed to have for dinner was chiles rellenos. They were amazeballs, but holy HELL, you guys. Chiles rellenos is a LOT of cheese for one person to consume... I still feel slightly ill at the thought of how much cheese I consumed that night.

Next up, cold and flu tablets vs me: cold and flu tablets win, ice cream should always be served in tiny hats, and Lauren and I act like nerds. You know, just for a change.

K xx


  1. If you're referring to the hats at fenway, they may be tiny, but MAN They hold a lot of icecream!

  2. My favorite part about picking you up, was that the cabs in Secacus were white instead of yellow, camouflaging my car. Yay for Team Coco stickers :P

  3. This post was so full of humor, loved it! You had me laughing through it all! Sounds like you had a fabulous time - glad you're still alive too ;)

  4. I love these posts. I had so much fun reading this.

  5. I'm really jealous of your attempting the NaBlaPo or whatever it is.

    I thought about it for about, oh, two minutes and then decided LOL. NOT.

    I've had ice cream in a baseball helmet before! Messy. Delicious.

  6. That is a rather cheap car ride. I don't know how many cab rides you took while in NY but it's too bad you didn't end up in the cash cab so that you could be on TV - UNLESS... you did and you just can't talk about it until you air it.
    Where was the picture of what you were wering on day 2??

  7. Deidre - they really really do!
    Lauren - stupid white taxis...
    Vanisha and Lissa - thanks, lovelies!
    Lor - I thought that at first too. And then I went "Eh, why the hell not?" And yes, the ice cream was messy.
    Lynz - Nope, didn't end up in the Cash Cab. That was the one and only taxi we took in New York, and it was driven by a crazy man... Sad, really!


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