Monday, November 14, 2011

Movie Mondays: Hot Fuzz

I have to confess, I have a soft spot for completely ridiculous films. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is one of my favourites. So is this:

Reasons why Hot Fuzz is awesome:
1. Simon Pegg.
2. Nick Frost.
3. Simon Pegg AND Nick Frost.
4. Bill Bailey.
5. Actually, the entire supporting cast. Which includes Martin Freeman, Bill Nighy, Jim Broadbent, and Timothy Dalton.
6. Nicholas Angel's girlfriend in the white crime scene suit at the start? That's CATE BLANCHETT. The guy in the Santa suit who stabs Nicholas in the hand? PETER JACKSON.
7. The Andys. They remind me of Ray and Chris from Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes.
8. The fence jumping scene. I've always wanted to be able to do that.
9. The ridiculous gratuitous violence.
10. The swan.
11. Simon Pegg's facial expressions.
12. Danny knocking out the crazy lady on the bike with his car door.
13. The way it sends up bromance police movies, while simultaneously being one.
14. The montage scene changes.

Plus, the following quotes:
- "Yarp." (Confession - I actually use this all the time)
- "Jog on."
- "Have you ever fired your gun up in the air and gone 'argh'?"
- "The fact is, you've been making us all look bad."
- "Nobody tells me nothing." (Confession - I use this all the time too)
- "You want to be a big copper in a small town? Fuck off up the model village!"
- "That Sergeant Angel's coming into your shop. Get a look at his arrrrrrse."
- "What makes you think it was murrrderrr?"
- "The greater good."
- "I can come back! I can come back and bring the blue fury of the Metropolitan Police with me."

And now the real question: Which do you prefer? Hot Fuzz? Or Shaun of the Dead?

K xx


  1. I can never decide on these movies, half the time I am laughing and the other half I am doing the facepalm..

    There are some good moments :)

  2. Hi from a new reader! :)

    I'd have to go with Hot Fuzz as my choice (although it's a difficult one, without a doubt). It's as though they took all the awesomeness from Shaun of the Dead and amplified it.

  3. I love Hot Fuzz! I saw it in a movie theater all by myself. Like LITERALLY all by myself. No one else was there. AT ALL.

  4. It is a tough one because I do really like Shaun of the Dead, but Hot Fuzz is the winner for me, for all the reasons you mentioned (well except the Cate Blanchett one but only cos I didn't know that)!

  5. Both great movies, but I really love Hot Fuzz. It's a tough one to beat because.. just.. it's too awesome.

  6. You forgot Paul. Seriously.

    I love Simon Pegg, and I was even giddy when I saw him in the episode of Doctor Who. Shut up. :<

  7. @Celeste - they're definitely a bit like that, but the laughing always wins out for me!
    @Katie - Hi! Thanks for stopping by :) And it's definitely a difficult choice.
    @Deidre - I would have assumed I was being punk'd and that a whole bunch of people would burst out of nowhere half way through the film and scare the shit out of me!!
    @Lozzz - I'd always thought she looked familiar, especially once she takes off her glasses. It wasn't until I looked it up on IMDb for some reason that I saw it was her!
    @Sweeney - it really is. I think I'm going to start using "You want to be a big ____ in a small town? Fuck off up the model village." in random situations. MWAHAHAHA!!
    @Nikki - Confession: I squealed and jumped up and down in my chair when Simon Pegg turned up on Doctor Who... THIS IS WHY WE'RE FRIENDS <3

  8. So... never seen it.


  9. I overly enjoyed the Point Break references (shooting your gun in the air and going argh) because I'm a somewhat-closeted Keanu Reeves fan.

  10. I've not seen Hot Fuzz but I loved Shaun of the Dead so much it's one of the few DVDs I own, and one of even fewer I will select watch again.

    Sounds like I will definitely like Hot Fuzz.

  11. I love this movie. I completely forgot about it.


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