Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Boston - the "cold and flu tablets: 1, Kirsti: 0" edition

The day after we arrived in Boston, I woke up feeling like someone had gone over my throat with razor blades during the night. I had high hopes that it was just the effect of the air conditioning in the hotel room, and stuffed a bunch of throat lozenges in my mouth. After making good use of the hotel's buffet breakfast (complete with waffle machine!), we made our way over to the nearby train station. There, we bought train tickets. I was forced to use a $20 note for a $10 ticket, and received my change in pirate gold. 
Also known as US $1 coins. 

We headed to downtown Boston, with the intention of walking the Freedom Trail and seeing Boston's significant historic sites. Wheeeeee, nerdiness! Sadly, it started to rain as we got out of the train station at Boston Common. Thankfully, I'd thought to pack the $7 umbrella that I'd bought in Chicago, although we couldn't fit all four of us under it. We decided to hide out at a Starbucks for as long as it took us to drink a coffee and see if the rain passed. So of course, the rain waited until we left the Starbucks, and then got worse. 

We decided to at least walk the two blocks to the Bull & Finch Pub, which was the inspiration for Cheers. We hid under a portico there for a while, and took some photos of ourselves with the Cheers sign outside. 
Bloggy friends FTW! 

When the rain hadn't eased, we decided it was time to change our plans. Instead of starting with the Freedom Trail, we caught the train over to the New England Aquarium and hung out with some sea beasties for a while. 
Paulie patting a stingray

Australia: here be dragons

When we'd finished at the aquarium, it was still raining. (UGH.) We headed in the direction of Faneuil Hall. On the way, we stopped off at a 7-Eleven for the purchasing of umbrellas. I bought a packet of tissues because my sore throat had progressed to snottiness that required immediate rectification. 
Clerk: That'll be $1.03
Me: *hands over $1 coin and 3 pennies*
Clerk: *stares at $1 coin* I don't think this is real.
Me: I got it from a ticket machine in the subway! Who would forge $1 coins?!
Clerk: It looks too shiny to be real. Do you have a $1 bill?
Me: Oh, for the love of God...

It would seem that pirate gold is not legal tender in 7-Eleven... 

Upon reaching Faneuil Hall, we decided to be tacky tourists and eat at the recreated Cheers. Paulie wanted to ask the waiter if he knew his name. Kat, Lauren and I begged him not to. The food was decidedly average. We wandered around the stalls at Faneuil Hall and then decided that we needed chocolate, so headed to Godiva, where this happened:
Lauren: I'd like a chocolate coated strawberry please.
Clerk: That'll be $7.
Lauren: *has heart attack*
Me: I'd like a chocolate coated strawberry please, and one of the raspberry truffles.
Clerk: That'll be $9.
Me: *has heart attack*
Paulie: I'd like four chocolate truffles, please.
Clerk: That'll be $8.
Paulie: *is smug because he got more chocolate than we did for less money*

Also, Lauren had decided that she didn't want to carry a handbag around all day. By the time we reached Faneuil Hall, she was a little sick of having pockets crammed with stuff. So she asked for a bag at Godiva. Then turned it into a handbag. Genius, no? (It was somewhat worse for wear by the time we finally got back to the hotel)

The rain had finally stopped, so we picked up the Freedom Trail. We headed past the Old State House and the Old South Meeting House before coming across a CVS. I was in rather desperate need of cold and flu tablets by that point, so we stopped in there so I could obtain some, a shit ton more tissues, and a bottle of water. Paulie hadn't been into an American pharmacy before, and was totally intrigued by how it was basically a supermarket with less fresh produce and more drugs. For some reason that now escapes me, we went to the TJ Maxx over the road after we left the pharmacy. Kat modelled this truly awful stunning hat and wished she had an event to go to that required the wearing of such a hat:
Sorry, Kat. It's too horrific a hat to keep to ourselves!

I, in the meantime, felt like I had a head full of cotton wool, and was struggling to get my cold and flu tablets out of the packet. They weren't a standard blister pack, but I was convinced that if I pushed hard enough, the tablets would pop out regardless. Instead, I wound up basically turning one of the tablets to powder. Assuming it was a lack of strength, I made whining noises and a pathetic face at Paulie. 
Also also? Source.

He took the packet from me, actually LOOKED at it, and discovered that you had to peel off the thick backing paper before you could pop the tablets through the foil. Cold and flu tablets: 1. Kirsti: 0. 

We kept wandering along the Freedom Trail, eventually reaching the Granary Burying Ground. 
Me: Oooooooh, cemetery! Can we go in? Can we can we can we can we?
Everyone else: If it will shut you up, YES.

It was totally worth it. There was a guy buried in there named Increase Sumner. Best. Name. Ever. From there, we headed past the Park Street Church to the Massachusetts State House. 

Yes, we're very mature. Why do you ask?

Then we went to Finagle Bagel and bought a bagel we didn't really want just so we could see this happen:
Pretty awesome, no? 

Then. THEN. THEN came quite possibly the nerdiest thing I've ever done.
Me and Lauren: We need to go back to Beacon Street and find a pizza place somewhere near there.
Paulie and Kat: Um, WHY???
Paulie and Kat: What are you talking about?
Me and Lauren: Um, Two Guys and a Girl. DUH. 

Apparently not everyone watched a rather obscure 90s sitcom as religiously as we did... But everyone SHOULD because it stars Ryan Reynolds and Nathan Fillion and it's AWESOME. 
Yeah. That happened. 

By the time we finished our (frankly, delicious) pizza, it was time to head to Fenway Park. I've had about ten different people ask how we managed to score tickets to a Red Sox homegame. To them (and you) I say, I looked up the dates we were going to be in Boston in about June, went onto the MLB website, and bought them. That was it. We were sitting between home plate and first base, so they were pretty great seats. Sadly, the rope that holds up the mesh that stops the people behind home plate from getting hit in the face with baseballs ended up in all my photos as a result. 

That said, it was a really enjoyable game. Sure, the Red Sox lost, but we got to sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame and Shipping Up to Boston and eat vast quantities of soft serve out of helmets for a very reasonable price! 
Ice cream dishes make excellent hats!
Course, we then went and spent a millionty dollars on Red Sox themed nonsense in the shop, so the memory of the reasonable price swiftly faded into the dim dark past...

Up next, the most ridonkulous museum of EVER, pizza that had to be drained before consumption, and we go to Haaaaaaaahvard.

K xx


  1. We're so good at talking in unison about TV shows; The price of those strawberries is still bullshit [thanks for reminding me]; and We don't call our dollars "notes" we call them "bills."

  2. I saw chocolate coated strawberries for sale over the weekend. They were $2 each. And I know you guys call them bills. I just couldn't bring myself to do it!

  3. You had me laughing throughout this post! What a fun bunch you guys are! The Aquarium pictures are awesome!

  4. Darn it. I should have bought that hat to wear to all these weddings!

    I'm not quite sure what I *did* in the 90s, but it definitely didn't involve as much TV-series-watching as you guys! Glad you enjoyed your pre-baseball pizza though.

  5. I remember that bagel slicing machine from when I went to Finagle Bagel in Boston! I was equally fascinated, haha.

  6. Ma'am the number of adventures you had is getting quite ridiculous. I MEAN, A GAME AT FENWAY?!? Totally jelly.

    Plus chocolate. Your life is amazing.


  7. I hate dollar coins, but I love my $1 bills. HOWEVER, I always get that same nonsense when I try to get rid of the coins. PS: I hate pennies.

  8. I loved @ guys, a Girl and a Pizza place - though I'm not sure I paid enough attn to realize it was called Beacon street... or in cBoston (But I was only a teen so I prby didn't care about anything except how cute Ryan Reynolds was). I still think the lady at 7-11 was an idiot. I would have asked her if she saw a shiny new penny if she thought that was counterfit too.
    BTW - I had to switch to the website to see the video - that part didn't show up i the email and I was confused until I watched it a couple of times. That's pretty awesome.

  9. @Vanisha - thanks!
    @Kat - you really should have bought the hat. Although transporting it home MAY have proved difficult...
    @Emma - we *really* didn't want the bagel. We just wanted to watch the machine. And then we sat there staring at the bagel...
    @Lor - none of the adventures were QUITE as awesome as the mac and bonfire adventure <3
    Nikki - you'd better get used to $1 coins! At least here, people won't assume they're fake though. And you can kiss pennies goodbye - we got rid of them like 20 years ago!
    @Lyndsy - the 7-11 clerk was a total idiot. If I hadn't desperately needed to blow my nose, I would have argued the point some more.

  10. Holy shit! Did the bagel machine seriously do that??! I am so unbelievably jealous right now. I can't believe how upset I am about the fact that I've never seen this before. I need to fix this immediately. Quick, someone throw a bagel at my face!


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