Friday, November 25, 2011

30 Days of Photography - Day 9

The theme for today's photo is 'someone you love'. Obviously, if I had my way the post would be filled with pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal and David Tennant. But that would be cheating, because I haven't actually taken any photos of them. YET. *evil grin* (I'm sorry, was that creepy? My bad.)

Ahem. Anyway, you get this instead:

I took it two days before he died. And I miss him every day.

K xx


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. The loss of all three of my pets have left a lasting impression (of sadness) on me. But this is such a beautiful picture filled with sentiment that I'm sure you'll cherish for years.

  2. Springer Spaniel? I used to have a Springer Spaniel called Aurora, best doggy much energy and love!

    He is a cutie :)

  3. @Vanisha - thanks, lovely!
    @Kat - <3
    @Celeste - cocker spaniel. Far less energy than a springer spaniel!!

  4. :(

    Sorry to hear that D. has passed on.

  5. @mustbethrifty - thanks lovely. Shall have to catch up soon!


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