Wednesday, November 23, 2011

30 Days of Photography - Day 8

I went to a Pump class this morning for the first time in about a millionty years ages. By the end of the squat track, my legs hurt so much that I thought I was going to die. Needless to say, I foresee tomorrow and Friday being filled with me acting like it would be less painful to have surgery without anaesthesia than stand up/lift my arms above shoulder height...

Anyway, today's topic was "a bad habit". My brother and I are equally guilty on this one - leaving our shoes all over the house.

Seriously, I have absolutely no idea when I last wore my red heels (possibly to drinks with Ness and Kat like two weeks ago??), but they're still sitting around in my room. They're at least NEXT to the cupboard, so they're ahead of my sneakers (which Dad's just moved from the middle of the kitchen to the back porch in frustration) and my thongs/jandals/flip flops, which pretty much live at the bottom of the stairs during summer.

Um. Whoops?

Okay, confession time y'all - does anyone else leave their shoes all over the house??

K xx


  1. Yes I am VERY guilty of this!! I'm pretty sure I currently have shoes in my bedroom (but not on the designated shoe rack), computer room, dining room and lounge room. Oops!

    Also - those red shoes are awesome (WANT).

  2. We have a no shoes in the house policy which kind of lends itself to keep shoes in a box by the door.

    However, I do have clothes strewn all over the floor...So that's nice.

  3. @Lozzz - It's always reassuring when I'm not the only one!
    @Deidre - I may or may not have clothes strewn all over the floor too. So basically, I'm sort of a slob... ;)

  4. We don't wear shoes into the house either, but I do have clothes pretty much everywhere...I used to be bad with cups and glasses. I'd have them all over the place!

    PS those red shoes are gorgeous, and look so comfortable!


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