Sunday, November 20, 2011

30 Days of Photography - Day 7

The theme for today's photo is fruit. I thought about taking a photo of any strawberries on the strawberry plant in our back garden. But there weren't any. Booooooooooo. So you get this instead:

WE HAVE BANANAS IN THE FRUIT BOWL AGAIN. Not the most exciting news ever for me, given that I don't like banana. But it's a novelty seeing them in the house again. For the non-Australians among you, here's why. After the floods in Queensland this time last year, the price of bananas skyrocketed to around $15 per kilo.  It's only within the last few weeks that the price has really started to drop. But they're still $7, which is rather a lot when compared to the 69c per pound I saw them for in Denver during September!

And as a bonus, here's a shot of some mulberries that were still on the tree that I took after my laying on the front path session last week:

K xx


  1. They are very yellow and almost don't look real. I am so sad summer is over and fruit is now sad looking and hard to come by. Our price of banana's has gonna down as well. $.50/lbs

  2. The mulberries make for good photos!

    The upside of NZ is that our bananas come from either Ecuador or the Phillipines, so are always about $3/kg. The downside of this is that they taste like wet cardboard. Oh well.

  3. Both these pictures are just gorgeous. My husband loves bananas so he'll buy them no matter what the price - makes me cringe!!!

  4. @Lynz - 50c a pound is ridiculously cheap! Pretty sure I'd do nothing but make banana muffins all day long if they were that cheap here!
    @Kat - mmmmmm, wet cardboard... *gags*
    @Vanisha - I know, the price is mental at the moment! Hopefully they'll come down over summer...


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