Sunday, November 13, 2011

30 Days of Photography - Day 5

Last night, I went into town and met up with Ness and Kat. By some kind of miracle, all three of us were in Melbourne at the same time! We had cocktails and tapas at Cho Gao, sitting on the balcony overlooking the State Library. I'd actually forgotten that smoking is still allowed in the outdoor areas of restaurants in Victoria. It honestly felt like every smoker in the universe was on that balcony and exhaling in our direction just to spite us...

From there, it was onto dinner in Hardware Lane. Apparently they're all about the restaurant touts in Hardware Lane these days. Who knew?! It was kind of like being back in Thailand, only with less "Come in, come in and see my lovely junk!" (that was Mexico...) "Better than Best & Less, mate!" and more of this:
Tout: Have you girls eaten yet?
Ness: Oh, we're just looking at this stage.
Tout: I can arrange free cocktails...
Ness, Kat and me: SOLD!!!

God, we're easy marks. Still, the food was reasonably priced and pretty tasty. Then we went to San Churro and consumed our body weight in chocolate-y churros-y goodness and chilli hot chocolate. Oh, and paid almost entirely in coins.
Server: That'll be $25.85.
Me: Here's a $5 note, and $21 in coins!
Server: *stares at handful of coins in dismay* You know what, I'll take your word for that. Here's 15c.

This morning, I met up with the lovely Carly of Tune into Radio Carly for brunch. We went to Three Bags Full in Abbotsford. There was a bit of a wait when we got there, but the people-watching made up for it. (Although I don't think I'm nearly trendy enough to hang out in a place like that!!) I had the hot cakes, which came with poached fruit and orange infused ricotta. They were pretty freaking spectacular. And very filling!


Anysofarofftopicit'snotevenvisibleinthedistanceanymore, the theme for day 5 was 'from a high angle'. So here's a photo looking down the limestone feature wall/fountain thing in our back garden.

How was your weekend?

K xx


  1. I like the "textures" that you managed to capture in that photo. Our weekend was good, we went to the office both days but fit in yum cha, and I walked up Black Mountain...pretty good I guess :)(But I would have preferred to be in Melbourne!)

  2. We had a Mickey Mouse party yesterday, it was fun, but I would have rather been out to brunch.

    I used to work on the corner of Little Bourke St and Hardware Lane, always somewhere good to go for lunch.

  3. @Vanisha - walking up Black Mountain sounds very energetic!! I only ever managed Mount Ainslie. And mmmm, yum cha...
    @Bi - It was delicious. Also, BLOG MORE <3
    @Marita - I'm sure the noise levels at the Mickey Mouse party and the cafe were similar - it was PACKED!


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