Sunday, November 27, 2011

30 Days of Photography - Day 10

Today's theme is 'a childhood memory'. As luck would have it, my mum and Little Miss A put the Christmas tree up this morning, so you get this:

I made Lamey McSad Star (as I christened him this morning) when I was five and we lived in Canada. And he's adorned our Christmas tree every year since. This poor little cardboard and tin foil bastard is 23 years old. He's lost half the sequins from his smile (but the dried out glue is still there), and the (paper!) twist ties that hold him to the tree are pretty much tetanus waiting to happen. And I'm still as annoyed as I was on the day I made it about the fact that my teacher spelled my name wrong on my star. Possibly more so, because I've had to put up with 23 Christmases of my name being spelled wrong on top of the tree... *sigh*

Does anyone else still have their insanely old Lamey McSad Star on the top of their family Christmas tree?? (We've been trying to persuade Little Miss A to make us a new one for about three years now. She won't...)

K xx


  1. So much history in that ornament! You should keep it forever! I don't recall making anything for the tree, but my brother made two presents for my parents when he was in pre-school and it's still at home, looking at them makes me sooo happy :)

  2. HAHAHA I have one of those too!!! Actually, I **had** the decorated one until about seven years ago when I discovered that it had been attacked by silverfish. So I made a new one. Out of foil. But with no adornment. I really do think you can't go past the awesomeness of a foil star :)

  3. @Vanisha - I'm pretty sure almost all our Christmas tree ornaments are about 20 years old!
    @Nessa - What the hell is in it that silverfish would attack??? Weird...

  4. Glue. And cardboard. They love both. Somehow the foil must have confused them because they damaged that too :(


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