Wednesday, November 30, 2011

101 in 1001 #94

And so we come to the last day of NaBloPoMo. I'm sure you're all rather relieved that I won't be clogging your Google Readers every day from now on! And that I didn't resort to entire posts featuring nothing but gifs of David Tennant and Jake Gyllenhaal. WARNING: While I won't be going QUITE that far today, it is going to get a *wee* bit Tennant-y in here. 

For several years now, I've had to put up with listen to my BFF Sara telling me all about how awesome Doctor Who is. And then when I started working on the gallery, I discovered there are an *awful* lot of Whovians working in the museum sector. So it was only a matter of time before I caved. Task #94 was to watch Doctor Who, starting from the 2005 revamp.

So when I moved back to Melbourne in July and signed up for Quickflix (and seriously, if you guys still rent DVDs the conventional way, WHY??? Also, Quickflix don't know I exist. I just think they're awesome!), one of the first things in my queue was Doctor Who. I'd actually seen one or two episodes over the years when there was nothing else on TV, but out of sequence it was never compelling enough for me to add it to my TV schedule.

The Bloggess (and if you don't read her blog, GO AND DO IT NOW BECAUSE SHE'S AWESOME) started watching Doctor Who earlier in the week, and I think she said it best:

I made it through series 1 and part of series 2 before I left for the US. I *may* have flailed with fan girl excitement when Lyndsy was showing me how to use Netflix streaming and Doctor Who was available. I made it through the rest of series 2 and most of series 3 in Denver. An excellent use of the $1300 airfare, I think!!

I haven't QUITE finished series 6 yet (and thank you, Steven Moffat, for the mind fuck that is series 6...), but suffice to say I've added Whovian to my already lengthy list of fandoms (which also includes Scooby, Salt Gunner, Browncoat, and Gleek).

I love it all, from Christopher Eccleston:
"I bring you air from my lungs!" Also, Billie's face is priceless. Also also, source.
To Matt Smith:
Though David Tennant will always be my favourite, hands down:

I love it from the brilliance of the Neil Gaiman episode in series 6:
The look on Matt Smith's face is hilarious. Also, source
To the creepiness of The Weeping Angels:
Sorry if this makes anyone have a seizure/pee their pants. Also, source
And I'm doing a lot of internal fan girl squeeing over the fact that my parents have agreed to buy me this for Christmas:

(Also, if you live in Australia, you can order that from Amazon UK for £45 with free shipping, rather than paying the $287 that it costs here. And the one from Amazon is Region 4 compatible!!)

In short(ish), Doctor Who is best summed up by John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness:

Please tell me I'm not alone in my nerdy Whovian fan girl corner?? Also, thoughts on classic Who - worth it or not?
K xx


  1. I'm definitely a Whovian too. And David Tennant was my favorite doctor as well. I haven't watched the old ones yet, but that's mostly because I have no idea where to find them.

  2. I've never seen doctor Who...And I don't really know what it there's that!

  3. @Kathy - HURRAH! To both the Whovian part and the Tennant part. All the old ones are available here on our equivalent of Netflix. But there's just SO MANY OF THEM...
    @Deidre - Oh dear... I apologise in advance if I wibble on about it during Dessert Day!

  4. Old-school Dr Who is a bit like a location joke - if you weren't there the first time you probably won't get it. But perhaps it would be worth it, if only for Tom Baker's scarf and the original theme tune.


    favourite doctors are Eccleston and Tennant.

    the writing, the characters, the acting, the humour,
    it's all so awesome! <3

  6. Wait... you are a Browncoat, too?! <3 Firefly forever!!!

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