Sunday, November 6, 2011

101 in 1001 #77

I have a confession to make: I actually crossed this off the list a few days before I went to the US in August. I just completely forgot to write about it!

Anyway, task 77 was to get business cards for my blog. And I did:

What do you think? Not too shabby, for five minutes worth of design, huh? Aaaaaaaand of course now that I've had 500 business cards made (although I distributed a small chunk of them at the 20SB Summit in Chicago!), I've gone and bought my own URL.

OF COURSE. Awesome planning, past me! *sigh*

Oh well. They weren't very expensive, so if I feel the need to replace them in the future, it won't be the end of the world!

What do you guys think?

K xx


  1. I think they're lovely! I just got mine done too! Mine are much more plain :)

  2. Very nice! I prefer simple classic designs rather then the overcrowded cards.

  3. I did the EXACT same thing!! I got a bunch of business cards made for the 20SB Summit, then went there and got inspired to make my blog more professional, so I bought a URL. And now I'm debating--do I keep using these and tell people about the new URL as I hand them out? Or just get new ones?

    I also put my 20SB profile URL on there, which I thought was a good idea until I only gave out about 20 of them and then realized it would be weird to hand the other 230 out at any other blogging conference that wasn't 20SB-related.

    So the moral of the story is, I think I'm just going to buy new ones. But I'm glad I'm not alone in this dilemma :)

  4. Geez, I feel like a total tool.. You are all professional now with your blog, and mine hasn't even been updated in weeks! ARGH! Totally jealous. :) Cuuute cards, BTW!

  5. I did the exact same thing when I decided to become a wedding videographer (which I since changed my mind about). I had them printed and then made a website like a week later.

  6. That card is gorgeous! Very elegant. I haven't even thought about cards!

  7. Deidre - thanks! I should have brought you one the other week, now that I think about it. FAIL...
    Lissa, Celeste and Kathy S - thanks! :)
    Jessica - I probably should have only gotten 250 made rather than 500! They weren't very expensive, but it seems like a total waste to get new ones at this stage...
    Bi - I only had them made for the 20SB Summit. Figured it was easier than having to spell my name a millionty times!
    Lauren - we're so smart...
    Vanisha - I didn't think about them until I went to a blog conference and everyone but me had them. Then I rushed around trying to get them done before I went to the US!!


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