Thursday, November 24, 2011

101 in 1001 #54

Task #54 was to get my photos printed. This one's technically still in progress because not all the photos have arrived in the post yet. But hey - they've been ordered and the first batch have arrived, so I'm counting that as completed!

The last time I printed any photos was in July 2008, after I got back from nine weeks in South and Central America. And I printed about a hundred photos so that I had something to decorate my bedroom walls with in Canberra. So needless to say, I had quite a bit of catching up to do. Three years worth of birthdays, Thailand in 2009, Tasmania, Sydney and Central Australia in 2010, and America this year, along with all the rest of it.

Thankfully, a couple of weeks ago, Big W had a one day sale with 4x6 prints for 8c each. I wasn't able to get all my photos uploaded in time, but I still got about 400 of them done.

And here they are:

Not bad for less than $40 including delivery, huh?!

K xx


  1. Yay for photos! How exciting...what are you going to do with them now?

  2. Ohhh printing photo's, a thing of the past!!

    I don't print anymore because they get damaged too easily, I just have one or two done if I want them framed..

    I used to make photo albums but I actually find that even then I browse old photos on my computer way more then in an album.

    I am doing the reverse and getting all my old photo's scanned!

  3. @Deidre - probably put them in albums and never look at them again!!
    @Celeste - I couldn't decide on the ones I wanted to frame, so I figured I'd just print a whole ton and work it out once they're printed. Plus, this way if I get sick on the ones in the frames, I can change them over!

  4. You've inspired me to get my rolls of film developed! I use Big W as well. My husband has been printing photos and I had no idea, he printed everything, even not great ones, and now I'm going to have to sort them out!

  5. I definitely need to get on that as well.

  6. I just got about 250 photos printed and now have a million photos to deal with (or 250+ previously printed photos). I printed them for scrap booking and for some reason neglected to realize that I wouldn't want to have a thousand pages of Boston (esp aquarium) photos.


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