Sunday, October 9, 2011

Two years on...

Today, my lovelies, we're taking a little sojourn away from my trip to the US. Because two years ago today, I came home from the movies, sat down, and created my little corner of the interweb.

And I'm eternally grateful that I made that decision, because I've had the chance to become friends with so many truly awesome people. The blogosphere really is like a family if you want it to be! </schmaltz>

Anyway, to celebrate my second blogiversary, I'm having a giveaway!! And unlike last time, it's not chocolate related (sorry guys...).

So what am I giving away?

1. This gorgeous necklace made by the lovely Leah of Dressed for Sunday, which I bought MONTHS ago with a giveaway in mind. (And y'all should check out her stuff. It's awesome.)

2. Bee shaped cupcake/muffin pans. They're silicon, so you can reuse them again and again. Plus, they're really cute!

3. A cookie cutter shaped like a kangaroo. Because why the hell not! Oh, and this one comes with a story:
Store employee: Oh, cute. I'm going to hazard a guess and say you're making cookies!
Me: Actually, no. I'm having a giveaway on my blog.
Store employee: Oh, you have a blog on Youtube? Cool!
Me: Um, no. Not Youtube. One with words and stuff........

God, I'm eloquent. AnyI'maburblingidiot, here are the rules:

1. Leave me a comment and let me know which of the three you'd like to win! (Saying you want to win all three is fine too)
2. You don't have to be a follower (because I love my Wordpress friends too!), but if you like what you see, that'd be nice... ;)
3. No anonymous entries
4. Tweet about my giveaway for an extra entry. Leave a separate comment to let me know you've done so.
5. You have to be willing to give me your address. Half a dozen bloggers can vouch for the fact that I won't use it for nefarious purposes! ;)

The giveaway will close at 9pm AEDT on Saturday 15th October (that's 11am in the UK and 6am on the US east coast. Unless y'all go off daylight savings between now and then. In which case, I have NO clue!), and I'll draw the winners next Sunday.

Thanks for reading for the past two years. Here's to God only knows how many more!

Good luck,
K xx


  1. I WANT TO MAKE KANGAROO SHAPED COOKIES!!!! And then when I make them it will be like you helped me make them :)

  2. It's true! I won (very delicious) cookies, and they were mailed to me without any stalking... (that I know of - shifty eye look). I feel I should disqualify myself since I won last time, so instead I'll say - happy 2 years :D

  3. I would like to win the necklace or cupcake pans. Congrats on your blogs two year birthday :)

  4. I'm not entering because I think it would be nice for someone else to win but I just wanted to say happy two year anniversary!

  5. SO FUN! And yay for 2 years blogging. How exciting! I LOVE that blue necklace. SO FREAKING CUTE. Want want want. Although if I don't get that, even though I don't make cookies often I feel like kangaroo shaped ones would be the coolest thing ever.

  6. Congratulations on two great years of blogging. Is this contest open internationally? If so I'd love to win the bees or the kangaroo.

  7. Happy 2nd blogoversary! (Spellcheck denies blogoversary is a word. Bad spellcheck.)

    I would love to win the kangaroo. Mostly because cookies = awesome, and kangaroo cookies = awesomesquared. :)

  8. happy two years of blogging! the necklace is so lovely; i'd love to win it! :)

  9. Love the cupcake mould and kangaroo cookie cutter, they are both so cute :)

  10. I'd love the bee cupcake molds: doesn't get better than cute AND eco-friendly!

    (I'm visiting from 20sb! :)

  11. I'd love the bee cupcake molds: doesn't get better than cute AND eco-friendly!

    (I'm visiting from 20sb! :)

  12. Oh my, I think that means it's two years since PHUKET!!!!

    Congratulations on two years :-)
    I don't need any gifts though - some other lovely reader deserves them more!

  13. Yay congratulations on two years! :) That's awesome. LOVE the cupcake holders - and they're reuseable!

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Hi :)

    Ok, I would like the bee cupcake pans...I do follow you (Previously Celeste @ Lost on Earth) and I also follow you on twitter (username NomadCeleste):)


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