Monday, October 31, 2011

Movie Mondays: Sleepy Hollow

Happy Halloween, my lovelies!! We're not much for the Halloween-ing in Australia, but I remember all too well those wonderful days in the dim dark past when I lived in Canada and stuffed myself with all the candy on the planet. * reminiscent sigh*

Ahem. Given that we don't do much in the way of Halloween celebrations down here, I figured I'd take the opportunity to watch one of my favourite Halloween-y movies. 

Sleepy Hollow. Okay, so it's not Halloween or even Nightmare Before Christmas, but it's brilliant. And brilliantly stupid. And more than a little ridiculous. I love it.

Reasons why Sleepy Hollow is awesome:
1. Johnny Depp.
2. Tim Burton.
3. Johnny Depp AND Tim Burton.
4. Tim Burton says in the commentary that he took pretty much every opportunity to cover Johnny Depp in fake blood. Just because he could.
5. Johnny Depp says in the commentary that he stole the iron maiden from the set and has it in his living room as a conversation starter.
6. All the typical little Tim Burton touches that you don't really notice until you think about it.
 7. Evil Christopher Walken.
8. The score. Danny Elfman is a genius.
9. The way Johnny Depp enunciates "decapitated".
10. The scene at the end in the windmill. Flour dust goes boom.
11. Michael Gambon's ridiculous hat. Even he looks surprised by its ridiculousness. Just sayin'...
12. The supporting cast includes Dumbledore, Vernon Dudley, Rita Skeeter, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine,  and Saruman. Seriously.

Not to mention, the following lines:
- "The heads are.........gone?"
- "Good horsey!"
- "You must NEVER move the body!" "Why not?" "...Because!"
- "We thought you'd shot your boat." (translation: "We thought you'd gone bonkers and run away")
- "We did not know it was a murdering plot!"
- (regarding a spider) "Kill it! Kill it! NO - stun it." (I always want someone to pull out a wand and yell 'Stupefy!')
- "Watch your head." <-- punny, no?
- "Where are we going?" "Anywhere but here!"

So there you have it. 

At the risk of sounding like Ghostface from Scream, what's your favourite scary (or Halloween-y/spooky) movie? Also, does anyone other than me love Sleepy Hollow??

K xx


  1. Sleepy Hollow was the first M15+ movie I legitimately watched at the movies (well they nicely let me in the day before I had my 15th birthday after some arguing). However I can never NOT look at Christopher Walken now without being creeped out! Wait did that make sense or was there too many negatives? He's creepy. That is all.

  2. I haven't seen Sleepy Hollow - I am not a huge fan of creepy movies or even semi scary ones.

  3. I love me some scary movies, Sleepy Hollow included. I really couldn't pick one favorite, but I really like The Shining, The Thing, Poltergeist, Blair Witch Project, and Paranormal Activity.

  4. I'm watching right now my halloween tradition movie: the nightmare before christmas. It's something I'll do every halloween and christmas.

    I haven't watched sleepy hollow in such a long time, and now you've made me want to watch it so finishing this I'll watch that one!

    I am a huge burton fan!

  5. Shaun of the Dead was on TV here for Hallowe'en - no complaints from me, I love that movie!

  6. Lozzz - I agree, I've never been able to look at him the same since seeing Sleepy Hollow
    Deidre - Right there with you. Sleepy Hollow is just so ridiculously over the top that you have to laugh.
    Kay Bee - I'm a TOTAL chicken when it comes to scary movies. I actually haven't seen any of the ones you listed because I'm scared that I'll end up barricading myself in my bedroom forever...
    SoOz - I was tossing up between Nightmare and Sleepy Hollow. I love them both! But a friend of mine once told me that she watches Nightmare on Christmas Eve every year, and now I can't help but think of it as a Christmas movie!
    Kat - I need to rewatch Shaun of the Dead. I've only seen it once and basically all I remember is being devastated when Dylan Moran got ripped apart by zombies...

  7. Alex won tickets to see a free showing of the Rum Diaries and then see Johnny Depp speak at the Oxford Union yesterday and then to MEET HIM afterwards.

    And then...

    He totally missed the whole thing because he hadnt checked when it was on.

    Awesome free celebrity meeting FAIL.

  8. That is the saddest news of EVER, Kat. Alex deserves a smack with a wooden spoon for that...


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