Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Colorado - the "I'm a forgetful moron" edition

So in all the fugly Ugg boot and Bodybuilder Jesus/Bigfoot excitement of my last post, I forgot something.

When Megan and I were at Seven Falls, we took the lift to a viewing platform where you can see the full length of the falls. This sign was in the lift:

I'm kind of curious how many people had to do that for them to put up the sign. I mean, I don't know about you guys, but I'm not in the habit of jumping up and down when I'm in a lift... But apparently there are people out there in the world who really enjoy jumping or hopping (what?!) in lifts. #peopleareweirdyo

(Despite all of this, I had to resist the urge to do exactly what the sign told me not to. Ya know, just to see exactly *how* much jumping you could do before you got stuck and had to sit there for an hour waiting to be rescued...)

Incidentally, I'm flying home tonight, so the promised post about DC will probably be delayed until the jetlag subsides!!

K xx


  1. You mean to say you DON'T start jumping for joy the moment you step on an elevator?

  2. They used to tell us that jumping (OR HOPPING) in lifts would make them get UNSTUCK, so that's at least a better sign than one I remember seeing in my elementary school ("If stuck, please jump before calling for assistance" -- WHAT). I'm actually weird enough where, since they told me not to, I'd almost want to do it. #thingsiknowishouldntdo

  3. @Lauren - not of late, no...
    @Nikki - that's ridonkulous... And if I hadn't gotten stuck in a lift in Mexico City a couple of years ago (pushing the alarm button made a sound like a doorbell, and I was rescued by the maid, who told me I should have just pried the doors open myself. I took the stairs for the rest of my stay...), I would have seriously considered jumping. Or hopping. Or both.

  4. Hehehe I lived in a 12 storey building when I was at uni... jumping was mandatory :-D

  5. I would totally get the urge to test it out too, just cos the sign said not to.

    Hope your flight home is smooth :)

  6. Some people I know like to jump the moment before the elevator stops. I think it's supposed to make you feel like you're weightless for a second because your body is still moving upwards while the elevator stops under you. I can imagine people would want to try that even more if it's a really big elevator. ::shrug:: I have no desire to look like an idiot by trying to jump in an elevator at a precise moment, myself.

  7. And by big I mean going very high, which is more likely to go up very quickly, not like... a giant elevator. I don't think that would make a difference :)

  8. @Kat - how much alcohol was involved when jumping seemed like a good idea? ;)
    @Lozzz - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, smooth flight home. I wish!!
    @Jessica - Okay, that kind of makes sense. And thanks for clarifying - I was totally thinking of a giant elevator!!


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