Thursday, September 8, 2011

Colorado, the "I'm a dirty slacker" edition

So, um, WHOOPS. I've been in Colorado for two weeks and have yet to say anything about it. This is not to say that I haven't been doing anything worth reporting. Just that I've been an epic slacker in writing about it! Personally, I'm just impressed at how long I've spent sitting on what my brain thinks is the driver's side of the car, on the wrong side of the road, without freaking out.

So what have I done so far? Been to two zoos, one museum, one art gallery, one food festival, two trivia nights, one tea factory, one baseball game, one reconstructed Anasazi cliff dwelling, and the Garden of the Gods.

But let's go back to the beginning. Arriving in Colorado was something of a shock, as the temperature was about 10 degrees C hotter than it had been in Chicago - mid 30s rather than mid 20s. The day after I arrived, my ankles swelled up to fairly spectacular cankles of doom dimensions. Uncertain whether it was a side effect of the heat, the altitude, or the flight the previous day, I consulted my mum via email. Her response [paraphrased, of course]? "Booze is a diuretic. Have a drink and you'll be fine. Or, you know, there's tea. But go with the booze!" So I did - Lyndsy and I went to trivia and I ordered some Woodchuck Granny Smith Cider. Which the waitress referred to as beer. Which, WHAT?!
Me: I'll have the Woodchuck hard cider, thanks.
Her: We have another Woodchuck on tap if you'd prefer a draught beer?
Me: Um. But I want cider.
Her: It is cider.
Me: *confused dog head tilt*

Dear America, CIDER IS NOT BEER. That is all. Love, me.

To continue my faith in America's public education system, one of the rounds at trivia was geography based. They had a slightly weird system where you took up your answer for each question on a tiny sheet of paper rather than turning in one big sheet at the end of the round. For the geography round, each question had two parts. If you knew the answer from the first part, you got two points. If you needed the second, you only got one point.
Quiz dude: Name the second longest river in Europe, starting in Germany and ending in the Black Sea
Me: *scribbles down 'Danube' by the time he gets to the word Europe, and hands it in just after he says 'Sea'*
Quiz dude: If you guys know this that quickly, you're my heroes... *looks at answer sheet* HOLY CRAP!! How do you know that?!?!

The second part of the question was "This river has a colourful dance tune named after it." Then it came time for the answer.
Quiz dude: It's the... Da... Da... Da...NOOB? The DaNOOB. Is that right? Do you guys know?
Me and Lyndsy: *face palm*

Needless to say, we won the geography round, and got free dessert as a result #score

And on that note, it's late and I'm going to bed. I'll endeavour to try and catch up on the Colorado related stories soon. With photos. You're welcome... ;)

K xx


  1. Ahhh, colorado! Glad to hear you're still having fun!

    And yay for free dessert!

  2. Thank God you're back. We've all been hanging out for the next exciting episode. You're so funny!!

  3. Don't worry - some of us Americans know that Cider and Beer aren't the same.

    Because I don't drink beer.

    But I love me some Woodchuck!

  4. I'll see your Da-NOOB and raise you one E-MOO.


    Really? E-MOO? Really??? IT'S E-MEW!!!

    You mean E-Moo?


  5. Welcome to America! Or goodbye from because I remember that you're LEAVING IT SOON WITHOUT SEEING ME, but you'll be forced to endure my company when I get to Australia at some point.

    AHH, but yes. Cider and beer are interchangeable to most people, even though they aren't the same thing (and even as the Inevitably Always Designated Driver, I know this!).

    Also! I remember there being a geography quiz where someone was asked to name a river in Egypt. The answers? Amazon, Mississippi, and the Rhine. I couldn't figure out whether or not I needed to cry or laugh and had an aneurysm.

  6. It may have just been that bartender who doesn't know Woodchuck isn't beer....

  7. I still can't believe that guy wouldn't know how to pronounce it let alone be surprized anyone would know the answer so quickly. It was a pretty easy question.

  8. Ahaahah DaNoob.
    You can't make this stuff up.


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