Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Colorado, the "doing touristy things in Denver" edition

Contrary to popular belief, I am still alive. I'm currently on a train from Washington to New York. Sadly, there's no Wifi on the train, and Wifi at our hotel in New York is $13.95 A DAY (WTF?!), but I have high hopes that I'll be able to steal make use of some poor unsuspecting person's unsecured internet to at least post this, because I've been an epic slacker of late. [It didn't. I'm now in Boston...]

I don't really know where to start with Denver. Perhaps with the fact that it was about 10 degrees C hotter than Chicago when I arrived. And I was wearing jeans. #terribleidea Or perhaps the fact that Hello Kitty takes on an ENTIRELY different meaning when you're talking to a three year old who pronounces her Ks as Ts. That, incidentally, was a couple of days after I arrived, when Lyndsy and I took her little cousin to the zoo. Small children and their amusing speech impediments aside, the zoo was fun. Insanely hot, but fun. The tigers had just been fed when we got there, so we got to see them chewing on enormous chunks of bone. And the hornbill was going crazy, flying all over the place. 

The Sunday after I arrived, Lyndsy had a Pampered Chef party, and I inadvertently bough $60 worth of cookware #whoops (It's okay, it's all small stuff that'll TOTALLY fit in my suitcase!!) 

Obviously, with me being me, a trip to the museum was on the agenda. I was crazy excited mildly entertained to find that the palaeontology curators in Denver are just as smutty as the ones in Chicago. Sure, they may not have had a rape-tosaurus or skulls with knobs on them, but you could "Fondle a foot", and there was a "Bone Bar" that asked you to please touch gently. *snigger* (Lor/Sweeney, does making smutty jokes equal a #hosuspension??)

The museum also featured the largest gold nugget ever found in Colorado. 
Lyndsy: Wow, look how big that is!
Me: Awwwwww... It's so little and cute! 

Largest gold nugget ever found in Colorado:

(Replica of the) Largest gold nugget ever found in Australia:

Yeah. Ours wins.

About a week after I arrived, Lyndsy and I went to the Taste of Colorado Festival downtown. It was kind of like the Multicultural Festival in Canberra, only with Denver based restaurants. I'm kind of sad that I missed out on seeing ASIA play on the Friday night, solely because Heat of the Moment reminds me of a very entertaining episode of Supernatural. I also missed out on seeing Boyz II Men play on the Monday night. I'm not particularly sad about missing that though. Anywhendredidtheyfindthosebands, the Festival was fun. And being a total failure of a blogger, I neglected to take photos of anything. Which is probably for the best, because I have a sneaking suspicion that I mostly just ate cupcakes. They were mini cupcakes, so it was okay that I ate like four different kinds. Oh, and I ate beignets. I passed on the alligator, the pickle on a stick, the rattlesnake bratwurst, and the deep fried turkey drumsticks. I *did* get some food from the first Indian restaurant in Denver - established in 1989 #really??

Eventually, the Festival became exhausting, so we headed over to the Art Gallery, because it was the first Saturday of the month and therefore entry was free. #epiccheapskate They had some pretty fun pieces, including this salt cellar:

New aspiration for when I'm an actual adult (rather than the fake kind that I am at the moment): to own a salt cellar shaped like a sailing ship. Because it's AWESOME.

The following Monday was a public holiday in the US (Labor Day, which should totally contain a U, for those of you playing at home). The Rockies happened to be playing at home, so it was time for America's favourite pastime: baseball. 

Baseball = cricket, only BORING. I'm pretty sure more time was spent changing sides than was spent actually playing baseball... Oh, and this happened:
Announcer: Please be upstanding and remove your hats for the national anthem!
Me: Australians all let us rejoice for we...oh CRAP, wrong country... *stands around awkwardly*

Despite all of that, and the fact that I managed to get a one inch strip of my right leg sunburnt, it was pretty fun. I have no idea what the score was in the end. I *DO* know that the Rockies scored at least seven home runs because there was a big fireworks display on the big screen about how that meant we could now get free tacos at Taco Bell. I also know that they didn't win. But I sang "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" like a champion, and did my best to avoid sniggering during the line about rooting for the home team. #thingsthatmeandifferentthingsindifferentcountriesdespitebothbeinginEnglish #longesthashtagever

Next up, Colorado Springs!

K xx


  1. I am so very jealous that you're in Boston!

    I've been severely homesick!

    Glad to know that you're having a blast!

  2. Was there a matching pepper grinder for that salt cellar? Then you could have close to a flotilla of ships sailing on your dinner table!

  3. Yes, baseball IS boring, but the only reason you go is to have an excuse to yell loudly as you drink beer and eat hot dogs in the middle of the day.
    However, now I'm curious what you think "rooting for the home team" means ...

  4. I love baseball but I also realize that it's a slow moving game. People used to short short and piggy back rides as a sport would probably be bored, you know? ;)


  5. @Deidre - the weather in Boston sucks, if it's any consolation!!
    Anon - Sadly, no. But that would be epic.
    @Kay Bee - root = sex. Never wear any Roots Canada clothing in Australia...
    @Lor - it's nowhere near as slow as cricket can be. It was the amount of time spent changing sides between innings that frustrated me! In other news, GO AND WATCH THE MEN IN TINY SHORTS. SERIOUSLY. <3

  6. Also, I am tagging you on my blog today!


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