Monday, September 26, 2011

Colorado - the "apparently Bigfoot lives in the Springs" edition

The day after Lyndsy and I went to the baseball, I headed down to Colorado Springs to stay with Megan and David, and do all manner of touristy stuff for a few days. We started out with a wee jaunt to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. It was a pretty miserable day, but that just meant that there was hardly anyone else there! I started off with feeding a giraffe. And it didn't occur to me until the last piece of lettuce that it would be sensible to take a photo of me feeding a giraffe. Oh well. I have this photo that Megan took of me teasing a giraffe with a piece of lettuce. Close enough! 

The bears were hilarious - one was having a health check, and the other was attempting to coerce bits of food out of the keeper by slapping his paws on the surface of the water. Occasionally, the bits of food would go a little too far, and the bear would have to swim a little to find them. That totally freaked out the salmon that were in the water. Understandably... (Apparently the bears aren't particularly good at the fishing thing, and have caught a record FIVE salmon this year!) I think my favourite was when we got to the wallabies. 
Me: Awwww! Aren't you guys cute? And you made delicious food for the early colonists in Tasmania too!
Wallaby: [looks at me] O.O

Don't believe me? Check out this face:

Yeah. He was seriously traumatised by that idea. The weather decreased as the afternoon wore on, and by the time we headed up to the Will Rogers Memorial thingamibob, it was drizzling quite substantially. Which meant that this was our view of the mountains towards Pikes Peak:

Thrilling, no? But it was okay because on our way home, we came across these grazing in someone's front garden, and that totally made up for it:

The next day, we figured we'd take our chances with the weather and head up Pikes Peak. Part of the way up, we came across this sculpture:

I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty sure that's Jesus trying to win the Hairiest Body Builder award... #goingtoHell But according to a nearby sign, it was Bigfoot. By the time we got to the top of the Peak (which is a 19 mile drive), it was completely foggy. But I didn't really care that we couldn't see a thing because SNOW!!!! 

Here's me in the snow:

I think Megan found my level of excitement rather amusing... 

I also ate a cinnamon doughnut that had fudge icing on it. It was amazeballs to the point where I neglected to take a photo of it. And I don't even want to contemplate how many calories were in it, but if I had to guess I'd have to go with A MILLIONTY. And they were totally worth it. 

The view at the top of Pikes Peak prompted the writing of 'America the Beautiful'. Thanks to the fog, this is what we saw from the top. SERIOUSLY. 
When I reviewed my photos, I thought something had gone horribly wrong.
Then I remembered what I'd been taking photos of...
It totally inspires me to write songs! Not. #bringingthatback #channellingChandlerBing

The drive back down featured some awesome views, including this one from the Bottomless Pit:

The next day, we headed up to Seven Falls. As the name might suggest, it's a series of seven waterfalls of all different kinds. The downside? This:

Two hundred and twenty four stairs. I was more than a little glad I'd gone to the pharmacy to get an emergency Ventolin inhaler before I left home! Still, the falls were pretty, and I got to play around with shutter speed. Wheeeeeeeee!!! 

Ahem. We also went to Cave of the Winds. I successfully managed to not brain myself or get stuck in any narrow passageways - yay me! I was rather relieved to not be visiting back in the day when it took six hours to tour the caves, along with commando crawling through a 50cm high passageway... Afterwards, we overheard one of the guides saying in the shop that they'd had a guy on their tour try and take a photo of total cave darkness. With the flash on... #EPICFAIL 

That night, we went out to a steakhouse for dinner. This happened:
Hostess: Have you guys been here before?
David: We have. But she hasn't. She's from out of town. 
Hostess: [disinterested] Oh really? Where are you from?
Me: Australia.
Hostess: OH MY GOSH! I've never met anyone from Australia before!! If you fill in this card, we'll get you a little something on the house!
Me: Um. Okay?
David: Huh. Maybe we should tell her it's your birthday and see if we can get MORE free food!

Bless her, she was so excited about meeting someone from Australia. (And no, it wasn't an Outback Steakhouse.) I was kind of hoping for dessert or mozzerella sticks (they may be terrifyingly bad for you, but my GOD they're delicious). Instead, I got free ribs. Eh #freefoodisfreefood 

Oh, and I nearly forgot! I came across these in Colorado Springs:

Worst. Ugg boots. EVER... I apologise on behalf of my country for introducing these monstrosities to the world...

Next up: the least reassuring flight attendant announcement ever, and museums and monuments aplenty in Washington DC!

K xx


  1. LOL I love the picture of... NOTHING! This is a great post, it looks like you're having such a great time!

  2. I. Didn't. Know. Uggs. Could. Get. Any. Uglier.

  3. Youre hilarious Kirsti :)

  4. I think the Uggs get even worse than purple sequins! I've seen pink ones with purple sequins and all manners of other scary things. They are horrifying.

    Glad you're having fun, but I wish I could spend time in America with you before Australia. ENVY ENVY ENVY. And so on.

  5. HAH! Those uggs are bad. Funnily enough, I've never seen them in Aus. Maybe they make them especially for overseas? :P

    Sounds like you're having a great time :)

  6. @Lissa - right? I'm such an awesome photographer...
    @Lauren - I didn't either. And then they did O.o
    @Rosie - thanks love!
    @Nikki - Oh dear God. I pity your eyes for having looked at such horrors! And I KNOW. SAD FACE <3
    @Lozzz - I suspect they must because I've never seen anything that horrific at home either. Maybe because they know no one would spend $170 on something so ugly?!


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