Saturday, September 3, 2011

Chicago, the "this is the last one, I promise" edition

So after I left Sweeney, Lor and Penny at Navy Pier on Monday afternoon, I realised that I had about 36 hours left in Chicago, and way too much still on my list of things to do. I had high hopes for going up to the zoo seeing as how it's free and all, but sadly there was insufficient time :(

On Monday night, I headed up to the John Hancock Observatory to watch the sun set over the city. That was pretty awesome. The audio tour was narrated by David Schwimmer, which was a little disconcerting because I kept expecting the information about Chicago's landmarks to include the line "We were on a BREAK!!" at regular intervals...

Anyway, the view from the top is incredible. And being up there for sunset was pretty cool. I think I may have elbowed a small child out of the way to get a decent spot at the window to take photos. #whoops
The something-or-other building. I have no idea. Anyone know?

Sunset over the Chicago River. And, you know, Chicago...

I then went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory at the base of the John Hancock Building, and ordered a weight management salad (cos I'm ALL about the dieting. What?) and a side of macaroni and cheese in an attempt to get over the trauma of the mac and bonfire that we'd had at lunchtime. The waiter may have laughed at me when I ordered. Clearly, he's never needed to get the taste of mac and bonfire out of his mouth... *jealous*

The next day, I got up to find it tipping with rain. After unsuccessfully trying to wait it out at my hotel, I was forced to make a mad dash across the street to 7-11 to buy an umbrella. By the time I'd done that, it was thundering. It made walking a mile down Michigan Avenue rather interesting, that's for sure!

I finally made it to the Art Institute in one (slightly squelchy) piece. And I had an awesome time there. Do you guys ever play a game at museums and art galleries where you pretend that you're insanely rich and can take home one thing from each room?

I have no idea when I started playing it. I have half a suspicion that it's something my mum the teacher would have invented to make sure that we were paying attention to the objects and reading the text labels and generally learning stuff rather than aimlessly wandering around. If it *was* my mum (HI MUM!!!), at least it paid off - she got a museum curator out of it!

Anyway, I played said game at the Art Institute the other week. And thank God I'm *not* filthy rich, or my house would need to be much bigger than it is, because i would now be the proud owner of the following:

  • a Mayan stelae,
  • several Monet paintings,
  • a couple of grandfather clocks,
  • Grant Wood's American Gothic,
  • a medieval necklace in the shape of a dragon,
  • a half suit of armour from sixteenth century Italy,
  • a Van Gogh self portrait, 
  • a frieze of donkeys from the wall of an ancient Egyptian tomb,
  • some Chinese bronze water vessels,
  • a painting of an orange grove in Spain,
  • a truly awesome library ladder (though sadly not of the slide-y variety), and
  • this painting, solely because of the completely ridiculous hat that (male) baby is wearing:

Awesome... I hope he gave his parents hell for this painting when he grew up. 

Of course, it stopped raining during the four hours I spent in the Art Institute, and started again the minute I left... And the rain was even harder than it had been on the way down there. When the rain started coming THROUGH my umbrella, I decided it was time to take shelter under the portico of a nearby office building. Still, by the time I got back to the hotel, my shoes made squelchy noises and my socks were so wet that I had to wring them out in the bath #funtimes #ew

But despite the thunderstorms, my last few days in Chicago were awesome. Well...except for the part where I dragged my suitcase three blocks in the wrong direction on my way to the airport because I threw out my map of Chicago at the hotel. And the part where I asked someone where the train station was and he gave me a weird look and then pointed about two metres to his left #FAIL But, ya know, other than that, it was great!! ;)

Seriously though, does anyone else play that game? Or am I a crazy person?? :S

K xx


  1. Sounds like you had such an awesome time. And if you hadn't have had all those fail moments, this post wouldn't have been as interesting. And no, I've never played that game before...

  2. The kid at the observatory won't remember it anyway :P

  3. Nice post. I'm wondering why that kid (male) in the painting is not only wearing that hat. But a dress as well? Ah, the fashion of olden times.. lol.

  4. Sounds like an amazing trip. I've always meant to go to Chicago someday.

  5. What fun! I always end up asking for directions when I am basically right in front of where I am going. le sigh!

  6. 1. I have always played that game, so we are going to have oodles of fun visiting. Swoonitage, crazy dancing, and silly games! We're set.

    2. Punch children out of the way. Seriously. Every time I've been up to Hancock's observatory, some stupid child shoves its way in front of me and their mother goes off on me like I'm some sort of jerk. (I think I'm just totally lucky, yo.)

    3. I LOVE THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY. When my family is around, that is always my special request for my birthday. Not for the dinners, though. I just want them to bring me home a cheesecake (preferably the tiramisu cheesecake, ohmyfreakinggod).

  7. Hahaha that Ross thing is a bit random! And I totally had to, well I'll call it 'politely nudge' children out of the way at empire state when I was there so I sympathise!

  8. @Lissa - thank God I can always be counted on for awkward fail moments ;)
    @Lauren - I really hope not!
    @JS - kids wore dresses until they were like three. And then they were tunic-y things with frilly trousers. #childhoodtrauma
    Kathy - you should go, it's awesome! Although probably not so much in winter...
    @Deidre - I seem to have no problems navigating when I'm in a car. When I'm on foot? I ALWAYS go the wrong way...
    @Nikki - THANK GOD, I THOUGHT I WAS A CRAZY PERSON. Apparently I'm just an archaeology/anthropology nerd ;) I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL YOU'RE IN AUSTRALIA <3

  9. That game is all your own work KG -good to know you're still taking notice in Museums! As for that baby's outfit - looks like he's dressed for the races! xx

  10. I love that game idea. I feel like I need to go to a museum right now, to try it out!

  11. Speaking of #fail, all I could think of when you said you wanted a library ladder was that scene from Beauty and the Beast with Belle on the library ladder... You know, singing that song. #fail.

    I MISS YOU!!! Ugh, my blogging skillz SUCK now!!!! Hope your vacay continues to be a success.. ;)

  12. I'm with Bi. Library ladder = Beauty and the Beast. My dream mansion has a library modeled after that movie. WIN.

    Also, did you play the museum game at the Field Museum because I'd come home with Sue, some of those awesome clothes and shoes from the hall of fashion and those bug seats. Yep.




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