Thursday, August 18, 2011

What up, America!

So I'm currently sitting in the gate lounge at the delightfully snore-worthy Los Angeles International Airport (Nikki - we're in the same state!!!!), waiting to board my flight to Chicago and by extension the 20SB Summit. OH MY GAWDDDDDDDDDDD!!! :D Anyway, I figured I'd pass the time by stuffing my face with a Starbucks bagel and writing a blog post for y'all! <-- America, you're already a terrible influence on me.
Things that make a 14.5 hour international flight a total suckfest:
1. Trying to eat peas with a very bendy plastic fork during turbulence.
2. A small child with a cold sitting a row in front of you and screaming at random intervals throughout the flight.
3. Sitting across the aisle from a man who made terrifying snorting noises for the entire flight. Surely after the first hour, you'd just find a tissue rather than snorting back your snot???
4. Being sat next to an 80 year old married couple who need to pee almost constantly, who feel the need to hold conversations with you while you're trying to watch movies, and who spent half the flight asking how to use the entertainment system...
5. Getting a whopping 45 minutes of sleep due to the combined effect of points 2, 3 and 4.
6. Finally getting to LA only to end up spending an hour in the queue for Immigration.
Things that make a sucky 14.5 hour international flight better:
1. Jake Gyllenhaal movies (shame it was Source Code...)
2. Scoring free dessert made by the first class chef from the steward to say thank you for working the entertainment system for the aforementioned old couple so he could do his job. It was creme brulee and it was amazeballs...
3. Amusing conversations with fellow passengers in the stupidly long immigration queue.
4. Getting through Immigration and to the carousel just as your suitcase is going past.
5. Having the following conversation:
Hot customs guy: Anything to declare?
Me: Four packets of chocolate biscuits??
HCG: (looks at my passport) Whoa! You have lost some WEIGHT, Miss G-!
Me: Thanks! [I have similar conversations quite a lot, due to my almost 10 year old passport]
HCG: How much weight have you lost?
Me: About 20 kilos.
HCG: Wow, nice work! And can I just say, you are GORGEOUS! Really.
Me: Considering I just got off a 14.5 hour flight and have barely slept, THANK YOU.
HCG: You're very welcome. Have a nice day!
Awesome. LAX, you have *definitely* upped your game since the last time I arrived here!
Surprisingly not tired,
K xx


  1. Haha, other people tend to ruin flights, don't they?
    Have an amazing time at the 20SB Summit!

  2. Glad to hear you survived the long flight.

  3. Welcome to the US, enjoy the food, and I hope you don't meet too many of the stereotypically loud-mouthed Yanks while you're here. If you do, on behalf of my new fellow Countrymen, I apologize, sometimes they can be a little overly patriotic.

    You seem like an awesome person (you must be, you're a Victorian ;) but still, please remember that you're a quasi-Ambassador for Australia, because you just might be the only Aussie many Americans will have met in person. Fortunately Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman have done a lot to make amends for the havoc wreaked upon our reputation by "Crocodile Dundee" and Steve Irwin, but I still, occasionally, run into the odd American who asks if I had a Kangaroo for a pet, or (more amusingly) if I have ever seen one in the wild. Ahh, yeah. I'm from the country. Not only have I seen 'em, I've eaten 'em, too ;)

    Anyway, enough rambling, I hope you have a fantastic time here, and if you're partial to pizza you absolutely must try Chicago's amazing deep dish pizza. Just one word of caution, (okay, nine words), there's a reason they call it a pizza pie.


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