Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Well, that throws a spanner in the works...

(So I'm trying out this whole blogging by email thing in preparation for my trip next week (NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!) - this way I can still blog without needing to be at a computer, and keep you guys updated on all my American shenanigans. HURRAH!! Hopefully this doesn't turn out to be an unmitigated disaster. We shall see...)

Things have been pretty crazy around here of late. I spent pretty much all of last week dying of the plague (me? Melodramatic? NEVER!), and then spent the whole weekend a) running around after Little Miss A, and b) packing up the entire kitchen. Because my parents are currently having the kitchen redone and the tradies turned up yesterday to rip the existing one out. So for the next six to eight weeks (and aren't I thrilled to be missing it?!), our 'kitchen' is in the study, we have to do the dishes in the bath, and there will be no baked goods in production. Because the kitchen currently looks like this. Or, you know, wherever the hell that picture ends up being posted... 

So basically, my cookbook challenge is on hold. Partly because I'm going to be spending six weeks on the other side of the world, and I'm sure as hell not carting my cookbooks with me. Partly because they're all in a box somewhere in the depths of the garage, and partly because I have no kitchen to actually make anything in. There's a hell of a lot of takeaway on the dinner menu for the next few weeks, that's for sure!! 

K xx


  1. Where are you going in US? I'm from Boston, let me know if you're visiting my area, I can give you some pointers. Have a fab trip! :)

  2. Sigh... it stinks that you're going to be 6 hours away and I can't see you. I know! I know! You're probably going to kill me for not registering for the summit - but it actually has turned out to be a good thing with my schedule and work and everything. But I'm gonna miss meeting you! Any chance you want to detour through Missouri? lol

  3. Not having a kitchen would totally stress me out!

  4. Have a great trip! And good luck without a kitchen!

  5. Germana - starting with the 20SB conference in Chicago, then visiting friends in Denver for a couple of weeks. Then doing DC, New York and Boston (!) with a couple of friends, before heading back to Denver for a wedding. VERY exciting stuff!!
    Emmy - I knooooooooooow, it sucks!! :( And I shall add Missouri to the list of places I wish I could visit to meet bloggy friends (along with Bi in Minnesota and Nikki in California)
    Deidre - it's a total NIGHTMARE...
    Kathy - thanks!!


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