Thursday, August 4, 2011

A walk down memory lane

Earlier today, I read Bi's blog post about having an idiotic squirrel stuck her window well. And it reminded me of a rather ridiculous story that I realised needed to be shared, because that's how fucking over the top this story is. (Right about now is the point I should mention that I don't actually remember any of this, because I was five at the time... But I've heard my parents tell the story often enough to give you the gist of it!)

Waaaaaaaaaay back in 1988 (and if that's the year you were born, please keep it to yourself), we moved from Melbourne to Toronto. After eight weeks in an apartment, we finally moved into what would be our house for the next two years (I think).
The house in question

I don't remember much (again, because I was five), but I *do* remember that there were a shit ton of squirrels living in the roof of that house. Because the little bastards used to run up and down outside my room at stupid o'clock and wake me up. Obviously, we didn't want squirrels in the roof, so my parents called a pest control guy. Squirrels were a total novelty for us, so we didn't want them dead, just elsewhere.

The pest control guy turned up with something like 25 cages, which were baited with peanut butter. He put them in the back garden, and within about 10 minutes, they were filled with stupid little squirrels. Every day, he'd come back, change the full cages for empty ones, take the full ones out past the city limits, and set the squirrels free there.

This went on for God only knows how many days. #squirrelsaredumbyo But one day, we came home and all the cages were empty. And not in a "the pest control guy changed the cages" kind of a way...

It wasn't until we were either moving house or leaving Canada (I have no idea which, it's kind of irrelevant though) a few years later that we finally found out what had happened. In 1988, a little film called Crocodile Dundee II came out. And apparently none of our neighbours were home each day when the pest control guy turned up. So they'd leave for work seeing cages filled with squirrels, and come home from work to see the cages empty. This fact, combined with the antics of Mick Dundee on the big screen, led our neighbours to think that we were TRAPPING THE SQUIRRELS AS FOOD. And so the teenaged son of one neighbour climbed over the fence into our garden and set all the little squirrels free so that they didn't end up 'chucked on the barbie'.

What we had. Also, source
What the neighbours saw. Source
(Believe me when I say I really wish there hadn't been any Google Image results for "barbequed squirrel"...)

So there you have it. Mick Dundee - giving Australians a bad name overseas since 1986...

K xx


  1. LOL! Oh dear. I can see (sort of) where they were coming from but that's still pretty weird they thought you were eating them! Also - is it un-Australian of me to admit I've never actually seen Crocodile Dundee? :P

  2. Oh dear. And ew.

    For a reasonably large part of my life (maybe until I was 7 or 8) I thought that squirrels, chipmunks and beavers were mythical creatures. Like unicorns. Apparently my tiny little mind couldn't comprehend that there were real animals different to those outside my bedroom window.

    I wonder if there were any American kids who thought kangaroos and koalas were made-up??

  3. Lozzz - no, not really. I'm sure you've probably seen all the key bits in clips anyway!! ;)
    Kat - BAHAHAHAHA, that's so many kinds of awesome. We should do a survey and see if anyone did think Australian animals were made up!!

  4. AHAHAHAHAHA!! Awesome!!! Barbecued squirrel seems like an awful lot of work for such little sustenance, don't you think? Gross!

    I would have liked one of those peanut butter traps for those little assholes in my window well, then you could have cooked them right up! And, for the record, my arm hurt like balls yesterday from lugging that branch.

  5. HAHAHA, oh goodness. people are funny!

    I'm American. I didn't think Australian animals were made up - but I thought seeing a kangaroo would be like seeing a moose, a rare occurence. it wasn't until I travelled around Australia more that I learned you see them everyone in the country.

  6. @Deirdre - what can I say, I was a weird kid :-D Actually, I think I'm still weird...

    All I know is that while kangaroo is pretty tasty on the barbecue, I'd be a bit more reluctant to eat squirrel!!


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