Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Two weeks to go!

So I feel like death warmed up right now. Some time between yesterday afternoon and this morning, I developed a delightful cold. I tried very hard to find you a clip of this, but was unsuccessful so you'll just have to read the quote instead. It pretty much sums up my life at the moment:

"I'm fine, my nose was just overflowing with awesome and I had to get some of it out."
Barney Stinson, How I Met Your Mother (season 2, episode 11. And thanks to Lauren for putting that quote as her Facebook status and reminding me of its existence!!)

Anythesecoldandflutabletsaren'tworking, it took me a while to realise that it's two weeks today until I head off to the US. OH. MY. GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. That is so insanely soon!
How could I not use an excited Jake Gyllenhaal GIF?? 

Okay, so I'm pretty much all organised in terms of booking stuff. I've got all my flights sorted. All my hotels are organised. I have a new dress for Megan's wedding (two, in fact!). I'm filling in my visa waiver form thingy and writing this at the same time, because even though my head is filled with snot, I'm awesome at multitasking. (Incidentally, I *really* want to know if anyone ever answers "Yes" to the question about whether you've ever been involved in espionage, terrorist activities or genocide...)

But I hadn't really realised that it was so SOON, you know? So now I'm all crazy excited and thinking of all the stuff I still have to do before I go, like get my hair cut so I don't look *quite* so much like a crazy person with two inches worth of split ends. And buy a 50mm prime lens because I just got my bond back from the real estate agent and I feel rich it'll definitely come in handy while travelling. And buy 500 packets of Tim Tams because I promised them to everyone and now have to deliver. And actually, you know, PACK.

Obviously, I'm not even remotely excited by the prospect of a 15 hour plane flight and a millionty six hour layover in LAX (the world's most boring airport) before I can board my flight to Chicago. But once the torment of the flight and the subsequent jetlag is over, it's going to be FUCKING AWESOME. I get to hang out with old friends, like Megan and Lyndsy and Annie, who all live in the US and I never get to see them. I get to travel with my BFFs, Kat and Sara (and I'm nearly EXPLODING with excitement about that part of it!). And I get to actually *meet* so many amazing bloggy/Twittery friends, like Lor and Lauren and Nicole and a ton of other people that I can't remember right now.

Okay, so the trip won't be QUITE as awesome as it would be if I could (guilt trip alert!) also meet up with Nikki and Bi, but you can't win 'em all (I love you guys - #pleasecometoMelbourneASAPkthxbai)! I'll make up for it by going to a shit ton of museums (that's the new collective noun. I've just decreed it), and going to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park, and going to see a show on Broadway, and shopping because the Australian dollar is actually worth MORE than the US dollar for the first time since I was born* and things that cost like $5 in the US cost $25 here and blah blah blahbitty blah, I'm so stuffy, give me a scone. (Sorry. I have seven seasons worth of Buffy quotes in my brain and sometimes they just break out...)

Basically? I'm doing a happy dance around the house. Or at least I would be if I wasn't having periodic fits of hacking up a lung... Now if you'll excuse me, I gave my dog a bath earlier and now he's giving me an "I will cut you" face, so I think I should probably hide for my own safety... o.O

K xx
*I'm pretty sure that's accurate but am too lazy to check, so don't quote me on it...


  1. I HAVE NO MONEY. I cannot go. Hence why you're supposed to STOP HERE AND GET ME. And then smuggle me to Australia because I can't be bothered to do immigration nonsense (and then maybe I'll get lucky, find a nice guy, get married for as long as it takes, and be allowed to stay... that seems to be the easiest but most ridiculous option). :x

    I want to go! Chicago is absolutely my FAVOURITE CITY, and I haven't been there since I lived in the corn fields of Illinois (like four hours south of the city). I want to go so badlyyyy. *cry*

  2. Yeah, no money is the joy of a career in arts and social sciences *sigh* :( Technically, I can't really afford this trip either. But fuck it. I'll deal with the consequences when I get home!! ;)

    Also? *hugs*

  3. Yes, LAX is extremely dull. That sounds like such an awesome trip - I'm jealous (I know I was only in the US in June, but still)!

  4. Sleeeeeep in the plane. If you do so, no matter what, then you'll arrive more than fine, with no jetlag. Now, you won't say LAX is the most boring airport until you land in the airport from Buenos Aires (Argentina). Now THAT is the worst airport. Being 7 hours there, without being able to check in until just 3 hrs before my flight, sitting in a cold bench (because there's no more) eating the most expensive breakfast was the worst thing ever.

    Have fun there!
    And omg, i remeber that episode when barney's sick. so funny! love that show.

  5. Lozzz - you're allowed to be jealous! I'm pretty sure anyone would rather be off travelling than doing boring every day stuff ;)
    SoOz - I'm planning to try and sleep. But as my flight leaves Melbourne at 9am, getting sufficient amounts of sleep to not have jetlag might be tricky! And the Buenos Aires airport sounds REALLY dull. At least there WAS somewhere to get breakfast though!! :)

  6. Whoop whoop! HOLIDAYS!!!!!

    We're in LAX for 8 hours between flights. I think we can check our bags 6 hours before the flight, so then maybe get a cab to Venice Beach for a few hours. You could do something similar?

    No money is also an added bonus of living in these shaky, cloudy islands. I'm going to be so broke after this trip!!

  7. I can't afford to come either, but I'm gonna! Hehe hooray for credit cards! I'm squeeeeing with delight here even though it's 6 weeks til I get to join you.

    And WTF Gyllenhaal!?!?!? If you weren't so pretty I'd call you craaaazy!

    Ahem. That is all.
    This is all so exciting.

  9. Kat - in the past when I've flown to LA, I've arrived as a total zombie. Plus, by the time you get through customs and immigration, it's probably not worth the cab fare into the city and back!!
    Sara - Hurrah for being insanely poor and still travelling the world!! And don't knock the Gyllenhaal gif. It's AMAZING ;)
    Lissa - What more needs to be said than that?! ;)

  10. Buffy quotes FTW. Very jealous of your trip!

  11. Now that I am gainfully employed, I can afford to do things! But, ironically, now that I am gainfully employed, I have no time to do them. Funny how that works.

    I'm excited for you, though! Haha!!

  12. Aw, I am a little jealous...I miss my homeland!

    Enjoy the red sox. eat soft serve icecream out of a helmet and head to the red sox store which is like a department store that only sells red sox stuff!

    Yay for travelling!

  13. A) You're welcome for the quote and
    B) In case you didn't know, I feel I need to inform you that that gif was from Late Night with Conan. I recognized the set in the background immediately.


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