Monday, August 15, 2011


So remember when I went to see X-Men: First Class a few months ago and forked out for a Gold Class ticket? And when I was all "OMG, Michael Fassbender is AWESOME and I can't wait to see him in Jane Eyre when it finally comes out here"?

Yeah. I *finally* got to see Jane Eyre at the weekend. Considering it was released in the US in FEBRUARY, there was a hell of a lot of anticipation associated with it. And honestly? I was a little disappointed. The chronology of the story was kind of jumpy, to the point where if you hadn't read the book multiple times you'd probably be a little confused. (WARNING: SPOILERS PENDING)

I will say that the violence towards Jane at the beginning of the story was done well. But her time at Lowood was pretty much skimmed over in five minutes. A lot of Mr Rochester's back story was cut out. Fair enough, they're trying to make a 2 hour movie so can't include everything. But cutting out Rochester's back story mostly just makes him seem like a douche. Or, in the immortal words of Bridget Jones, "a big knobhead with no knob". And there were entire portions of the movie that I didn't really pay attention to because I was so terrified of Mia Whatshername's collar bones. You could have used them to cut...oh God, I don't know. Something that requires a very sharp cutting implement.

Oh, and they randomly decided to ditch the part where St. John, Mary and Diana turn out to be Jane's cousins. Which makes her giving way three-quarters of her money to them really random and weird... Plus, I found it more than a little odd that they basically left Bertha out of the story up until the cancelled wedding. Sure, there was the rescuing-Rochester-from-his-burning-bed thing, but none of the Grace Poole involving follow up.

ANYWAY. Enough nitpicking. Pros?
Michael Fassbender.

Jamie Bell's RIDICULOUS facial hair. Mostly because all I could think of was Mr Weasley Mark Williams playing a goat in Stardust:

There *were* other pros, including Judi Dench, gorgeous locations and some truly beautiful shots. But personally? It felt like it JUST covered all the basics without actually providing any of the details that make the story what it is.

So despite the SIX MONTHS of anticipation? I'll be sticking to the Toby Stephens/Ruth Wilson BBC version from a couple of years ago...

K xx

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  1. Despite the plot limitations, I enjoyed this film. It was much more atmospheric than some of the more character-driven adaptations that I've seen.


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